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I'll counter argue this only to say that it depends on the festival you are submitting to, the category and the size of the market at the fest. Also, distribution tides have changed and with that so have the markets for them. Of course they aren't what they used to be, look at the playing field (with SVOD alone).

With that, I'm impressed with your campaign. I know some of the bigger channels like Netflix don't provide the filmmaker with a dashboard to view stats such as streams, demographic etc... As a filmmaker, how useful would those numbers be to you for the next feature you'll make? I know a lot of filmmakers who've moved forward with cash deals from distros like Netflix just to make a portion of their money back.

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Why does everyone hate Florida so much?

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Who is/was your favorite Bond?

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Hey there! What are your thoughts on theatrical distribution models like the ones that Gathr and Tugg provide? Or are you guys hiring solo bookers for trad runs? Maybe even co-distro deals that take care of theatrical for you... very curious!

Edit: Have you guys ever had a run theatrically or are you straight to digital?

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YES but Louie already had an audience and a massive email list to blast after his content was created... cutting out the middle man after his stand up/handful of movies to distribute his own content was a no-brainer.