Hey there! I'm Andrew. I've been in the Delta Bombers for 10 years. We are proud to be working full time musicians. We're a completely self funded band. I've been to 25 countries or so, and played a lot of shows for a lot of people! Ask me anything!

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/thedeltabombers/

Edit: That was a lot of fun reddit! You guys are awesome and I'm so surprised and happy this actually had any kind of interest. I'll do it again a year from now. Check our music out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izVzgTWdZR8

And checkout our newest album Pressure and Time on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Apple music.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1333221913?ls=1&app=itunes

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/30DwTnTpoc9NEDZiP57gx7

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/The_Delta_Bombers?id=Aafiqfnjyc6gcivaor7on222hzu

I'll still be answering questions as they trickle in.

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improbablewobble672 karma

Any relation?

ajhimmler512 karma

I had almost forgot! The age old question.

No- Well almost certainly no.

Our family was really poor a few generations ago and not much is known. What IS known is that my grandfather was Irish and adopted into a German family with the German last name. I thought this was nonsense myself, seemed like a likely cover up- but turns out my Ancestry DNA backs this up.

dragonship409 karma

It's the O'Himmler branch of the family.

ajhimmler784 karma

Top of the Reich to ya.

abbadon420144 karma

Wow. Credits for actually answering that question

ajhimmler84 karma

You’re welcome!

Hyla-arborea105 karma

Please make a collaboration with Alessandra Mussolini, just for the lols.

ajhimmler118 karma

Third Reich plays the charts!!

Ziekial440476 karma

Glad I'm not the only one curious

AdmiralAkbar149 karma

I would've been deeply surprised if this question hadn't been asked.

ajhimmler44 karma

It’s been asked so many times I honestly forget about it. That’s weird I know.

AdmiralAkbar111 karma

How hellish was middle school for you?

ajhimmler93 karma

It wasn’t at all because American schools suck. But my first time visiting Europe? That was a reality check. I’ve honestly been brought to tears several times from people screaming at me.

AdmiralAkbar128 karma

Damn, that's rough.

ajhimmler64 karma

It is. But I didn’t realize growing up what this name meant. I mean I knew who it was associated with but not the impact behind it first hand. I’m happy I can experience it from the second generation and sometimes the initial generation in Europe. As a historian and history lover it’s my unique experience in history.

AdmiralAkbar17 karma

Thanks for your replies!

ajhimmler12 karma

You’re welcome!

wardaddy_-32 karma

ARe you kidding? youre a historian and youre keeping that name? you deserve any abuse you get

ajhimmler15 karma

Abuse me daddy.

ClydeGortoff6 karma

Could you elaborate on this? I’m curious how such a confrontation could arise from something as simple as a last name

ajhimmler13 karma

That name touched millions upon millions of people in a very negative way. The most obvious group is those that are Jewish or have Jewish lineage. The second way is those in German or mostly Russian families that fought in the war. It all has a very bad and sad energy. And I don’t blame people for being mad. A lot of people lost entire branches of their family tree to the war.

wardaddy_-25 karma

Then why don't you change it?

ajhimmler23 karma

Because it’s my name.

headwhop26165 karma

Who's the best band you've ever played with and why is it the Ghoulies?

Hi from Denver

ajhimmler146 karma

Hey There!

You guys are definitely top 500!

haha, you guys are really good. The best band I've ever played with that really blew me away was JD McPherson. Their sonic abilities and the textures they hit are just amazing- that and their sound guy out front knows what he's doing.

headwhop2635 karma

JD always cites Nick Curran as a big influence, someone who I also find very compelling. Did you ever get to meet him before his death?

ajhimmler25 karma

I never met Nick Curran- though I really wish I did. I had the fortune of seeing him play several times and he was in a league of his own. I love guys that are able to completely be themselves- it really shows in their music.

4look4rd11 karma

Never heard of you guys but JD McPherson is amazing live (and Nick Waterhouse) the fact you're touring with him makes interested.

ajhimmler10 karma

We haven’t toured with them outright. But we have opened for him here in Las Vegas. I wish we could tour with them!

hyteklolyf3 karma


ajhimmler10 karma

Both. Jd Wilkes is a god among men.

Icommentoncrap109 karma

What do you think of the song Africa by Toto?

ajhimmler227 karma

I hear the drums echoing tonight

CelticSludge60 karma

What are some artists, albums, or songs you'd recommend to people to get into rockabilly?

ajhimmler79 karma

Good question!

