We're Dan and Bramwell Noah and we make movies like ACCORDING TO BEN ADAMS about what happens when the devil in a bad mood meets a gentle madman claiming to be Jesus. We also made one from a Shakespeare play and one with a title from Sergio Leone. Starting to see a pattern yet? Us neither.

PROOF: https://imgur.com/gallery/XWMjALM

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Aipy55106 karma

What is your favourite movie?

TheNoahBros111 karma

For Dan it's THE CROW.

For Bramwell it's a list. A long list.

Lock3tteDown94 karma

Schindler’s list?

TheNoahBros126 karma

Goes without saying. You know what John Williams said to Spielberg after he saw the rough cut. Words to the effect that a movie that good needs a good composer all right. But the only ones good enough for Schindler’s List are all dead....

matt_the_mediocre45 karma

Considering his resume, that's a bold statement.

TheNoahBros57 karma

Extraordinarily humbling.

spankymuffin12 karma

For Dan it's THE CROW.

I could never get what all the fuss was about.

Also, is there a reason the title of every movie posted in every AMA seems to be capitalized. Is this some kind of film thing? Us normal folk just italicize or surround a film's title in quotation marks.

TheNoahBros34 karma

The Crow did superhero as mythmaking. That means the story and characters sat above the budget. The original Superman movies too.

As for the capitalization thing. We're afraid to answer that one. Bigger forces are at play.

Grootdrew72 karma

I’m a film student graduating in December, I have dreams of being a DP and/or cam op.

I work my ass off, how can I work my ass off on one of your films?

TheNoahBros69 karma

Drop us a line at our offcial site

thejoker0000738 karma

Whats your guilty pleasure movie?

TheNoahBros75 karma

For Dan it's the Highlander series

For Bramwell it's the original Planet of the Apes series.

For both the first one in the series is relatively guilt free. After that, the guilt levels do strange things at different times.

filmgeekvt15 karma

With Planet of the Apes I feel like if you skip the second one and suspend your disbelief for them going back in time, then 3 and 4 were brilliant sequels. 5 was meh. Ignore Burton's. Then all three of the recent series are amazing.

TheNoahBros13 karma

Almost agree. Two is great if you turn the sound down. Three is like a side quest. But then four and five bring the whole thing full circle on a budget of $8.20. Give 5 another go. Claude Akins rises to the level of Shakespearean tragic hero as a general who does something very stupid.

Haltopen27 karma

How does one get into professional film making, I just graduated college last year and want to follow my dream of making indie movies (behind the camera, I’m much better at writing than I am at acting)?

TheNoahBros57 karma

Meet people and do it. There's a universe of forums out there and projects happening all the time. You'll soon learn to pick the good from the bad. One rule of thumb it pays to adopt early though; ask whoever's behind it what there plans are to do with it. That way you get more of a sense of whether it'll ever see the light of day. If they have a plan, they're less in need of a miracle. and your time and opportunity is better invested.

Haltopen9 karma

Thank you. Ever since getting out of school I’ve had an entire universe of concepts and projects gestating in my brain space (mostly horror and b movie sci fi ideas because that’s what got me interested in film) waiting to leap out but I’ve been lost as to how to bring them to the real world. I spent the last four years of college in the Boston area and all the like minded people I know and connections I made stayed there while I had to move to tennesse for family reasons so I’ve spent the past six months wondering what to do while I figure things out and make new friends and I haven’t had an outlet for all these ideas aside from a notebook to brainstorm in.

TheNoahBros36 karma

We have zero knowledge of the Tennesse movie scene except to say it exists. And it's waiting for you. And your stories. Someone right now is digging around for a story to tell. Make it yours.

Blissfull3 karma

This is important and hard. As one half of a two person digital laboratory and consulting team we often see too many directors and producers whose drive's end is only making it to the end of shooting, editing and grading, with no thought about distribution and what to do once the film is done.

TheNoahBros2 karma

Amen to that.

siouxsie_siouxv219 karma

How do you go about picking songs for the soundtrack?

TheNoahBros27 karma

Music is a huge part of our life. So no golden rules to the music we include except to say we include everything from Baroque organ music to Japanese heavy metal to Italian violin fireworks.

jkolada5 karma

Can you talk about the music licensing process a bit?

TheNoahBros17 karma

Sure....it's pretty stock standard and most publishers have proforma contracts etc. In our case, we've done a mix of work with independent artists (where we just reach out directly - but ALWAYS ensure we have a contract in place). Or where we've been in touch with a label. Again, pretty easy once they know the work is decent and you're serious about what you're doing. The only bumps along the road we've experienced is one case where a label was asking stupendous licensing costs. and in other case, they wanted to see the completed movie first. Their prerogative i'm sure, but a hassle we could do without.

