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No that's a Mango, A mantra is a little blind man that wanders around mumbling to himself.

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Not op but some people have fetishes that prevent them from being aroused/interested if the fetish isn’t involved. Maybe they like shoes to a point they are spending exorbitant amounts of money on shoes for the fetish, or have a sleeping sex fetish, so their partner gets woken up in the middle of the night regularly. Or maybe their fetish is people pushing carts at walmart, making shopping trips uncomfortable.

It really is broad but some people that have strong fetishistic desires cannot control them and may need counseling to separate their sexual desires from their regular life.

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All future school shooters since columbine have.

They know what we know, and they will use that against the kids.

This is why the shooter pulled the alarm. The alarm apparently went off 10-15s after the shooting started, most likely caused by the smoke from the gunfire. In a shooting, the doors close and lock the kids in. In a fire drill the kids leave the rooms.

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No, they said DRONES. They achieved the technology to make boxelder-sized drones while in captivity. This was the first recorded moment of the boxelder war.

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Haev snek.