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I've noticed sexual harassment in these situations can get dangerous. Someone confronted about it can lash out, maybe even aggressively.

What do you believe is the best way to confront someone about it without tensions escalating? Or should people just come out swinging?

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Do you know of other similar stories from the past few decades? And have those been resolved?

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What do you believe it would take for Scientology to face consequences for their actions?

Their actions are on the level of the Catholic church's cover-ups but they get more attention. Why do you believe this is, due to the widespread popularity of the religion or are there more legal and logistical issues?

Thank you for the AMA, I can't even begin to imagine what you've been through.

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I've been sexually harassed and nearly raped before, and I'm a dude. Yeah it happens.

But let's not pretend it isn't more common with women, which is why people do studies on this in social situations. Not sure why you feel like your experience isn't worth being counted simply because one group's study didn't focus on our demographic.

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This sounds like a person who loved Black Mirror for all the wrong reasons.

See you all in the cyber-dystopia.