Well, as the title says, I'm an online chat moderator for erotic communties. One of my comments on an AskReddit-thread blew up and this was requested so I thought this would be fun!

I essentially catfish horny men. You know those sites that state there are hot singles in your area? Yeah, that person you'll talk to there is me.

Ask away.

My proof has been submitted to the moderators due to privacy concerns.

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dmn2e153 karma

So, let's say you and I are talking and all of a sudden, I say, "i want to see a picture of you, Zakazi, holding up my username written on a piece of paper in one hand, and drinking a bottle of Pepto Bismol with the other hand to know you're real."

Do you have a female coworker or colleague that you can call up and provide such proof to keep your client hooked?

Zakazi172 karma

No I do not, those are the times when I have to try and explain why I can't do that or alike. Most of the times you're not very successful and they leave, however those times are also rare, there aren't the most clever people.

CatieO123 karma

I'm a pretty decent writer and I'm very open-minded. How does one go about acquiring a gig like this?

Zakazi89 karma

Pm me.

beebish99 karma

What are you wearing right now? Tell me in detail. Also, what would you do to me right now?

Zakazi170 karma

Take me to dinner first, darling.

miss_krista74 karma

Does this get in the way of your relationships/friendships or is this one of those "our little secret" type situations?

Zakazi97 karma

It does not, actually it was my significant other who found the job via a Facebook add and told me to do it (I had just recently dropped out of the university then and was looking for a job). She also tends to look sometimes when I work haha.

This is not something I'll be doing forever of course, restarting University in January but it's a good income.

the_kid_salami2 karma

How much are we talking?

Zakazi3 karma

General hourly salary tends to be around €12-€15.

Tarithel2 karma

That's more than my day job. Where do I sign?

Zakazi7 karma

You got more information in a PM.

This AMA is turning more and more into a recruitment session lmao.

eltostito19162 karma

Does the company you work for pay internationally? And what happens when the people you chat with realize that they are never going to meet that "hot single"?

Zakazi224 karma

They do to an extent. I'm not sure of all the divisions they have (regions/countries) but they're heavily based in Europe with divisions in South Africa and also US I think.

They get mad, upset or leave the site altogether. Occasionally they simply say "fuck you" to the current profile I'm working from and then write to another one, which I'm also currently working from.

eltostito19169 karma

How many dicks have you seen since you started?

Zakazi144 karma

I'd say around 50 000, not trying to brag (if I ever wanted to?). That's the harsh reality.

suitology102 karma

Do you plan on printing them out and making a collage?

Zakazi255 karma

I am... Now.

jskoker60 karma

Are you a dude yourself then? Gay/straight? How do you respond if someone asks for proof or to meet in person?

Zakazi128 karma

I'm a dude, straight.

If someone wants to meet I simply have to stall them and make excuses as to why I can't meet, or why "she" can't meet. We're not allowed to date our clients.

Not that I personally have an intention to either.

aabicus33 karma

are you allowed to schedule a date for "next weekend" knowing full well that you're not going to be there? Then just apologize, make excuses and reschedule for the coming weekend, lather rinse repeat just to keep them hooked?

Zakazi44 karma

Kind of, we can postpone dates so to say, but never really give hard dates (though people, myself included, have done this when things got out of control). But no other than that we're not allowed in any way to really plan such things. It's all about keeping them hooked but not giving too much.

WentworthlessK59 karma

What has been the most difficult client to “work with” and why?

Zakazi153 karma

There was one guy who was really devoted to the girl me and my coworkers wrote from. He was around 50+ and she was 22ish. Somebody wrote something dumb or inappropriate on their shift and he went crazy, saying he was going to lots of things to her and kept spamming the profile. He was apparently driving around too and looking for this woman I pretended to be. He was quickly banned though, as he was a lunatic.

WentworthlessK40 karma

I’m curious what was said! I’m sure it was just something dumb.

What’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve had to handle?

Zakazi78 karma

I think my coworker said that the profile (pretend girl) had cheated (even though the profile and him weren't in relationship!) and he went mental. That is also against the rules since our job is to entertain the clients, not piss them off.

