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It's hard not to have resentful moments, though, and sometimes you just see a snapshot.

I love my kids dearly and I give a lot for them. I'm pretty damn patient too, but when my 4.5yo has barged in, woken the baby, and is now shrieking "you CAAAAAANT SAY THAT" at me at 1am because I gently asked him to go back to bed and I'd come soon... I get cranky. If it's just after I got the 17mo back to sleep after an extended session of "I'll shriek if you're not lying down and letting me use your arm as a pillow" then y'know what, I'll look pretty resentful. Because kids can be ASSHOLES.

I have a lot of fun with them. I look after them, care for them when they're upset or feeling fragile. Let them have big feelings and try to make it ok. But the hard times still suck. Like the times I went out of my way to do something my eldest loves and all he does is shout, hit me, and demand something else.

I judge other parent too. I'm sure everyone does. But I try to remember I'm seeing a snapshot in their lives. For all I know they haven't slept in two days and they're just trying to keep their kid alive until they can get some sleep.

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From what others here and elsewhere have said, don't assume someone attending for prenatal services is expecting a happy healthy baby.

Check their records or charts or just focus on what they say and do.

So many people talk about the pain of someone jollying them about the baby to be or similar. Like the person who had a nurse pop in and say the pain would be worth it because they'd soon have a lovely new baby. She was giving birth to dead twins at the time.

Don't. Assume.

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Your friends are proper cannibals though.

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I once got overtaken by a ~80yo-ish lady on a power scooter when I was cycling up a steep hill. She clearly thought it was the best thing ever. Waved and stuck her tongue out. It was awesome.

How do powerchairs, as opposed to power scooters, tend to handle steep climbs? If their max speed is that low, does that mean they lack torque and struggle with steep climbs?

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How much do you hate DIY electricians? Met any live plumbing yet?