ComposerKirk6 karma

Just saying thanks to you and indie filmmakers in general for taking chances on us composers to help fulfill your vision! Glad to hear you outreach and contract as well; by not paying with “exposure” you’re truly doing a great solid!

TheNoahBros7 karma

It all aspires to the condition of music right? That reads to me like we need you guys more than you need us in the end....thanks for the thanks and hope to cross paths one day

TheNoahBros18 karma

It doesn't get better than this. Thank you reddit.....we're checking out for a few hours, but will get to any questions we missed soonest. As in tonight.

The real question though is why neither Ron Perlman or Keanu got a mention in this AMA. We shall hang our heads in shame until next we speak.

Brailledit1 karma

Pitch me a movie starring Keeanu Reeves and Ron Perlman?

TheNoahBros3 karma

The AMA is over. But the pitch has begun. I'll make this quick.

Keanu Reeves is John Innocent; a man who spent 22 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Ron Perlman is Jack Guilty; the killer who got away with murder.

When John’s car breaks down on a deserted stretch of highway, the driver of the tow truck that arrives is none other than Jack. He’s also a priest now, because that’s his way of dealing with the guilt. But only one of the men recognises the other.

To find out which, you have to watch until at least the 42 second mark of the trailer. The same trailer that’ll end (right after the credit block and the music dies) with the woman that was supposedly murdered 22 years ago saying “are you looking for me?”.

The title? Wait for it……it’s called “The Innocent, The Guilty and the Nun”.

LadyMjolnir14 karma

Congrats! What's your story - how'd you both get into filmaking?

TheNoahBros51 karma

We decided we weren't losing enough money in theatre and there just had to be a way to tear through money even faster. A light bulb moment saw us hit on filmmaking!......kidding..... we started in theatre and it's a powerful place for honing skills. But our ambition and love of the movies needed a bigger canvas.

UpSiize8 karma

Why do you think this ama has so much more interest than your first two attempts? Whatd you do differently?

TheNoahBros8 karma

More to work with. We've created a bit since then.

BarryMacochner7 karma

If you guys were forced to have sex with each other or die.

who's pitching who's catching?

edit: also I love that there is nothing after proof in the op.

TheNoahBros8 karma

There in the thread. Apologies we hit post too quickly....

A_Feathered_Raptor4 karma

Hey! I have a very selfish question.

I love movies, from the artistic to the technical. I'd love to work with cameras for a living, even looked into commercial film here and there.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to work with film? How did you get your start and when in your point in life did it happen?

TheNoahBros7 karma

Hey Raptor (we love dinosaurs too), we answered that question elsewhere in the thread but would add one more thing, buy a camera! Again there's a zillion out there and the more you play the more you pick up.

dirtymindfilthyways3 karma

Hey there! What are your thoughts on theatrical distribution models like the ones that Gathr and Tugg provide? Or are you guys hiring solo bookers for trad runs? Maybe even co-distro deals that take care of theatrical for you... very curious!

Edit: Have you guys ever had a run theatrically or are you straight to digital?

TheNoahBros3 karma

Nothing theatrical yet. Almost there with the next one. I think ;-)

All the models you've raised point to where the industry is at - and brave new world notwithstanding - it's about making the right decision for your work.

NopityNopeNopeNah3 karma

If you had a son, would you name him Noah?

TheNoahBros7 karma

May I borrow your username to answer that one ;-)

DroidKnight3 karma

Where can we view "According to Ben Adams"?

TheNoahBros5 karma

Hi there.....available on most platforms....

Try accordingtobenadams.com for starters

DroidKnight1 karma


TheNoahBros2 karma

Odd...I just got through on it. Not to worry...here's the direct link too


TheNoahBros3 karma

Calling it a day or a night now good people. We'll end where we started. We make movies and we hope you'll help them on their way. And thank you only goes part of the way of how we feel about this chat. Until next we speak.

cyberpunk1Q843 karma

How does one go about getting into film festivals? Do you just fill out a form, pay a fee, and send your movie? Or do you need an agent/agency to get into them? Or is it a mix of both?

Have you tried getting a movie into the Academy Awards? If so, what’s the process and you’re experience been like? Or are the Oscars something reserved for big studios?

TheNoahBros7 karma

Mainly through a handful of nifty platforms that let you do it all by joining and paying your way. Filmfreeway and Withoutabox are the two big ones. Some festivals still prefer you to go direct.

Oscars yet to note our existence, but we've entered our latest short (Cheng En's Gift) in Oscar qualifying ones this year for the first time. Think competitive. Double it. And then get an out of work mathematician to show you what odds look like when they're a rounding error.

