So the quick and dirty; About 2 years ago I was hit on my motorcycle . The salvaged my foot but I would never be able to walk on it. I elected to have it amputated. I asked the doctors to keep it. I signed some papers. I got it back, and with the help of some friends cooked a portion of the tibialis anterior. Proof Foot tacos More proof Me and my stump

Let’s do this

Edit: I taste like buffalo, but chewier. Super beefy and little fat

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So my friends and I always had this joke, If you could try human flesh in an ethical and health way, would you. And we always said of course. Well the opportunity came up and I called them on it

chetradley5264 karma

Put up or shut up.

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Grassfedcake5403 karma

I... Fucking.... What? Dude... Fuck.

IncrediblyShinyShart2649 karma

Fucking A

ZuZuXO4301 karma

You said you only invited I believe people you knew well. Did that feel like an intimate thing? Having people eat you?

IncrediblyShinyShart4500 karma

It really was. There were some people very dear to me there, who supported me through that time and who’s friendship I will cherish.

chetradley3479 karma

Was there a lot of pressure to prepare it just right because it was (I'm super hoping) your last shot at tasting human flesh?

IncrediblyShinyShart2865 karma

Not really Im pretty sure we would have eaten it if it was just fried We were not looking to go all Hanibal and get gourmet, just to make it so no one gagged

summer-fun-atx2744 karma

How did you tell people you were going forth with the plan? Like send out an evite?

IncrediblyShinyShart2119 karma

I called folks who might be amenable. It was only about 2-3 oz that I took off the leg so it couldnt be a big group Plus only people I knew very well

IrrelevantPuppy1218 karma

How did your friends react when you called them on the bluff? Did anyone refuse/back out?

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I had one person back out, and it’s totally understandable. I think there was a lot of “wait really” Kinda hoping that I’m joking But it was all happy people who showed up that day Lots of dark jokes

garglemyload138 karma

Why didnt you take off a bunch and go to town?

IncrediblyShinyShart340 karma

We just wanted a taste, not a meal

Ricklypickly2318 karma

Did eating your own flesh ethically or morally bother you then or now? And how about your friends that also tried it?

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No It was from a healthy part of the amputation, Im a healthy person, waste not want not, and they all consented. As far as I know they are all still cool with it. Its a fun weird thing

Ricklypickly1121 karma

Would you do it over again if given the opportunity?

IncrediblyShinyShart1882 karma

if it was in an ethical situation, sure

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He’s hooked. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

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He’s eatin everybody!

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Were you able to log the meal in MyFitnessPal, or did you have to create a new food for the app?

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I wish I had thought of that

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Chop your own foot off to drop 5 pounds instantly. Most efficient diet.

IncrediblyShinyShart404 karma

Closer to 10

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Did you throw up after?

IncrediblyShinyShart5294 karma

No, but one friend had to spit me into a napkin after chewing for a while. They apologized but it was too funny for me to be upset

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Lots of people have asked you to describe the taste, but I would like to ask you to rate the taste. On a scale of 1-10, how good was it? How does it compare to steak, or bacon, or other meats you've tried?

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That is a fantastic question! On this scale I would give it a solid 6.5, but keep in mind that I have had a lot of good food. So it’s way better that a hot dog or regular burger. Maybe equal with regular bacon, which is pretty decent. But no where near as good as butter seared sea scallops or a rare sous vide tenderloin seared in grape seed oil in a cast iron pan.

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When are you planning on telling Anthony Bourdain that he needs to fucking step up?

Edit: Rest in peace Anthony. You were legit one of my heroes and it's sad to see you go. I sincerely apologize if in light of recent events my comment comes across as insensitive.

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Bro, I watched that man eat slightly burnt/raw pig asshole on TV He will always have my respect

chetradley436 karma

Well you have my respect because I sure as shit wouldn't do what you did, but I have to admire your conviction.

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Thank you so much

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While i appreciate the AMA, I can’t help but say I am a little queasy now :-P

What were the details surrounding the motorcycle accident?

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I was riding down a mountain road on memorial day, 45mph(speed limit), with one truck and one car ahead of me. Ahead of me a car coming the opposite direction was stopped and indicating they wanted to turn across the road to the fishing area to my right. They stayed stopped in the road as both the car and truck ahead of me passed, and did not move as I approached. I figured they saw me and were waiting for me to pass. As I approached within 15 feet the hit the gas and clipped the back of my bike. It locked up and I fishtailed and then flipped into the forest. I sat up and took off my helmet and saw the burning pain that was mt foot. Edit: Sorry for the queasiness

19Wizard93151 karma

Were you wearing motorcycle boots?