JD McPherson - Signs and Signafiers (R&B / Souly Rock n' Roll) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZGn4LncY0g

Omar Romero - Hog Wild (Straight Rockabilly) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjwBQ94UPW0

Sun Records Greatest Hits

The Blasters self titled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAyrFG6WzLQ&list=PLtrr1WxZmTF8r7vtGo4RMRVkbCJqOg61J

Stray Cats self titled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBwtrEzHHiU

wereallmadhere928 karma

Also Imelda May and Brenda Lee for some lady action.

ajhimmler9 karma


Vagfilla18 karma

Wait, no Reverend Horton Heat?

ajhimmler18 karma

Reverend Horton Heat isn’t what we’d call rockabilly explicitly. But a good gateway drug for sure! And I love the band. I’d recommend them for all around music!

headwhop2636 karma

Real questions:

What's your favorite delay for some slapback shit?

Why Reverend?

Is the little combo amp with the skull logo a modified Blues Deluxe or something else?

Is Chris the only one in the band who's sober?

Why the Giants and not a good baseball team?

ajhimmler46 karma

Hard hitting!

  1. Favorite delay is Nocturne Mystery Brain for sure - which is really three pedals in one- but the echo on it is truly perfect. It has that traditional vibe and is simple to us. More mainstream pedals would be Dunlop Echoplex. It's about the best sounding delay for slap I've heard thats widely available.

  2. I love Reverend because they're a medium sized company. I can call and talk to the owner at really any time. Their guitars have a personality and mind of their own and they aren't simple cookie cutter copies of other famous guitars. They're doing in guitars what we've been trying to do in music.

  3. That's what it is! It's a Fender Blues Deluxe RI with a from electronics cap upgrade, a after market speaker and that sweet ass cabinet. I love the way it sounds.

  4. Chris is the only one whos sober in the band. Me and the other guys partake in the alcohols! Sobriety came along in a really great time in his life- he's really enjoying it. I don't know how he does it being around alcohol all the time, but he actually just quit smoking too. The guy is a beast lol.

  5. I've been a bay area sports fan my whole life! 49ers / Giants / Warriors. I just can't help it! haha. I love At&T Park also.

headwhop2612 karma

Thanks for the response!

One last question perhaps you'd like to chime in on:

I just bought a '65 Bassman 2x12 cab, and one of the dust caps on one of the original speakers blew just after I got it. What speakers would you use to replace the old oxfords?

I have two Marshall 4x12s and am looking for something different. Ideally something more rockabilly and American sounding. I was leaning towards a set of Eminence Texas Heats, but I have not decided.

ajhimmler14 karma

I had a 65 bassman at one point, what a beast!

If you're going for American definitely go Alnico. There's nothing wrong with ceramic but Alnico speakers just have "it" and for me "it" is the Fender sound. The only problem is 12 inch alnico speakers are usually pretty pricey.

In any case- Checkout Eminence Legend- I have three of those in my present amp and I really love them. Well balanced and super American sounding even though they're ceramic.

Rickykirelenko31 karma

I'm a big fan of y'all! I've seen you guys in SLC, Santa Ana with Tiger Army, and most recently Boise. Always a great show! Question: What are some of your objectively favorite places to visit in the US? And overseas?

ajhimmler39 karma

Thanks man! I love opening up for Tiger Army. Always an honor.

I LOVE San Antonio Texas. I'm not sure if its the people I know there but its always a good time- connected to that is Luling, TX because it has my favorite restaurant City Market BBQ. STUPID AMAZING. And no lines. No lines is important.

I love Belgium. If money was no worry I'd retire there. Its incredibly relaxing and the beers are unrivaled. Ghent and Bruges especially- not a huge fan of major cities like Brussels and Paris typically.

Sweden is an amazing country. I love their history and people.

Also... New Orleans! It's mind boggling to think about all the history and culture that goes into that city.

Rickykirelenko12 karma

Very interesting! I was in San Antonio for the first time earlier this month, and it is a very cool city. Really enjoyed it. Also, I gotta tell ya our daughter is almost 1 yr. old and every time I throw on some Bombers she gets so happy. She loves you guys! Two other questions: 1. I know it's crazy early, but any thoughts on a next album? Pressure and Time is so damn good! 2. What's Nick 13 like in person?

ajhimmler10 karma

My little boy is into music also, I'm not sure what it is! But the crazy sounds make him dance too. It's a good feeling. Thank you!

