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Considering his resume, that's a bold statement.

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Sorry, the president doesn't believe in science. Please hang up and try again.

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3 questions if you have the time or inclination to answer.

  1. Has this encouraged you to change your future goals in any manner? (Different career, hobbies, paths)

  2. How can you turn this to help people you down your path, be it the original plan or a new plan.

  3. How can we, the Reddit masses, help you to get where you want to go?

Thank you. -Matt

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Did you find cathartic release and clarity from putting your story into words? If so, what did it help to resolve for you?

Congratulations on your book, that is amazing. Being able to share your story with others is something I am not sure I could do and requires courage and emotional strength that I admire greatly.

Also, an Angelfire webpage. Holy Flashback batman.

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We'll have to go landscape to fit McCor macO'Haverlandserson on the poster.