The most uncomfortable thing would have to be him (he said some very foul things to say the least) or a guy who was 45+ and had some odd fetishes (incest, fecal and urination, diapers/baby and mother play, and very hardcore BDSM). We do have certain fetishes we can't discuss and he crossed most lines, also enjoyed sending pictures to me so it was definitely an interesting afternoon.

leronbenari46 karma

Do you ever feel sad tricking some lonley guy? Or have any clients really made you sad for them?

Zakazi81 karma


First and foremost >90% of the men I talk to are married and/or in a relationship and want to cheat on their wife or alike, for those people I feel no pitty (e.g it's not uncommon that their reasoning for cheating is because their wife is sick and doesn't want to have sex, etc).

However, the remaining <10% are the rough ones, lonely people who only want to find someone to love. They however vanish quite quickly since they're not controlled by the dick between their legs. They, luckily, often realize what the sites are (since most sites look nearly identical and are owned by the same company).

FoctopusFire15 karma

How does any of this make the company money

Zakazi15 karma

Well the company I work for are hired by the company owning the sites. So the sites themselves do server maintenence and alike, whilst the company I work for hire people to chat.

The people we chat with pay money to talk to us, the hot singles.

Gerik2213 karma

Shouldn't this be illegal under false advertising or something? The site is charging people to talk to someone advertised as a hot single girl and you aren't single or a girl (jury's out on 'hot').

Zakazi18 karma

Definitely illegal and/or gray zone, not going to lie.

SunsetDreams111138 karma

• What’s the most annoying thing a client says to you over and over? I know even as a female in regular life, most guys ask and say very similar things. I’m just curious what annoys you.

• Do you ever get anyone who just wants to talk about regular life? Not about sex, but just vent about life?

• After seeing 50K, which one(s) stood out the most and why?

Zakazi65 karma

  1. They ask constantly if you wanna meet, despite saying no and stating why multiple times. Men are also oddly proud over their penises. Like, really proud.

  2. Yeah definitely, I'd say it's 70% erotic 30% regular talk.

  3. There was a pale bisexual man who had a giant schlong, like, really big, and I was asked to join him and his lover (a black man also with a giant schlong).

MalooTakant33 karma

I'm assuming you work your own hours. Can you work split shifts, and/or start stop whenever you please? Or are you expected to work a block of time straight through?

Zakazi46 karma

I can work whenever I want with only demand being I work a minimum set of hours per week. I can split that however I want.

Happyduckling4727 karma

What is the required weekly minimum work hours?

Zakazi48 karma

12 hours per week.

kirin90024 karma

How much do you make a week approximately?

Zakazi14 karma

It depends on how much and efficiently I work. Hourly salary tends to be around €12-€15.

Faptomepleaseplease29 karma

How do you record your hours? Dyou have to log in or something and they track it remotely ?

Zakazi39 karma

You set up your own hours via an application. The company can see who's logged in and whose missed shifts etc. But it's all tracked. Likewise is the amount of message you sent and money earned.

lackingprivacy28 karma

Do you get tired/annoyed having to talk to men all the time sometimes? Would you also let your s/o take over once in a while, if it's allowed?

Zakazi36 karma

I definitely do, I've been doing this for over a year and it gets tedious after a while. But it pays the bills.

I'd never let me significant other take over no.

tidesoffate5524 karma

How much variety are you allowed to/ do you put into your messages? Is there a formula you follow to the nail or do you enjoy making your writing different every time?

Zakazi39 karma

I have rules to follow but other than that I can get however creative I want. Example I'm not allowed to book dates or leak personal information about the clients. But I'm allowed to "have as much fun with them as possible following the rules".

ItsHollyAgain19 karma

How easy was it to get started doing this? Do you ever get genuinely interested in anyone you are chatting with?

Zakazi26 karma

It was fairly easy to get into it, was so interesting and new to try. I do from time to time, some people want to discuss genuinely interesting topics. However we're often told not to discuss things like politics for too long since that can cause debates.

jmccarthy6113 karma

Wouldn't that be a good thing? Getting into a long extended debate with your client who you're charging by the hour?