BarryMacochner3 karma

What's the song on the trailer?

Reminds me of early Atreyu, sort of sounds like Brandon Saller when he's scream/singing. or when he's doing the "Hell or High-water" gig.

TheNoahBros2 karma

It's called DRIFT. It's written especially for the movie by Steven John Batky. He had a run as a hard rock god in a band called I, Napoleon. Check them out. Catchy and some smarts too.

BarryMacochner1 karma

any song recommendations?

I just hit up the full self-titled album on youtube, so far I like.

Edited to include link for anyone else wondering.

TheNoahBros1 karma

Not a filler in sight my friend.

BarryMacochner1 karma

This reminds me of early Crue or twisted sister.

Thank's for taking me back to childhood, I needed this today.

TheNoahBros1 karma


SisAbq3 karma

53 film festivals? Wow! Congrats! How long has it been on the film festival circuit?

TheNoahBros2 karma

Around 12 months solid and intermittently after that.

The_Yoker2 karma

Was the American Movie Award next to AMA in the title intentional? :)

TheNoahBros1 karma

No but is your criminal sharpness?

Merari012 karma

What project are you most excited about for the future?

TheNoahBros3 karma

Obvious answer is "the next one" right ;-)

We have another Shakespeare one we're itching to do, but first one about a street performer with a robot act thats suspiciously good (hint, hint)

Lowbacca19774 karma

Is it going to be called: Mech Ado About Busking?

TheNoahBros3 karma

No it isn't. You own the copyright on that one damn it.

Lowbacca19771 karma

I'm willing to cut a deal

TheNoahBros2 karma

It'd never work. People would see your fingerprints all over it.

dreadpiratew2 karma

Are you sure that you’re not Dan and Noah Bramwell?

TheNoahBros1 karma

That's a good question.

marley16902 karma

Do you play video games? If so whats your favorite at the minute?

TheNoahBros3 karma

The Last Guardian.

Had to deal with the purist in me to accept the PS4 Shadow of Colossus, but accept I have and relived it too....

marley16901 karma

Never actually heard of it, i shall check it out :)

TheNoahBros2 karma

Three words: I envy you.

kitikitish2 karma

What's for dinner?

TheNoahBros5 karma

Depends who's paying.

kitikitish2 karma

Not provided?

TheNoahBros3 karma

You're not going to take no for an answer are you?

ladyO262 karma


What do you look for most when casting your films?

TheNoahBros3 karma

People with their sh*t together and their talent peaking.

megaxmilkman2 karma

I'm studying audio production and hope to make a career in post production. Any tips for someone trying to make their way in the industry?

TheNoahBros4 karma

Repeat after me; every movie is at least 50% sound. Make that your calling card and the cred should happen in no time.

makemeastar2 karma

Yes. What is the best way to get funding for indie film IN TEXAS?

TheNoahBros4 karma

Rich Texan?

Thoraxe1232 karma

Any advice for an amateur filmmaker?

TheNoahBros7 karma

Start small but don't stay small.

gsingh42 karma

After getting into so many festivals, do you guys feel like the industry is formulaic? At least for your success with it all?

I should clarify, I’m not saying your work are formulaic, more so... is your approach that way or is everything a different experience?

TheNoahBros3 karma

I know what you mean ;-) ....no success is the least formulaic thing i've bumped into. Some things you can work to. Some things work on you.

captainthomas2 karma

Is Bramwell named after Bramwell Brontë?

TheNoahBros1 karma

Wow.....Yes and no. Yes named after him, but a name misread. He was actually Branwell.

ActorRobertFrancis2 karma

Are you located in los Angeles and can I buy you a coffee?

TheNoahBros2 karma

No and yes.

Bullele2 karma

Who's Keanu?

TheNoahBros3 karma

That's Keanu raised. Someone still has to raise Ron Perlman.

reebee72 karma

How the hell do you get funding for independent films? I'm a writer/actor/filmmaker and it just boggles my mind the money that it takes to make a good short film.

TheNoahBros1 karma

We do without the basics; food, water etc.

TheNoahBros2 karma

Back for the home stretch...will try reply in right order and short order....

shabbadranks2 karma

do crabs look at humans and think that we walk sideways?

TheNoahBros3 karma

Do you know that whole Ph.D. theses have been written on identifying Shakespeare's authorship of anonymous plays based on a certain crab metaphor?

Man I wish I was joking.

KimmyFromThaK2 karma

How do you deal with feelings of inadequacy and discouraging thoughts? Especially in the film industry

TheNoahBros3 karma

Discouragement comes with the territory. The best armour is a project that won't give your imagination rest. If it keeps you up at night, it'll keep you going.

