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My short bio: Member of Congress for 8 years, before that internet entrepreneur (bluemountain.com, proflowers.com, Techstars, others) and founded two public schools and served on State Board of Education.

Tomorrow morning I'll be announcing my candidacy for Governor of Colorado here in Pueblo. I'm announcing online on Reddit first. Maybe I'm the first redditor to run for governor? maybe not.

My interests in Congress include bitcoin/blockchain, US-Mexico relationship, marijuana and hemp legal reform, improving our schools, making college more affordable, much more

Running for Governor of Colorado to lead Colorado on a path to 100% renewable energy by 2040, establish free preschool and full day kindergarten in every community in Colorado, an! encourage more companies to allow employees to participate in ownership or profit sharing. www.polisforcolorado.com for more info.

My Proof:http://imgur.com/a/sU5vS At Brues Alehouse in Pueblo, CO come on by you're in the 'hood

Edit (addition): Yes, you can donate to help at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/polis-for-colorado

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lotushunter74 karma

This is a question from someone in your district. The quality of life in Colorado is being diminished by traffic. We see improvement being made around Denver, except for those of us on the north side. What will you be proposing to alleviate this critical issue?

jaredpolis57 karma

We are doing some lane expansion on I-25 Loveland to FTC we helped secure federal funding for it. But yes, we need to do a LOT more. It also ties into the housing affordability question because people are being forced to live further from where they work- we can't let this hurt our quality of life it definitely has my attention and I will work with local governments and CDOT to preserve what makes CO special.

bjaydubya27 karma

Do you support expanding mass transit in combination? We don't need more roads per se, we need more efficient transportation alternatives.

jaredpolis36 karma

yes transit options like bus and rail are a critical part of making our metro areas work!

littlebitsofspider22 karma

I doubt you'll see this, but what do you plan to do about the reneging of RTD on the Northwest corridor rail expansion to Boulder and Longmont? We paid tax dollars to have rail lines, and now we have vague promises to finish our train service 25 years from now. I understand BNSF decided to profiteer the expansion, but our money was spent on rail lines to places we don't live in, like Golden and Lakewood. Every time I remember I voted for this, and sold my car, I am reminded we got rebranded bus lines and a toll lane on the same highway they travel on. Voters were promised 25 minutes to Denver and we got f*** all. Thoughts?

jaredpolis21 karma

My feelings are exactly the same as yours and I am not shy about it :)


harlanmott35 karma

You mean you are selling our lanes and charging us for them.

jaredpolis67 karma

Psst, wanna buy a lane?

The need for these "public-private partnerships" (aka toll-high density vehicle lanes) is because we don't have the money on the public side unless the voters vote to give it to the state

twitworth5 karma

Could you please state your preference regarding public-private partnerships? If you are Governor of Colorado would we expect more of these, or would you try to guide the state to try to fund more fully public roads?

jaredpolis44 karma

I would hope that the voters would approve more free, public roads.

Public-private partnerships are a kind of last resort if the voters don't want to pay but we still need the roads

twitworth18 karma

I am looking forward to casting a vote for Jared Polis for Governor of Colorado!
If only we had more politicians such as yourself, I think the world would be a nicer place. I hope you feel appreciated, 'cause you are, very much. Here's to hoping Gov of CO is a stepping stone to U.S. President :)

jaredpolis14 karma

Thank you for the kind words! Doing my best!

Tell your friends and neighbors around election time :)

Jaylan9647 karma

What do you think about the fact that CO real estate market has climbed so fast that middle class people can barely afford to own a home in CO? The rental market is out of control right now and doesn't seem to be coming back down any time soon. Any thoughts on this?

jaredpolis49 karma

yeah it's a HUGE problem in Denver area and Boulder area. Not so much yet in Grand Junction, Pueblo, Sterling.

Incomes haven't kept pace with costs

My goal as Governor is to make Colorado first in the nation for companies that share their profits and success with their workers, just as I did with the companies I started. Colorado’s vibrant economy can work for everybody, and profit sharing and employee ownership programs will help us get there.

We also need to look at cost drivers of housing and work to produce more lower cost housing.

HolyRamenEmperor5 karma

We also need to look at cost drivers of housing and work to produce more lower cost housing.

