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Oh, and a question... not sure if this has been answered yet, but I've read through most of the comments and haven't seen it. I imagine this young lady is an adult now. Have you had any contact with her? If so what did you talk about, and if not, what do you think you would say to her?

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Just thought I'd throw in that Nick was a great friend of mine. I did merch for Kim Lenz when Nick played with the Jaguars. He was a wild man, and I miss him terribly.

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I collect rockabilly records. Looks like the Sun label behind you. What 5 45s you got there?

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My name is Jeremiah, I travel around quiet a bit as my girlfriend works at Delta and we fly cheap. I was also in a band called Jerry King and the Rivertown Ramblers. We recorded at Sun and had releases on El Toro records. I also have a follow up question. Of all the legendary rockabilly artist you shared the stage with, off the top of my head, I've seen you with Joe Clay( who passed shortly after the Screamin fest show), Art Adams, Roddy Jackson.... Do you have a favorite?

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Thank you, all good ones for sure.