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How many dicks have you seen since you started?

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Does the company you work for pay internationally? And what happens when the people you chat with realize that they are never going to meet that "hot single"?

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Hey Jason, I haven’t struggled as much with not being able to get an erection, but often I find myself having a hard time getting to orgasm when I’m with a partner. Different type of performance, but did mention it with Hollywood girl in the article. Is this something you continued to struggle with, and if so what helped?

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If I recall correctly, this website isn't really regarded as a legit source to determine the legitimacy of photos, at least after the recent World Press Photo competition scandal stuff. Not saying that it can't be useful, but buyer beware, as it were. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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Concerning war reporting, what are you thoughts on balancing the need to inform the public about what is happening while also respecting those who are affected by violence?

I ask because I've read recently about families who were mad that a photographer had taken pictures of their during a firefight in which he was killed. Can't remember enough details to have a link, sorry.