Zakazi5 karma

I'd definitely think so! Unfortunately I don't make the rules.

S3xb3ard17 karma

Are you actually hot and single?

Zakazi44 karma

I'm not single.

Bluy9888840 karma

Do you at least have a fever?

dogbots15916 karma

If so, is there a cowbell on hand?

Zakazi2 karma

Christopher Walken❤️

TwoFourFourFour16 karma

How much money do you make?

Zakazi31 karma

Depends on how much I work. General hourly salary tends to go between €12-€ 15.

MrGoatOnABoat10 karma

Can you work as many hours as you want per week or is there a limit?

Zakazi14 karma

No there's no limit, only a minimum.

MrGoatOnABoat3 karma

That would be kinda nice, you could work when you want, and as much as you want. I bet you could sit and do other stuff while you're working too because it's all text chat.

Zakazi6 karma

Yeah, in the beginning it's quite hard go multitask, but a while in and it's easy. Of course you're still focused, but the job becomes predictable.

LoogaBeluga15 karma

Are you worried about your job being automated? :)

But really, are there any phrases, scenarios, etc that you rely on regularly? What does a typical conversation look like and how long does it last?

Zakazi33 karma

Never thought about it but no though that is interesting.

A typical conversation involves lots of dick pics from their side and me praising them.

Kunchyisnotgaming33 karma

"Wow that 2 inch dick of yours is so hot"

Zakazi94 karma

"It's mouthwatering, I just want it in me, baby! "

Ceasar4562 karma

I think I’ve spoken to you before O_o

Zakazi2 karma

May very well be so!

justmikewilldo14 karma

Have you ever been turned on my your job?

Zakazi49 karma

I have not.

Cozmic114 karma

Like, not even a little bit? What about that dick pic I sent? It got you a little steamy... right?

Zakazi19 karma

I admittedly blushed when you sent that picture. I mean.. It's gorgeous! :*

bingoflaps13 karma

How do we know you’re not just some unemployed horny smoking hot single female only pretending to be a straight male that does this for a living?

Zakazi8 karma

Damn.. Asking the real questions. We must go deeper.

Peoplewantdutch12 karma

Do you ever seen the bobs and vergene?

Zakazi10 karma

I see many bobs and vergene.

The profiles have public photos and also ones you can send.

ECCE_M0N09 karma

I'm assuming you 'lure' the guys in with a fake picture or two of a hot woman... who are the pictures of that you use? Does your company give you a set of photos or do you go looking for them online?

Also, how much do guys pay to talk to you? I'm assuming it's per hour? It sounds like once they start talking to a specific 'hot female' that you and your coworkers take turns talking to them - is that so the guy can pretty much message 24/7 and get a response?

Oh, and what percent of guys do you think "know" that you're likely not some hot local female, and are possibly a guy living miles away etc, but they are okay with that just to have someone to talk sexy to?

Zakazi17 karma

First question: The people find these sites either via porn sites (often by clicking on those ads that say there are women in your vicinity who want to fuck lead you to those sites) or simply googling. They often get a few messages free then have to sign up and pay. I can't write anything if they don't write first or the automatic system initiates a random hello to profiles.

Second/third question: They pay per message often a lot per message, they buy them in bundles. The chat is open between different hours, mostly to give the impression that these are real people with real schedules, and yes, me and my coworkers constantly jump between chats.

Fourth question: Probably a small percentage, every guy I've ever talked to so far has been very eager to meet and send lots of pics and details. However there probably is a handful few who say fuck it and just talk, though keep in mind the chat is expensive.

Bounty1Berry4 karma

If you have several characters, or the same characters are split between multiple operators, how do you avoid consistency issues? Or is it just that the audience has so little blood left in their brain that they don't really notice if the details are inconsistent?

Zakazi6 karma

You write notes about everything information stated in the chat, there's a special section for import information.

Also you can see everything written before you, so it's easy to catch up to what's been said and what you're talking about.

Kunchyisnotgaming9 karma

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

Zakazi21 karma

The best part is that freedom it gives, working whenever I want to to and from home.

Worst part is all the dick pics and it gets tedious after a while.

