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Did you listen to trans siberian orchestra while doing so?

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How does one get into professional film making, I just graduated college last year and want to follow my dream of making indie movies (behind the camera, I’m much better at writing than I am at acting)?

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Thank you. Ever since getting out of school I’ve had an entire universe of concepts and projects gestating in my brain space (mostly horror and b movie sci fi ideas because that’s what got me interested in film) waiting to leap out but I’ve been lost as to how to bring them to the real world. I spent the last four years of college in the Boston area and all the like minded people I know and connections I made stayed there while I had to move to tennesse for family reasons so I’ve spent the past six months wondering what to do while I figure things out and make new friends and I haven’t had an outlet for all these ideas aside from a notebook to brainstorm in.

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What would you say was the most interesting cover that never got printed, and what was the story behind it or its lack of printing?

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Is there much research into curing cancer in other species. A few years ago I lost my 4 year old dog max (a Great Dane/English mastiff mix) to canine lymphoma, and it was so heartbreaking becuase there wasn’t anything that could have been done to save his life other than prolong his suffering for a few months with chemo. We ended up having to put him down after all the tumors he was developing started cutting off his ability to breath. Is this a field with much energy and resources going into it?