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You are correct, it's often used to generate the gas in airbags quickly. Sodium Azide is also extremely toxic.

EDIT: correct in that it's used in air bags, it's not made by them activating.

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Have you ever been pressured to report an incident a certain way? Say for an example, if a politician accidentally killed himself with auto-erotic asphyxiation; I'd imagine that you'd be asked by someone to omit that detail for publicity reasons.

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These concerns were ignited by a recent National Institutes of Health study that provided some of the strongest evidence to date that exposure to radiation from cell phones and wireless devices is associated with the formation of rare cancers.

But don't those use a much shorter wavelength than WiFi? WiFi uses a frequency in the radio wave range, but I don't think that's relevant to a study on devices that use a frequency in the microwave range. To me, it'd be like saying we should investigate visible light since UV rays can cause cancer.

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A lot of people fail to make the distinction between the Wehrmacht and the SS, how did the soldiers in the Wehrmacht view the SS during the war? Were they ever made aware of the operations of the group?

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Igor Ivanovich apparently broke the lock off his back door before shooting himself in the back of the head twice, cutting himself up, and placing himself in the garbage. Sources say he had a bright future in politics ahead of him.