We have been thinking about our next album, as a career musician you kind of have to be two steps ahead of yourself or you risk falling off the tight rope of recording and touring. It's extremely early so I can't so much but I can say that we have many songs written!

I've only met Nick three times in extremely passing professional situations so I can't speak on his personality too much. Our booking agent is good friends with him though. He's a quiet guy and actually my experience is he isn't the kind of guy to speak first- but he's very nice and warm when spoken to. He is a super professional though, and his band is also. Everything they do is for the benefit of the show and the crowd and it really shows. His bassist and drummer are music buddies of ours- Super fun guys.

joeschmo858 karma

San Antonio!!! Yes!!! We love you guys here. Apologies for all the tequila shots though....

ajhimmler5 karma

Sometimes I think you guys are trying to kill me.

joeschmo8510 karma

Huge props to you for the one night nobody knew Chris was sober and you had to take all his shots for him...handled it like a champ! #HonoraryTexan

ajhimmler18 karma

I volunteer as tribute.

Hyla-arborea3 karma

Hey, I know you are a little sensitive over the topic, but let me say that I found quite funny imagine a performer called Himmler opening for " the tiger army".

Also I am sorry for the bullies that gave you trouble over a surname...on the bright side the niece of Mussolini has kept the family surname, got shots for playboy and managed to make an album in japanese.

ajhimmler6 karma

Perhaps I will model circular eyewear...

SRSFACE_I8C27 karma

As a fellow Vegas resident, how hyped are you for the Golden Knights?

ajhimmler49 karma

The hype train is rolling! Our bass player made a $60 dollar bet they’d take the cup this year before the season started. If he wins... little Caesar’s on him!

butch813852 karma

You're welcome for Fleury. All of Pittsburgh still misses him.

ajhimmler2 karma

The guy is a beast. The rule that new teams get to take players from old teams make sense.. but its also sad.

Theandric16 karma

What do you find most annoying about touring?

What do you find most satisfying?

ajhimmler38 karma

The most annoying thing about touring is being tired, all the time. ALL THE TIME. Of course the more successful you are the nicer hotels and touring vans / buses you can afford. We were on the bottom rung of the ladder for a long time- that means no hotels. Instead we'd crash at anybody's house that would have us or sleep in the van. Fortunately we've moved up to one hotel room a night, 5 dudes in one room! But at least we're not as tired all the time.

The most satisfying is trying new food in new places- seeing what makes people tick in everyday life in different places across the world. I get a kick out of local customs and attitudes.

sadhandjobs7 karma

How do y’all decide who sleeps where? Hats off to your dedication, most would crack living like that night after night!

ajhimmler28 karma

It used to be Everyman for himself- find the most comfortable bunk as quick as you can. But now we’re more cultured, haha. I sleep with our lead singer chris (like most lead guitarists dream of) and our rhythm section sleeps together. Our most typical setup is one double queen room for roughly $70 throughout the USA.

80820612 karma

Gnarly! As a fan of punk rock I can totally appreciate the DIY ethic. Some of my favorite bands still cram into a room together, after playing for only a hundred or so people that night. I love it! Keep rocking, Andrew!

ajhimmler8 karma

We do what we gotta do!

lolimmadog11 karma

Big fan of y'all. Anytime I'm in a mood for something that feels like an old pair of boots but sounds new I put on you and Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

My questions are 1. What outside of what we'd expect is your jam? Things out of left field you love to listen to.

And 2. Who in else in Rockabilly does everyone need to be listening to right now?Anyone on the bundle we should check out?

ajhimmler13 karma

As a whole we’re all over the place. If you knew everything we jam in our tour van you might hate us. I love old soul- Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. Stax records and Motown. The guys love rage against the machine, NWA, Naz, Jay-Z, Hank III, Waylon Jennings, Tool, Opeth- a bit of everything.

For new acts checkout Bailey Dee, Eddie and the Scorpions, Furious, The Rhythm Torpedoes and the Desperados

Andy4666 karma

How can I make a living out of touring and making music? -Aspiring professional musician, in a band

ajhimmler8 karma

It’s really hard these days. Short of scoring a billboard charting hit- that takes a lot of money to record... you have to play your balls off for next to no money in any venue you can find and build a crowd that follows you.