In Boulder? Demolition of stable but dated family housing to make newer, smaller, more-crowded housing and pump yuppies, college kids, and rich parents for all they're worth. Meanwhile kicking out families from the place they've lived for 10 years. Feels so wrong.

jaredpolis10 karma

I was thinking more the recent statewide discussion around construction defects.

ta-ta-toothey4 karma

So, your goal 'as governor' is to make companies in CO decide to share profits and be employee owned? How, specifically, will you use the office of the Governor to achieve this? I am very interested in you're candidacy, but this is a non-answer.

jaredpolis23 karma

I have a very specific plan to do it on my website

www.polisforcolorado.com click issues then economy then check out the pdf and let me know your thoughts

It's a pdf you can download. I wouldn't just put out some vague goal without a way to make it happen!

MitchNYM33 karma

You smoke trees, bruh?

jaredpolis160 karma

nuh bruh But I support your right to!

MitchNYM31 karma

If you were running in NY, I'd vote for you 10/10 times.

jaredpolis49 karma

Shout out to NY! My parents both born there (mom in Peekskill dad in the Bronx)

yumenohikari31 karma

My biggest complaint about John Hickenlooper has been that he's quite a bit cozier with oil and gas interests than I feel he should be, especially given recent issues such as the pipeline leak and subsequent explosion in Frederick. How do you expect your approach to these groups to be different?

jaredpolis14 karma

I will be a fair referee for all parties, not cozying up or showing partiality to a particular interest over others.

scottkeyes29 karma

Constituent of yours here in Fort Collins!

Nevada just passed a bill to let anyone in the state buy into Medicaid. Strikes me as a solid public option, especially in places with few private insurance options.

Is that something you would support in Colorado? Would you push for it?

jaredpolis48 karma

I haven't seen any budget analysis of whether this is even possible but will look into the bill in Nevada

Clayman080927 karma

I wanted to drop this video here and say thank you for your patience with this woman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFgrB2Wmh5s

Since I have to have a question, what's your favorite CO brewery?

jaredpolis36 karma

Yeah that was kind of an instant classic.

She also said that the worst day of her ENTIRE career is when I flew a hemp flag over the US Capitol. Glad she's gone.

Well I am doing this AMA in a brewery and I don't want them to spit in my food so it's totally Brues Brews in Pueblo :)

GuyManDude214624 karma

How do you plan to implement your 100% renewable energy plan by 2040. What primary sources of energy do you intend to rely on, and what are your thoughts on nuclear power?

jaredpolis38 karma

Glad you asked! Here are some of the state policy changes to help u reach the goal. The actual percentages will be determined by market forces but in our state are mostly solar and wind:

Appointing utility Commissioners who support consumers and renewable energy

Encourage roof top-solar by ensuring homeowners, schools and businesses receive full retail rate for the energy they produce through rooftop solar panels.

21st Century electrical grid State-based contingency fund for PACE financing for solar home improvements

Special districts for small to medium scale renewable energy Allow homeowners and co-ops to install energy storage equipment

Expand shared renewable energy projects to allow geothermal, solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, wind, biomass, municipal solid waste and increase size limits on production

Regulatory incentives for energy efficient construction and energy efficient lighting

Expand State Energy Savings Performance Contracting Using bond markets to recapture stranded coal-assets to assist coal communities where coal plants have retired to help retrain and redeploy workers for green energy jobs that can never be outsources

Ensure that utilities have strong incentives for increasing energy efficiency

illbite8 karma

Lots of carrots for the green energy industry. What about sticks for oil & gas?

jaredpolis26 karma

Nationally in Congress, I sponsor legislation to remove the special tax breaks that the oil and gas industry receives to the tune of $40 billion each year. Eliminating these subsidies will help put renewable energy on a more level playing field.

illbite4 karma

In Colorado, do you support eliminating severance tax deductions to bring the state's effective rate in line with that of other Western states? http://www.denverpost.com/2017/01/27/n-dakota-4-billion-saved-oil-gas-colorado-none/

jaredpolis14 karma

It's my understanding that this would need to be voted on by the people of Colorado and it's not something a Governor could do, but it certainly sounds like a good idea unless I am missing some aspect!