IncrediblyShinyShart87 karma

Was a dumbass and wearing running shoes, but did wear a helmet

CHOCOLATEJ3SU51061 karma

What kind of sauce ?

IncrediblyShinyShart1573 karma

No sauce, cooked with some lime and onions and peppers

deathtickles1839 karma

I feel like you squandered an opportunity to have it with fava beans and a nice chianti.

IncrediblyShinyShart1534 karma

I have heard this a lot Next time

stonernerdgirl948 karma

Do you have a picture of the recovered foot? Did you take any pictures of it after you took it home? I'm intrigued, but just a little skeptical. It is the internet after all.

I'm sorry about your foot, that looks like it was intensely painful.

IncrediblyShinyShart1150 karma

It was painful the whole fucking time, but all is well and life is good. There was no totally healed foot. After sitting in the hospital for a week and being told I would never walk on it I decided to amputate. There is a pic of the amputated foot after I got it back. i cremated the rest

bertiebees240 karma

You premated your foot?

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bertiebees528 karma

Instead of cremation you did premation. Cause it was only part of you that died.

IncrediblyShinyShart390 karma

OMG, I love that! Thank you for that knowledge.

stonernerdgirl12 karma

Glad to hear that!

Could you post the pic of the foot after you got it back?

IncrediblyShinyShart29 karma

Its in the proof under "Foot Tacos"

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Reddit needs a second button after you click to show nsfw that says: "naw man this isn't titties it's some actual ass-puckering shit you still wanna see?"

IncrediblyShinyShart237 karma

I agree with this

tacofeet792 karma

So do you want to trade usernames or......?

IncrediblyShinyShart446 karma

holy shit

jfarrar19539 karma

What drugs made you decide that it was a good idea to do that?

IncrediblyShinyShart1188 karma

The drugs were not a factor in the decision That being said, contemplating my death while tripping through space and time while on ketamine in the helicopter did change my outlook on life

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Which one of the jokes in this thread is your favorite?

IncrediblyShinyShart595 karma

The having a ball one, good lord thats horrific

Papa_Huggies770 karma

Two cannibals are sharing a lost tourist. "You start at the feet. I'll start at the head." says the first. After a little while he notices his friend hasn't said much. "You ok?" he asks.

"Fine." Comes the reply. "I'm having a ball."

"You're eating too fast."

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It seems like you shared it with others from the photos you posted? Who else ate it? Also I am just curious - from the first picture it seems like you only damaged your foot, so why did they amputate so high up? Do you know?

IncrediblyShinyShart971 karma

10 of my friends joined in for a brunch. Only the foot was damaged, but with below the knee amputations the want to do it higher up so there is a balance between having enough stump to make for a good lever and having enough room beneath for prosthetic equipment. If they amputated low it would make it difficult to put good hardware underneath.

many_thanks328 karma

Ah that makes a lot of sense. Do you plan on getting prosthesis then?

IncrediblyShinyShart769 karma

I have had for about a year and now just got a new one that fits better. Life is good

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There's apparently a community interested in devouring human flesh. Would you have sold the remainder to them if they offered to pay, and at what price?

IncrediblyShinyShart916 karma

No I wouldnt. 1. Im pretty sure thats illegal 2. I know a guy in Japan I think did something like this, but I fell that selling myself would cheapen the experience. I did this as a way of closure and to share in a unique experience with people close to me. Monetizing that would go against that

edit: ok, maybe for a ridiculous sum of money, like over a million

coryrenton906 karma

This little piggy went to the market indeed

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best comment so far

MerchantMessiah358 karma

Did it taste like chicken? Asking for a friend.

IncrediblyShinyShart590 karma

No, Like bison, but chewy

MimonFishbaum263 karma

Should've braised it.

IncrediblyShinyShart473 karma

You are probably correct, but I left it to my chef friend and I was not dissapointed

MimonFishbaum391 karma

Kudos to you for trying it. I enjoy "odd" foods but I'm not sure I'd have the guts.

It didn't give you "the hunger", did it?

IncrediblyShinyShart1074 karma

Why? I mean, you aren't offering are you? are you edit:Thank you so much for the gold

MimonFishbaum558 karma

Oh my, look at the time.