Andy4664 karma

Okay, also with such a free flowing market of media, how can I protect my music from getting stolen? I’m not talking about pirating because I know there’s no real way around that, but how can I avoid people ripping me off?

ajhimmler25 karma

You can’t.

foxjk6 karma

Hey that sounds cool I'm gonna go check out you guys. Meanwhile I have some questions.

  1. How do you plan the tours? Do you pick the places and seek out to contact the venue managers? I'm curious about the industry.

  2. What do you mean by being a "self funded" band?

ajhimmler19 karma

In the old days I was the booking agent. Basically I’d gather up all of our contacts and start sending emails. Sometimes it’s a “my friend knows and friend who knows someone” type of deal where you’re playing for $100 and a bucket of beer in a pool hall- and we’re okay with that. Fortunately we worked our way up and now work with a booking agency. They have an established network with thousands of venues. So basically it’s on us to draw people through the doors when the venue “buys” our band- their only responsibility being publicizing the show and hospitality for the band (drink and food).

I mean self funded in that we don’t have a trust fund baby putting fuel in our tank. Our show fees and merch fund the bands massive travel expenses. We’ve never had a go fund me to go on tour or record an album. It’s a point of pride for us.

Rukkmeister6 karma

Honest question, is the "trust fund baby" situation a common scenario? I guess I've never heard of it, but it's probably not something a band would publicize.

Honesty_Addict14 karma

Put it this way - starting a band seriously is incredibly expensive. Practising is expensive, recording/mixing/mastering is expensive, merch is expensive. That's several thousand dollars right away (and that's assuming you use cheap jam studios and recording studios and buy low grade merch). You haven't even played a show. Touring is ridiculously expensive and time consuming, most tours end up losing money. Breaking even is a luxury. And you're also not working a job really at this point, so...

Yes, a lot of successful bands have at least one member who comes from serious money. Otherwise they never would have gotten off the ground.

ajhimmler3 karma

Exactly this!

rocktropolis3 karma

I’ve also seen as a more likely scenario, one band member come back from a tour with a monster credit card debt and the rest swearing they’ll pitch in pay off. Never happens. The help paying off, that is.

ajhimmler2 karma

I’ve been that guy. I still am. But fortunately we’re always able to pay our debts. Maybe I should change my last name to Lannister.

emildorbell6 karma

Isn’t musician the opposite of a blue collar job?

ajhimmler29 karma

Not really! I mean It can be if you’re In the top 2% of musicians. But for most of us we load, sound check, write and play 10+ hour days for working man wages everyday. My average take home pay is $75 a day.

emildorbell7 karma

Nice! Good answer. Keep up the hard work.

ajhimmler4 karma

Thank you!

tmc_throwaway6 karma

Herr Himmler, doesn't it get confusing that your albums are all based in Vegas and called The Delta Bombers? Have you considered widening the scope of your content, and using different album names?

ajhimmler2 karma

I don't really get the question sorry. We have four albums, one of which is self-titled. The others are Howlin', Wolf, and then our latest record Pressure and Time.

d1rkSMATHERS2 karma

He's talking about the way the title is worded:

has 4 albums based in Las Vegas called The Delta Bombers

ajhimmler3 karma

Got it! I honestly through this AMA up last minute. If i would have known it would garner the attention that it is I would have thought about the title a little longer, haha. Sorry!

NOTcreative-3 karma

I am from Las Vegas and grew up in/around the local music scene since the early 2000s with many friends active in it. Why have I not heard of you?!?

ajhimmler5 karma

We starting playing in Vegas at 2008. You probably haven’t heard of us because the rockabilly scene is tiny! Come see us the next time we play the Bunkhouse. We’ll also be at the viva Las Vegas festival next month.

wereallmadhere91 karma

Goddamnit I love Viva. Next year I’ll be back!

ajhimmler2 karma

It’s the best!

Firegivesme3 karma

What is your opinion of the Convair B-58 Hustler Delta Winged Bomber?

ajhimmler16 karma

It’s our top grossing merch item.

ArchMageMagnus3 karma

Have you ever dated a girl named Misty? Pretty sure I've heard about you. If so, very small world!

ajhimmler11 karma

Yep! We dated from about 2007-2010.

firmagorilla3 karma

can you put your albums on bandcamp pls ?

ajhimmler8 karma

I gotta be honest, and I know that this is stupid: I have no idea what band camp is.

firmagorilla14 karma

It is sorta like soundcloud, but I can buy your albums and get your music as flac, mp3 or stream, or on vinyl at a premium.