Clayman08092 karma

Do you think that bringing more renewable energy to CO will hurt the economic impact that the oil and gas industry has brought to us?

jaredpolis26 karma

when we're talking about 100% renewable energy by 2040, we are talking about powering he grid. Light bulbs, computers, etc. So we are basically talking about the transition from coal to wind and solar.

Moving to wind and solar power does not directly impact the oil and gas industry in CO because that oil and gas is processed and sold on the global market.

HolyRamenEmperor6 karma

The Solutions Project would be a great organization to try to partner with on this initiative. They've done millions of dollars worth of research and analysis already, have 100% renewable outlines for every state.

jaredpolis9 karma

yes I used some of their background info in coming up with my policies! THey are great!


Assuming you win the primary, how do you plan to reach out to conservative sections of the state like Colorado Springs?

jaredpolis32 karma

I will be in Colorado Springs tomorrow as part of my announcement tour. I think that my message of an economy that works for everyone will resonate in every corner of this state. And Republicans have kids and many want them to go to pre-k and kindergarten too!

NotCleverEnufToRedit23 karma

If you're down here, you'd better have a plan to pay for widening I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock.

jaredpolis23 karma

oh I experienced that today. With an accident on it.

jrr_5322 karma

What are your thoughts on other states suing Colorado for legalized marijuana?

jaredpolis148 karma

stoopid states

kingfish10118 karma

What are your thoughts on gun control?

jaredpolis20 karma

I'm a sponsor nationally of the universal background check bill (I was last Congress and when it is introduced plan to do so again this Congress), and support common-sense gun safety measures.

pinata_penis_pump222 karma

What is your idea of "common sense gun safety measures"? Because that's usually Democrat speak for "punish law abiding gun owners by outlawing cosmetic features such as pistol grips".

jaredpolis16 karma

no not law abiding gun owners, we are talking about people who are not legally able to purchase a gun but go around the law and try to by them and avoid a background check.

pinata_penis_pump211 karma

Right, so what are the specific common sense gun safety measures?

jaredpolis18 karma

I sponsored (And will sponsor again) the bill for universal background checks and to close the "gun show loophole" nationally (Colorado voters voted overwhelmingly to already lose it)

jay9bee18 karma

Hi Mr. Polis. Thanks for stopping by my company (Namaste Solar) recently and supporting renewables in our state.

My question is, do you have any plans to further reign in or eliminate TABOR?

jaredpolis21 karma

I am actually touting Namaste Solar's co-op ownership model statewide, along with other employee ownership models like ESOPS and stock options. How is the co-op ownership working for you as an employee?

In answer to your question, yes of course I support finding a solution to TABOR. Specifically as Governor, I will build a winning coalition (business, educators, Republicans, Democrats) to bring to the ballot a plan to establish full day preschool and kindergarten and invest in our schools.

jay9bee5 karma

I appreciate the response. Glad to hear you are interested in our business model.

While I am not yet a co-owner (hope to become one next year), I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. The ability to have an equal voice/vote in the workplace is huge for a multitude of reasons. I feel more valued here than I have anywhere else, by far.

jaredpolis7 karma

Yeah I think it can make a real positive difference in the culture and also of course allow employees to share in success. Good luck in becoming a co-owner next year!

hippokuda15 karma

What are your thoughts about NSA surveillance? Federal Reserve? Edward Snowden?

jaredpolis32 karma

I have voted and sponsored legislation on the side of privacy, reigning in the NSA and preventing warrantless wiretaps.

I've always supported a full audit of the fed.

Never met Mr. Snowden.

Focused on running for Governor to roll up my sleaves to make a difference, too much time in DC is spent debating rather than doing.

csfergie10 karma

Hi Congressman Polis, As a Colorado resident, I am increasingly worried about the poor condition of the state's infrastructure. Our roads are terrible and getting worse. How would you address our infrastructure as governor? Best wishes on your campaign!

jaredpolis19 karma

yes the state will need to go to the ballot box to see if voter's want to fund our 21st century infrastructure needs.

We are growing and we need to catch up or or quality of life will suffer. Let me know your ideas!

