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Atmospheric composition observations were just published this week on a Neptune-sized planet, which would be the smallest planet yet, I believe.

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Well, another example of this would be that lots of people were outraged in the US this year that they didn't get bigger tax refunds, even if they were getting less taken out in taxes each paycheck throughout the year. Because the big amount was more noticeable.

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Yeah, the issue is that people didn't notice 100 dollars more a month, but they did notice the 1000 they didn't get back at the end of the year.

People... don't always assess things well.

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It's not just on the ultrawealthy. Like the mortgage deduction that just got reduced impacts a lot of people and everyone was up in arms over that.

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since you mention the intersection of symptoms, would this then also be collecting how many positive and negative tests are for people with or without flu-like symptoms (i.e. flu-like symptoms and positive vs flu-like symptoms and negative etc)?