Inadequacy is different. If it's real and we know we're missing something, then we learn, ask, trial and keep moving to where we need to get too. Definitely often easier said than done. But beats standing still or being held back.

notjonahbutnoah1 karma

What's with people in Europe using Noah as a last name?

It's a first name, and a damn fine one at that.

TheNoahBros2 karma

You have a point. And we'll rethink our position on this damn fine point of yours.

system0fagame1 karma

When making movies, what would you say is the best and worst part about making them that someone who doesn't make movies wouldn't get or would need to be explained why it is the best or worst part ?

TheNoahBros3 karma

The best is when you add the music at the end. Thats' when the angels come out to play.

The worst is the loose cannon on every set. You know the office psycho you hear about? Every movie has one.

Shortsellers691 karma

Never seen or heard of your movies but what's your favorite comedy movie?

TheNoahBros1 karma

Coming To America.

BarryMacochner1 karma

Favorite album? or what did you have for breakfast(i'm hungry and looking for idea's).

TheNoahBros3 karma

You don't eat breakfast in this house. You make it. You make the mistake of looking away and your pets do the rest.

Padfoot-and-Prongs1 karma

What's the most frustrating part of making a movie?

I run a small software company hoping to help film students and indie filmmakers, and we're always looking to build new (free!) products to help people in your position.

TheNoahBros3 karma

Anything that makes syncing sound easier. Much easier.

Human271 karma

What are the main attributes that has helped you guys maintain this level of consistency in creating films?

TheNoahBros3 karma

We keep moving. We plan. We work with people we trust. We love the movies.

Darthmorelock1 karma

What is your most recommended screenwriting book?

TheNoahBros2 karma

Other screenplays.

greatestzim1 karma

How do you choose the music/composer for your films? Do you go to people you know or look online for freelancers? Guess I’m a bit late but if you have time - I’m curious about the process!

TheNoahBros3 karma

Always on the look out for great music. It turns up anywhere and everywhere. For our first movie we searched out an ex-rockstar from the late eighties. For the next one we melded together a Japanese heavy metal band with Baroque Organ music from Germany. And for the latest one we came across an insane violinist from Italy. The point is we keep an open mind and figure if it moves us, it'll move the audience.

FilmPlanner1 karma

OMG I went to University with Dan. He was always destine for this and more. In 2011 we went on a film study tour and we had to pitch a treatment to a Warner Bros. executive, let me tell you, they loved him! Where can I see the film?

TheNoahBros2 karma

Hi there, can you flick us a note with your name so Dan can reconnect...either here or at bramwellnoah.com

Masoncomedyinc1 karma

How do you fund your films? What’s your typical budget? And how do you promote your films?

TheNoahBros3 karma

We pay our own way is the simple answer. That means being resourceful. The wonderful reality is that filmmaking tools have never been so accessible. But the hardest part is still promotion and distribution....our main platforms are festivals for a buzz and a million conversations after that for roads to getting the work out there. Some roads are an open highway. Some just aren't in the end.

Lock3tteDown1 karma

So networking pretty much?

TheNoahBros2 karma

Networking and next steps. Need to keep moving. You'd be surprised how many indie movies live on hard drives and go nowhere.

Sythic_1 karma

Is distribution really an issue these days? You can upload to Youtube or Vimeo and be instantly distributed to the whole world. I'm guessing you mean picked up by someone who will pay you to licence it? IMO theres better ways today to get your work out there than that. Louis CK's website lets you just buy his new stuff for $5 super easy and he makes millions on that. And this way you dont have to split a major % with someone else.

TheNoahBros1 karma

You're not wrong. Getting your stuff out there is often only the proverbial few clicks away. But it's standing out that presents the real challenge.

dirtymindfilthyways1 karma

YES but Louie already had an audience and a massive email list to blast after his content was created... cutting out the middle man after his stand up/handful of movies to distribute his own content was a no-brainer.

TheNoahBros4 karma

Yep, he had a brand. That definitely helps. We're working on building on that. Like a band that gigs heaps.

[deleted]0 karma


TheNoahBros1 karma

Each did what it needed to do when we made it. Be it Indie and intimate, Shakespearean and cinematic or our latest (Something to do with Death) which hits a more commercial note. That one's Dan's favourite. Bramwell swears by I, Timon. And our first (Ben Adams) is special of course because it came first. First born and all that jazz....

asshair-2 karma

What's the point of dedicating your time to making movies (and getting lost in fantasy) when the free world around us is being destroyed and we're like 2 (or fewer) generations away from environmental collapse?

Serious question.

TheNoahBros8 karma

Yes very serious question. Movies are a cultural statement. Cultural is about what we value. More than that, what we hold sacred. When you lose the sacred, the rest writes itself.