Slightly off topic, I am leaving facebook and I noticed I cannot read your band page properly without being logged in. It's maybe time to keep an eye on that.

ajhimmler9 karma

Looking into it right now!

ifogotthiswashere2 karma

so I assume on your tours you don't fly delta, what airline do you use?

ajhimmler5 karma

Haha! It’s funny we HAVE flown delta and wearing our own merch because we’re giant hungover douche bags. Fortunately the flight attendants were in a good mood. I love British airways did international travel. It’s comfortable. But usually we fly budget airlines like Frontier and Norweigen. Fuck leg room this is rock and roll!

iamjacksprofile2 karma

  1. What's your personal guitar practice routine consist of and how often do you practice?

  2. Favorite guitar you own.

  3. Are today's guitar amp emulators able to replicate the real thing in your opinion or is there still some work to be done?

  4. Does playing the songs you've written over and over, night after night, get dull and monotonous after a while?

  5. What kind of mental challenges does a touring musician face with being away from home for so long in unfamiliar settings?

ajhimmler10 karma

My practice routine is mainly learning songs. I used to learn scales and chords but the last few years I get hooked on a song and just learn how to jam it out. Usually a soul song. It helps expand your vocabulary in a way an exercise would and tickles your brain!

My favorite guitar is a $200 Frankenstein Strat that I’ve used for nearly 10 years. It’s been on everything I’ve ever recorded and for some odd reason it just sounds and plays like I want.

The only guitar amps I’ve ever used are tube amps. Nothing sounds like a tube amp. And I don’t think they can really be simulated ever.

I love playing songs over and over- it’s true it gets monotonous but there are different aspects you learn to love. I love expanding our live show impact with the guys- and familiarity is the place to do it. You become so familiar that you can develop little hits and things to make the crowd excited. And that excites me.

The mental challenges are massive. It used to be a man vs environment kind of deal where we didn’t know where we were or what we were doing. We were young and inexperienced. Now that we’re okder it’s more of a man vs man challenge. We have kids and family now and you miss them dearly. The saving grace is our families know that this is our child hood dream for each member of the band

agiro10862 karma

Where might I know you guys from?

ajhimmler9 karma

Not too much to be honest! We've opened for bands like Reverend Horton Heat and Tiger Army. The most noteworthy thing we've done on the absolute edge of the main stream is having 4 or 5 second song spinets of ours in the recent TV series of "From Dusk Till Dawn".

agiro10862 karma

Non of this is ringing s bell but I still have that feeling in the back of my mind that I know your band.

ajhimmler4 karma

You might! Listen to us.

moojuece2 karma

Any plans on coming back to Minnesota? Killer show last year here at the Turf with the Blasters. I was pretty stoked to finally see you guys live. I honestly was looking forward to seeing you guys more than the Blasters on that one.

ajhimmler2 karma

Well thanks! We’re coming back in September / October. We got a Midwest tour brewing.

this_isnt_tyler2 karma

See you at Rusty Spur?

ajhimmler2 karma

The spur!!!

spacewoman762 karma

Which Time you play in Germany?

ajhimmler6 karma

This may / June we have a big euro tour we play a lot of German dates. Checkout our tour. Www.thedeltabombers.com

Mad_Juju2 karma

As someone who is into rockabilly/psychobilly I feel like I'm part of niche that keeps shrinking. Do you feel this way as well? Are there any places that you are surprised you have fans? Who are you favorite traditional and psychobilly artists? Water based or oil?

ajhimmler3 karma

We are definitely in a genre that is shrinking. And that is okay. Out of the flames the Phoenix rises. Some band somewhere will turn this genre on its head again like tiger army, The Stray cats, Jd McPherson etc. and when that happens it’s always exciting.

My biggest surprise is Mexico City. We have maybe our biggest fan base there. We’ve certainly played our biggest show there. In 2014 we played in front of 17000 people- and for us that is absolutely unheard of. We were all floored.

Water based. Oil is the original for sure and probably looks better but water is so convenient it can’t be beat. Shiner gold!

unknownpleasures02 karma

What happend to your other albums on Spotify? :(

ajhimmler4 karma

All of our albums should be on Spotify!

splorf2 karma

How do you think rockabilly is relevant these days? Vegas local asking, rock on!

ajhimmler5 karma

It isn't. And that's the big problem with it. If Rockabilly wants to stay alive songs must written for now and today. We feel like we're doing that and so do many other bands that we know, but overall it has become stale- which is kind of the curse of "retro" music. I look up to bands that write new songs in "old" music of any kind. Nick Waterhouse, Jd Mcpherson, Marcel Bontempi, Amy Winehouse, Nathaniel Rateliff etc.