IncrediblyShinyShart693 karma

Dinner time?

Beamaxed286 karma

What is it like knowing you are one of the few (if not only) person who can claim to have eaten their own leg?

Im fucking torn between wanting to shake your hand and barfing.

IncrediblyShinyShart207 karma

I think that is a common response. Its was a neat experience, and I wouldnt change it.

rumplexx232 karma

How many "You are what you eat" jokes did you crack?

IncrediblyShinyShart260 karma

all of them

mother_of_penguins163 karma

Do you have any diagnosed mental illnesses?

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Bliss26631 karma

This just in: ADHD causes Cannibalism

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UnderlordZ163 karma

Am I the only one who feels like this should be on r/ForbiddenSnacks?

IncrediblyShinyShart120 karma

nah, you can totally eat it

IrrelevantPuppy138 karma

What part of your body, if obtained ethically and incidentally, would you most like to try next?

IncrediblyShinyShart278 karma

How do I get backstrap and still be mobile? Honestly I don’t think about it to much. I hope I never get the chance again, cause body part coming off sucks

MrTigeriffic97 karma

One more question, do you now prefer eating your meat or beating your meat?

IncrediblyShinyShart150 karma

beating it has always been better

mac_la91 karma

I thought someone had a pretty compelling argument on your other post stating that human meat would not brown the way that your photo showed. Any rebuttal to this? Because, many (myself included) are very skeptical of your claim.

IncrediblyShinyShart188 karma

No real rebuttal, Its just the way it happened. I understand your skepticism. Its a big claim, but this is the best I got. Im curious why they think human meat would not brown. Its just meat

mac_la53 karma

Thanks for the reply. What was the process like in getting your amputated foot/leg back?

IncrediblyShinyShart153 karma

It wasnt that hard. The doctors didnt know if I could or not, no one ever asked I guess. But I said it was mine and I wanted it. So I signed some release paperwork from the pathology lab, and picked it up a couple of weeks later

mac_la78 karma

So true - I would’ve been the same way. Just because it’s amputated doesn’t make it any less your biological property. Was it in a freezer?

IncrediblyShinyShart82 karma

It was sealed in an airtight bag and then in the fridge ata the hospital. Thanks

imzwho69 karma

Have you ever responded to the question "what happend to your leg?" with "Oh I ate it"

And then laughed

IncrediblyShinyShart72 karma

not just yet, but i may have to now

backwards_undergoat63 karma

Why are you sharing this with us? If the accident was 2 years ago, why share now?

IncrediblyShinyShart212 karma

It took me while to get over my injuries, and to become comfortable with my new life. It makes for a good telling, and so now I want to share it.

backwards_undergoat61 karma

Thank you for sharing. I will be remembering this for a while!

IncrediblyShinyShart40 karma

I’m sure am glad you enjoyed it

OceusMMXII55 karma

Try to call one of them when you'd suspect that they're next pooping.. "Are you shitting me right now?!?"

IncrediblyShinyShart57 karma

This happened

Menderki38 karma

Did it taste like raccoon meat?

IncrediblyShinyShart38 karma

No, like bison, but chewy

Limmmao30 karma

Do you consider yourself a cannibal now?

IncrediblyShinyShart82 karma

Auto canibal

iiiinthecomputer48 karma

Your friends are proper cannibals though.

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attorneyatslaw22 karma

Did you have a nice Chianti with it?

IncrediblyShinyShart44 karma

No, mimosas

delionizemountebank14 karma

Why did you eat a portion of your leg? Also, did you share it with others?

IncrediblyShinyShart27 karma

Because of a long standing dare between my friends and I, an opportunity, and yes I shared with 10 others

MidWestMind6 karma

Did it taste like chicken?

IncrediblyShinyShart12 karma

Nope, beefy

skinny_malone6 karma

What did it taste like?

IncrediblyShinyShart10 karma

Like buffalo, but really chewy

Eatmydemondick5 karma

holy shit! my first click of the day...but I gotta ask...what did it taste like?

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IncrediblyShinyShart2 karma

No, ut a nice little sauce my buddy whipped up

as_the_world_burns-3 karma

Did you try eating it?

IncrediblyShinyShart3 karma

Wait, eating what?

as_the_world_burns1 karma

Your leg bruh

IncrediblyShinyShart5 karma

yea bro