OhSoSuper8 karma

How about a high speed train along the I-70 corridor? Take a page out of the rest of the world and replace highways with trains, man. Going from Denver to Grand Junction in a fraction of the time? Count me in.

jaredpolis15 karma

I have met with advocates of this idea and if we can find an economically viable way to make it happen that would be GREAT for our state!

csfergie3 karma

Utah has a great road system with many of the same challenges (freeze/thaw/snow) as Colorado. Perhaps we can use them as a template.

jaredpolis12 karma

and I would also add that our road system is also critical for our tourism industry and outdoor recreation industry and the jobs that rely on it

babytheleopard10 karma

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?

jaredpolis45 karma

I try to avoid thinking of him, but since he is President I have had to. I think he is doing a poor job.

babytheleopard4 karma

Well, I'm glad we are on the same page. At least most of the country is haha.

I'm a teacher, and I'm very concerned about Betsy DeVos and the path that education is going. I'm a Special Education teacher, and I worry about cuts to medicaid and special education in general. What will you do to make it so that public education is not in jeopardy?

jaredpolis11 karma

I am very concerned about that as well. I'm currently the ranking Democrat on the Early Childhood and K-12 Education subcommittee of the Education and Workforce Committee, meaning I'm on the front lines of defending our public schools. I do have some good news for you: I do not expect any cuts in special ed funding!

Sadly I am worried about medicare (reducing eligibility reqs and throwing ppl off) and also other areas. So I'm doing my best to defend the federal investment in equity and education, but I can do even more at the state level for Colorado.

peep2958 karma

Hey, I'm a member of your congressional district and I've always voted for you.

How many times has your LoL account been banned for flaming?

Secondary (serious question), 20 states now allow you to change the gender marker on your birth certificate without needing sexual reassignment surgery, but not Colorado. Will you support this and other trans rights policies if you are elected governor?

jaredpolis13 karma

Never banned :)

of course I support the entire LGBT+ community. We've come a long way but we still have a long way to go to achieve equality.

bjaydubya8 karma

I'm 46 and current work for the City of Denver and seem to have a similar outlook as yourself; I've been thinking about how to work toward running for public office. Any advice based on your path?

jaredpolis21 karma

The veil of public office is easier to pierce than you might think. Depending on where you live, you might have the opportunity to run for city council, school board, state legislature, or other office.

So know your own interests and what you want to do. For me I care a lot about education and ran for and served on the State Board of Education. That is a part-time volunteer job, so I did it for a few days each month was still able to work full time. Congress on the other hand is full time. Our state leg is somewhere in between, they work full time in Denver for 5 months, then part-time the rest and many have other careers to earn income.

So know yourself and what you want to do, get involved with your community (HOA, non-profit boards, other groups), and find a realistic option (not taking on a popular incumbent unless you have a good reason) and go for it!

kwaldo7 karma

If you were a color combination in MTG, which would you be?

jaredpolis16 karma

i used to use a red-black deck

cversicolor7 karma

Props to you for answering pretty much every question in this thread so far!

As somebody in Pueblo who has never been to Brues, what's the best thing to order there?

Edit: Just thought of this - what is your opinion on concealed carry in Colorado? Right now, the laws are fairly lax, would you change that or keep it as-is?

jaredpolis5 karma

I had the Ramen bowl and it was great. I love me some Ramen. Check it out sometime on the River Walk.

and tell me the real insider scoop on where I should go in Pueblo!

rocky_hamster7 karma

Do you want volunteers?

You rock Jared, been following your work. You got my vote. What are your thoughts on Senator Cory Garnder never having a town hall, calling no shenanigans on trump, never putting out enough statements of important matters/testimonies/overseas trips, healthcare reform/Kushner's lack of experience/etc. His office staff feed us BS answers about not being able to see Gardner's schedule to talk about town halls. Its crap.

I'm an independent, went to Bennett's town hall, liked most of what he said. A little long winded for my taste, but that's the first one I've ever been to. What do you think our State Senators should do better for us?

Unrelated, but the energy I saw in Denver while volunteering at the Climate March was unlike anything I've ever been a part of. I loved meeting everyone and seeing all sciences from around Colorado representing at the event. And Garnder has nothing to say about the Paris Agreement. Ugh.

