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It's not the only explanation. I've had periods of horrible nightly hallucinations all my life, and I've tried CO detectors with no luck. Some people's brains just suck.

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I can't tell if you're being serous, but I'd argue that when you make a meme there's an implicit agreement that you're releasing it into the world to be used, adapted, edited, and hosted by anyone, anywhere for any reason. That's the definition of a meme. If you're trying to restrict the use, evolution and hosting of an image, it's not a meme. It's just an image you made.

That unfortunately means other people can profit off of it. If you have a problem with that, imagine how the animators who drew your Spongebob screengrab feel.

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It's a dangerous thing to class anybody as Evil By Nature. But hey, we just keep on doing it. I'm a qualified therapist, and I don't do much work in the area any more, but this was my area of primary interest.

People are people, you know? And at the risk of cheapening the area, it must suck to have a core, fundamental sexual attraction to children. It must suck balls.

Therapist out.

Edited for accidental condescension. Sorry dude!

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2 Fallout 2 Vegas

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Sam! Dropout is one of the few subscription services I'm signed up for, and I love everything on it. Obviously a huge D20 nerd, but Game Changer is amazing and Total Forgiveness has become a comfort show I go back to.

How has filming remotely been a challenge? Has it presented any opportunities to try out new ideas you wouldn't have done/thought of when you were filming in a studio?