Kajayacht2 karma

How come whenever someone invites me to see "my friend's band" I always have a terrible time?

ajhimmler4 karma

Because your friends band sucks.

Lyoushi2 karma

Hi ! I saw you in Toulouse, France, but was too shy to come meet you after the show. Soooo, that's a good occasion to tell you I love you guys !

Will you come back soon? Bigger scene this time maybe?

ajhimmler3 karma

Hey! Guess what we're coming back! May 7 at the same place. It's small but it works for a weekday! Come say hi this time, we don't bite!

punkrockabilly2 karma

I've met you a bunch of times, weird seeing you here. You were telling about driving though Russia unlicensed when I talked to you in Spain at Screamin' fest. Might be a fun story here?

ajhimmler2 karma

So pardon me I don't remember this interaction explicitly- but driving in Russia is no joke. If you fuck up there is hell to pay. I remember driving through Russia not knowing how the traffic laws work and praying for the best. You should tell me who you are and if we're facebook friends! We'll get a beer next time we see eachother.

punkrockabilly3 karma

My name is Jeremiah, I travel around quiet a bit as my girlfriend works at Delta and we fly cheap. I was also in a band called Jerry King and the Rivertown Ramblers. We recorded at Sun and had releases on El Toro records. I also have a follow up question. Of all the legendary rockabilly artist you shared the stage with, off the top of my head, I've seen you with Joe Clay( who passed shortly after the Screamin fest show), Art Adams, Roddy Jackson.... Do you have a favorite?

ajhimmler2 karma

As far as legendary goes its Roddy Jackson. Not because he's the best of all time but because he's so coherent and so in the moment. He's just so sharp and knows what's happening and why- that's not always the case with the old guys as I'm sure you know. So I love Roddy.

punkrockabilly2 karma

Oh, and I don't have Facebook, but I'll take the beer in Vegas. :)

ajhimmler3 karma

Oh sorry. I am also super cool.

Ghostronic2 karma

Vegas native here, what's your favorite way around the Spaghetti Bowl construction?

ajhimmler3 karma


My god what a pain in the dick.

Rancho is your friend. Desert Inn is your friend. That's about it. Vegas traffic is insane right now.

echo-texas2 karma

How much do I have to pay you guys to let me design some sweet album or poster art? Serious question.

Greetings from a Texan fan :)

ajhimmler3 karma

Hey man! We need art all the time!! We’d be happy to pay you for t shirt art. An album is far away. Email me some sketches. [email protected]

BootStampingOnAHuman2 karma

How do you become a professional musician? I've been playing drums for years but can't seem to make it past the occasion gig that pays a small amount.

ajhimmler14 karma

You don't really. There is no commencement ceremony. One day you look up and you say "holy shit I haven't had a job for two years" and then you're a pro musician.

rexlibris1 karma

I fucking love me some rockabilly/psychobilly. Def checkin your band out.

So, I have found myself on a marty robbins kick, and associated covers of "big irons" in particular.

Phenomenauts-Big Irons. grew up seeing em live, and did coke with angel nova a few times XD

*edit, oh fuckin hell you guys rock! Jammin to 'The Wolf' atm.

ajhimmler3 karma

I love Marty Robbins. In that I’d put on a desert island I could choose Marty Robbins for the rest of my life. Check out our song “Sorrow and pain” on YouTube. You’d like it as a Marty Robbins fan.

rexlibris1 karma

you the fella with the epic beard btw?

diggin the song

ajhimmler2 karma

oh no that's Chris. I wish I had those genes. I'm the guy with the sad goatee.

im_bot-hi_bot1 karma

hi the guy with the sad goatee

ajhimmler1 karma

Sad goatee says hello in reply.

rexlibris1 karma

whatevs, you're still cute.


ajhimmler2 karma

Well thank you!

Trent_Alkaline1 karma

Caught you guys a few times now in Seattle. Keep playing up here, we love you. You're bringing fans down from Vancouver BC to these Seattle shows too--any plans to tour there soon?