I have been reading a few books lately. I recommend Seventh Sense, Homo Deus, and Thanks for Being Late. These books go into how network power has changed what politics has become. I consider myself part of a new breed of citizens/voters using network power, online journalism, and ability to consume vast amounts of data from around the world and use it to form our own political ideology. You are seeming to be on top of this movement, and I applaud your efforts.

jaredpolis5 karma

yeah if you want to volunteer sign up at polisforcolorado.com so we know who you are (we won't spam you too bad w emails, avg of 1/week a bit more as we get closer) but they will include volunteer opportunities.

Thanks for the reading recs, I won't have as much time to read as a candidate for Governor but I do read on the plane back and forth to DC after I've done whatever work I need to do. Glad you found the climate march invigorating, so did I!

With the absence of federal leadership it's up to CO and other states to lead the way which is why I'm proposing 100% renewable energy for CO by 2040.

Don_Machetazo6 karma

Is there anything that can be done to speed up the pace of RTD's expansion? Traffic is terrible and we need more light rail, especially a line from Denver to Boulder.

AristocraticOctopus6 karma

Hey Mr. Polis.

Do you support free public higher education? If so, how would you plan to get there?

Single payer healthcare systems (if written better than last year's 69)?


jaredpolis17 karma

I support single-payer health care nationally and if Colorado moves forward it should make sure it is VERY well written and will work. The last thing we want is a failed system that leaves people in the lurch.

I will be putting out more higher education plans over the course of the election about my specific plans to make college more affordable. I also tout dual-enrollment which allows students to get college credit and even an associates degree for free (or close to free) while they are in high school!

privateer_6 karma

Thoughts on a convention of states?

jaredpolis11 karma

Interesting that you ask that. One of the things lacking is a bicameral mechanism for counting how many testimonials (requests for a convention) come from the states. I would love to help rectify that so there is a clear bicameral procedure for when that threshold is reached.

maybenosey6 karma

If one day your ambitions extend to becoming president.... are you going to reddit in office as much as Trump tweets?

jaredpolis11 karma


rockymountain235 karma

Why did you vote to make it harder for refugees to be admitted to the United States?


jaredpolis20 karma

I support the US allowing MORE refugees from war torn areas like Syria, not less. I also support improving our vetting and screening to ensure that we are letting legitimate refugees in.

asw104295 karma

The Democratic primary looks already to be a somewhat crowded field. What good things do you have to say about your opponents and how do you plan on differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack?

jaredpolis7 karma

They are all good and I wouldn't have any problem supporting any in the general. I know Ed Perlmutter and Cary Kennedy best. I've known and worked with Cary for close to 20 years (more so in the early 2000s than recently). I work closely with Ed in Congress. I don't know Michael Johnson or Noel Ginsburg as well personally, I've met them but never worked with them professionally or spent much time with them. I look forward to getting to know them all better over the course of the campaign!

They all seem to be good people and I look forward to hearing more about their ideas!

SmaugTheMagnificent5 karma

I'm curious about how strongly you're going to stand against Fracking?

This is one of the bigger issues that matters to me, and while your probably going to be the best candidate regardless of your stance on this but it will help consolidate my continued support in you, and possibly influence my parents as well.

Best Regards, SmaugTheMagnificent

jaredpolis4 karma

I think fracking should be greater distances from people's homes and more local control

hophead75 karma

Jared, how will you do more as a gov of Co, than you have as a voice of reason in the house?

jaredpolis4 karma

well as a "voice of reason" in the house I am but one of 435 and my voice is all too frequently overwhelmed.

But as Governor I can set in place our goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040, universal preschool and kindergarten, and put in place state policies to create an economy that works for everyone by encouraging employee stock ownership

ColoSean5 karma

If you had your choice, who would take over your seat in Congress?

jaredpolis4 karma

I will leave that to the voters!

22Chuckles4 karma

For getting Colorado to 100% renewable energy, how do you plan to get there? Currently Colorado uses quite a bit of coal, and nation wide natural gas is pushing coal out, as it is cheaper. Will you continue with fracking in Colorado, in the short term at least, to try push coal power plants out of operation? What is the end game for 100% renewable? Would you want to implement a carbon tax, such as in Bolder, have a cap and trade system, or ban all forms of green house emissions? How would this effect the cross national trucking industry? What forms of renewable would you focus on, and how would Colorado get the infrastructure for those renewable or would Colorado start importing electricity?