BridgetBardont8 karma

Besides the money you make, is there anything about this you enjoy? Like do you ever have fun chatting with guys?

Zakazi15 karma

Not really anymore.

In the beginning it was fun, new, exciting. It was so unusual. But after working there for quite some time the job simply is tedious and boring, it doesn't get new or fresh really besides opening some new subchats (like there are straight chats, bdsm chats, shemales chats etc.).

moret278 karma

How do you even make money from this? Is it like a dating app or a text based my free cams.

Zakazi29 karma

You make money per message sent/received.

nutbastard8 karma

I essentially catfish horny men.

How do you justify this deception from a moral standpoint? I get that it pays your bills and you are providing a "service", but it seems like you're just taking money from lonely, gullible people by misrepresenting what the service is, for example the fact that you're male, not local, not horny, and maybe not single? Do you just assume clients are in on the fact that it's fantasy? Because some of your responses here suggest that you're hardly upfront about this aspect of the business.

Zakazi12 karma

90% of the job is the easy part, they're horny men who want to cheat on their wives or girlfriends. It's not uncommon that their wife has cancer for example and can't have sex, and they want to cheat on them. Or they're simply old or alike.

The hard part is when I talk to genuinely lonely people, however they don't stick around for long.

The clients think they're talking to the people represented in the site.

Icalasari7 karma

I assume you sometimes get requested to do some bizarre roleplay for bizarre fetishes, so what is the weirdest one you have come across?

Zakazi20 karma

Well we're not allowed to cater to all fetishes but regardless I've been asked to engage in incest (both roleplay and actually invited to have sex with siblings), mom/baby roleplay (changing diapers etc. He would walk around in diapers all day long and do everything in them and wanted to find a mommy that would change them, etc).

Was also one guy who was 45 , never had a job besides his current one, McDonald's employee (not that there's anything wrong with working at McDonald's but you get the point), - and he wanted to impregnate "me" and suck the milk of "my" pregnant breasts. Not only was he incredibly set to find someone he could impregnate, he often opened conversations about it.

ValorSlayer467 karma

Are you content with having this job? What would you prefer, a regular 9-5 decent-paying desk job or this one?

Zakazi12 karma

Probably this one. Here I can choose my own hours and know what to expect and also how much I earn.

With that being said, I've worked with this way too long and I'm definitely looking forward to not doing this for a while.

Doomed1737 karma

What have been some of your interesting conversations, that are not sexual?

Zakazi12 karma

I spoke briefly about a guy who went nuts in another comment in the thread. You can read about him there.

Other than that it's always interesting to see how the older men i talk to reason how it's okay for them to cheat since their wives "" won't give them any sex", often because the couples are either old or the wife has a illness.

alexdi4 karma

What alternative would you propose for these men, assuming their wives are unlikely to agree to let them see other women?

Zakazi11 karma

Don't cheat, don't be an ass, work on your relationship or alike or get a divorce/break up.

Oh. And also, don't send me or anyone else dick pics. They're not flattering.

jihgers6 karma

How would someone go about getting a gig like this? Being a college student I feel this type of job would be beneficial.

Zakazi9 karma

You can send me a PM. University student here too.

OkThanksIGuess6 karma

I’m looking for something that I can do for 3 hours every night 5 days a week. I’m open-minded and can definitely steer/follow a conversation. How would I go about getting into this type of thing?

Zakazi7 karma

You can send me PM and I'll give you some more information.

MyNSFWIdentity5 karma

Whats the recruitment process like? How often does the company ring/skype you?

Zakazi7 karma

You have a training session with a representative of the company and other than that the Company doesn't contact you via Skype or alike. Only email.

uninvitedcat5 karma

Can I just pay you to be my friend?

Zakazi11 karma

You don't have to pay me, I'll gladly be your friend, friend.


What got you into this business? Why did you start doing it?

Zakazi7 karma

I had recently quit pharmacy school because I didn't like that university and had a whole year before I could apply to a new school, therefore I was in desperate need for a job.

My significant other found the job via a Facebook add and told me to apply, I did and here we are haha!