You guys put on an incredible show every time, it really shows that you guys have passion and love for what you do. As a fan, thanks. As a music fan in general who goes to a ton of shows--you guys are among the top tier of putting your souls out there. A lot of bands phone it in, it's clear you guys go out there and put everything you can into your work.

Thanks for actually mailing out the vinyl album covers! Mine arrived a bit bent up unfortunately, but I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever even see one. Good on your label / you guys / whoever for actually following through on that.

Onto a real question: Any plans for more comic books? What inspired you guys to do the first comic book and is it a true story?

ajhimmler4 karma

The comic book came to us by luck. Chris Meesey the artist put his card in our hands at a show and I followed up. I was blown away! So we put a line out there and it worked. All I did was write the true story of our time in Russia and did the rest. The comic book worked and we will definitely do another based on a true band story.

Canada is a hard nut to crack because we have a DUI in the band. But we’re working on it. Hear us Canada?! We’re sorry eh?!

Canadian-Texan-19941 karma

Favorite guitar brand (for a person like yourself who uses it 140+ live shows a year)?

I use ESP.

ajhimmler4 karma

Reverend! I’m an endorsee and they just work. Insane bang for the buck. And they have a guitar for everybody.

Canadian-Texan-19941 karma

Iv never tried one, ill have to play one next time I’m at Guitar Center!

ajhimmler2 karma

Do it! Make sure to mess with the bass contour knob. They’re almost unique to reverends.

vhattorihanzo1 karma

When did you start playing/first guitar?What advice would you give to a guitarist who wants to take it from the bedroom to the stage?

ajhimmler2 karma

I started playing when I was 14 years old because I was obsessed with the way my Beatles records sounded. I stole them from my dad. From the bedroom to the stage is the biggest step any musician can take. Practice what inspires you. Play what makes you excited. If you're lucky other people will be excited by what you're excited by and then the world is your oyster.

Hyce1 karma

As a fellow lead guitar player who's working on his own album and has aspirations of doing precisely what you're doing - what's your best advice?

ajhimmler3 karma

Monetize. Anything that can make you a dollar now can make you two dollars in the future. Play your ass off. Sacrifice.

iburngreen1 karma

Did you guys send your first album around to different labels or put it out yourself?

How much do you fellas spend to record?


ajhimmler3 karma

Quite the opposite! We were turned onto our label wild records by members of the band. We geared our early sound towards their overall style and it paid off. They liked us and signed us. It’s a very unique and old school label. I encourage you to checkout the 2012 documentary “Los wild ones” on the label. We’re featured in it!

Vriess1 karma

Do you plan on coming out with any albums that are based in other cities or are you sticking to albums based in vegas?

ajhimmler1 karma

All of our albums have been recorded in Los Angeles! But we're working on something special for this next album.

mmmmoneyshot161 karma

Which country would you like to play next?

ajhimmler5 karma


otterom1 karma

Why Delta Bombers and not Epsilon Bombers, Spirit Bombers, ExpressJet Bombers, Iota Bombers, Rho Bombers, etc.?

Are you the net result of the sum of Bombers?

ajhimmler2 karma

Spirit Bombers would be just as problematic.

drumrbaer1 karma

My barber turned me on to guys! Specially, he mentioned that you had a lot of Howlin’ Wolf inspired stuff, which interested me because I play in a blues band. What does the blues mean to you and how has it influenced your band?

ajhimmler6 karma

The blues was the default for our band. Our lead singer grew up in hardship and it was easy for the blues to flow through him in our blues songs. I’m a blues guitarist at heart so it feels good to be myself on stage every night playing riffs I stole from guys growing up.

joeschmo851 karma

Who dies in your latest video for “Sorrow and Pain?” At first watch, I thought it was Chris but he’s helping you dispose of the body throughout the video. My guess is Ritch. Can I get confirmation please.

ajhimmler4 karma

Our idea was to make it look like a murder ballad. It’s really a loose theme without much continuity. But the idea is it isn’t a body but rather somebody being fucked up from booze and whatever else. In the end we aren’t burying a body but our vices. Which is quite literal for this era in the band.

Quercusrobar1 karma

What's your opinion on drugs?

ajhimmler6 karma

I’m personally not a fan. The hardest drug I’ve done is marijuana. Maybe a dozen times. I just don’t like it and more than anything I don’t like seeing what it does to other people. So I stick to beer. Which may be worse than many drugs. Who knows.

SkincareQuestions10-1 karma

How old are you?

ajhimmler2 karma

Twenty nine.