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How easy was it to get started doing this? Do you ever get genuinely interested in anyone you are chatting with?

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I completely agree! People need better sex ed - at all ages

(plus fellow sex geek love! I just came back from a sex ed conference)

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i'm in America. I went to the CFLE Sex Ed conference. We had over 500 people this year! it was my 3rd year going, and it's just amazing. I am hoping to minimize con drop b/c when I get home I am so pumped up and energized from hanging with these amazing people. I totally met a bunch of my sex ed rockstars and geeked out. I'm envious that you get to go to that conference!!

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Come visit the US!!

Are you getting to speak at the AIDS conference? I made some amazing friends this year, which is kind of funny b/c I'm a bit socially awkward. It's so weird to be like, "hey let's be friends!" and not "oh let's discuss research" (well, that too). There were a few moments where I had to go back to my room to just kind of have alone time and not do anything.

It can be difficult to make headway in this field. I feel ya. I'm here if you ever want to chat stuff. One of my first conferences, this woman was just... ugh awful. She was not presenting (I was, FWIW) but she did have a table there for her organization. And legit, like 15 minutes before my workshop (my first solo presentation!!! and I was actually rather sick at teh time, just not contagious) she is all "So what makes you qualified to be here?" and I choked. I saw her this year and just wanted to glare. I was rather glad that one workshop I went to discussed how sex educators NEED to charge and also to help each other out - not put each other down. The whole time i was like, "YES! yes! omg, so much yes!"

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My ex was abusive. It has been three years and it has gotten better. When I first moved, if my upstairs neighbor shouted (at his video games), I would flinch. I was safe and no longer near the person but the effect doesn't just go away