Cacula4 karma

How is the site even legal? The men are paying for a service that's not what it's advertised as. Isn't that against consumer laws?

Zakazi5 karma

Definitely not legal.

[deleted]1 karma


Zakazi2 karma

Not really. The companies aren't located in my country and as far as I know it's quite hard to find out its me. Also can use a VPN.

Evanescent_contrail3 karma

Do you use any software to reply for you?

Zakazi4 karma

No I write each message individually. Each message is however only minimum the size of a tweet (ish, don't remember exactly but they're not long) so it isn't hard to send lots of messages once you get the hang of it.

Evanescent_contrail3 karma

You could copy pasta replies, I assume.

Do you know if software exists to chat for you?

Zakazi5 karma

I can, but it's not allowed. Though I am guilty to copy and paste short words like "hugs and kisses" by the end of each messages.

I wouldn't be surprised if there does but I personally have no idea.

Evanescent_contrail1 karma

Tx. Last question ... what is your home language? And what language do you mostly use with clients?

Zakazi6 karma

Unfortunately can't answer that and give too much information in the thread. I'm Scandinavian though and the chat is in my native language.

pedantic_piece_of_sh3 karma

How do these chat channels even make money?

Zakazi5 karma

You mean the company? Or me? I mean.. The users pay to send messages.

SirSquare773 karma

Do you have permission for the pictures you use for your profiles? How do you choose them? If they are taken without permission have someone recognized themselves or someone they know and contacted you?

Zakazi4 karma

Permission? Probably not.

Most of the pictures are of camgirls, pornstars or general collections you can find online. Often you reverse Google search the images.

DarKcS3 karma

Oh god, these are/you are male(s) doing the catfishing too right?

Zakazi7 karma

Yes I'm a male and I catfish other males. There's quite a lot of women too on the team.

redhead9943 karma

How did you get that job? It sound pretty interesting!

Zakazi7 karma

My significant other found an add on Facebook and told me to apply, I did and was hired. The rest is history.

Wildest123 karma

Are you actually female?

Zakazi8 karma

No, I'm a guy, straight.

shnaptastic1 karma

What’s the business model? What are you trying to talk these guys into doing/buying?

Zakazi3 karma

Well, the sites are specifically designed for people who want to cheat. And the business model is to think they're talking to hot women for them to cheat with on their wives and girlfriends etc. So instead of talking to hot babes, they're talking to e.g me.

Thedeadlypoet1 karma

Is the pay good?

Are you hiring?

Zakazi3 karma

The pay is quite good, you get payed per message so the more you send, the more you get.

I'm not hiring myself, I'm only employed. But send me a PM and I can give you some details.

Kapitalist_Pigdog1 karma

What’s the biggest mistake that you or one of your coworkers have made while talking to a client?

Zakazi3 karma

I accidentally copy and pasted an email belonging to a coworker. That was a dumb move by me.

I've seen coworkers book real dates with clients too, bad move.

DarthMindForge1 karma

Would you be willing to ballpark how much you make doing this?

Zakazi2 karma

Not in the open thread. However I can say the general hourly salary tends to be around €12-€15.

HarryPoopeer1 karma

I don’t know if this is still going or if this has already been asked, but what made you interested in this line of work? And also, say you were going out with a woman, and she asked what you do for work, what do you tell her?

Zakazi2 karma

I wasn't really interested in this job, about one year ago I dropped out of the university and couldn't start studying again until this fall. Therefore I needed a job, and my significant other found the job via a Facebook add and told me to apply, and here we are.

Mngrad161 karma

Do you ever chat with women?

Zakazi1 karma

I've chatted with a handful of women, those encounters were however only couples who were looking for someone to have three way with.

Makhann0071 karma

What’s the compensation like for a job like this? And how do you even find it to begin with?

Zakazi1 karma

When you first start out around €10-€12 per hour, when getting better around €12-€15. Your rate per message doesn't increase the better you do unfortunately for this company. However you get better and more efficient and hence you get more money.

DieTheVillain1 karma

What does a gig like this typically pay?

Zakazi1 karma

Depends on how much you work and how good. But general hourly salary tends to be around €12-€15.