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I've often thought that SciFi is at its core a sociological genre - put normal human beings in outlandish situations and examine what the outcome of that may be.

Do you agree with that and what are some of the main themes you adress in this book?

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Thanks for the reply!

I think that even in books that feature primarily or solely non-human characters the main scope would still fall under sociology, since it is impossible to be completely divorced from our own humanity. It would then be a view of humanity through an alien lens, but still a human view by necessity. Because if it were to be fully alien then there would be nothing for a human reader to identify themselves with.

In the seminal "The Dance of the Changer and Three" by Terry Carr the only human character is the narrator who tries to explain this fully alien story to a human audience and coming to the conclusion that the story must be taken as is, because they are alien any human interpretation of this story that is so important to this alien culture must always fall flat because we cannot ever completely understand their psychology.

The Dance of the Changer and Three teaches us that whatever we do, we will always be locked inside our own skulls, viewing the universe through human eyes.

I wish you the best and hope your book is a great success. :)

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Hi mr. Oz, greetings from the Netherlands!

I am a great fan of the movie Dark Crystal.

Do you maybe have an amusing or interesting anecdote to share from working on it?

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What can the American public do to get the current congress to follow the law and restore democracy to the nation?

Every step of the way congress is obstructing the ongoing investigations into obstruction of justice and treason committed by the president and there are credible reports that voting machines have been compromised. Voting records have been destroyed, even, as well as the backup logs.

I do not think the republic has ever suffered such a direct and sustained attack on its democratic process from the inside. This is obviously very worrisome.

What can we do?

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What is the simplest way to explain why we need Net Neutrality?

The opposition claims the removal of Net Neutrality means the removal of government interference and will allow for a better internet.

What is the easiest way to show the faults in that?