In your drive for free preschool and full day kindergarten are you basing it off of Hillary Clinton's proposals? Will you work with major economists in the field such as Raj Chetty?

Why exactly do you want Colorado companies to have employees to participate in ownership/profit sharing? How do you wish to implement this? What consequences for national, or international companies be?

What other policy proposals are you looking at pursuing?

Have you read, or interested in reading Show Me The Evidence?

Do you still play League? What video games do you play?

jaredpolis6 karma

You are actually asking about my main platform items that I go into detail on on my website. polisforcolorado.com I have a .pdf policy white paper on each of these for you to look at!

I absolutely believe in rigor and data forming public policy. Will order that book.

Still play League sometimes. Lately going retro w Age of Mythology.

BackslashZero4 karma

What are your thoughts on a universal basic income?

jaredpolis8 karma

it's an interesting concept and I look forward to learning more about the results of the several pilot projects that are currently in place to try it out

Cho-Dai4 karma

Boulder County here. I'm glad to see you are running. My question is, do you think you can manage to not say something stupid every time you open your mouth like Hickenlooper does? He continually makes me embarrassed that I voted for him. I have been saying for a couple of years now that I want a different Democrat as Governor.

jaredpolis4 karma

well one way or the other you will wind up with a different governor in January of 2019 (Hick is term limited). With your help, maybe it'll even be me!

441985543123185321104 karma

Hi Jared,

Bit of a curly question for you:

If you had absolute power over the legal system in the U.S., what laws would you immediately implement/alter/eliminate?

Thank you for all of your hard work, I appreciate it greatly!!

--(constituent of yours in Boulder)

jaredpolis6 karma

I'll give you a curly answer:

If I had absolute power over the legal system I would get rid of the provisions that gave me absolute power. No one should have absolute power, not even a well-intentioned fellow like :)

doigtaloeil4 karma

Considering you're only one of 7 openly gay members of congress right now, what advice would you give to other LGBT Americans who want to get involved in politics and join congress?

jaredpolis6 karma

go for it! Don't let being a member of the LGBT community hold you back!

invalidreddit4 karma

Colorado has had a great windfall from marijuana taxes, but as other states continue to legalize the drug, how would you plan for a lower tax revenues, or do you feel the income will stay the same?

jaredpolis18 karma

As governor, I plan to help Colorado maintain a leadership role in the Cannabis industry. We have many opportunities to continue to leverage our "first-mover" advantage into a ecosystem that allows us to continue our industry leadership.

That being said, yes it's possible that sales will decline as CA and other states come fully online. Currently after paying for regulation of marijuana most of the taxes go to school buildings in lower income areas- we need it. I will do my best to continue CO's leadership role nationally even in the face of additional competition.

victorykings4 karma

Good evening, Mr. Polis, from a fellow Coloradan.

Others have touched on the issues of housing, transportation, and infrastructure - significant matters, of course. My question is a bit more narrow, but it relates to jobs and to something you should be rather familiar with.

You and I both have a background in technology, and with the astronomical cost of living in Silicon Valley, many tech companies and qualified engineers and developers are starting to look elsewhere. Places like the Denver Tech Center, and Boulder, are promising hubs of technical development and innovation here in Colorado, and I'm optimistic that there is an opportunity for us in this area.

My question for you is this - what thoughts do you have on growing the technology industry in Colorado, and how can those of us already in it work to support this growth?

jaredpolis7 karma

I think we truly are reaching critical mass in tech. We have a vibrant startup community for sure. We have excellent startup infrastructure across our state. We need to be able to keep more success stories here and independently owned, but I think we will get there.

We also need to more fully incorporate our universities like CSU and CU into our tech ecosystem. There are some excellent programs like the Innosphere in Fort Collins, a partnership between CSU and Fort Collins, but we need more collaboration.

Any other ideas?

mpatrick984 karma


I'm a constituent in Clear Creek county. As a rural area, we have a lot of issues funding our school district, getting healthcare in the county, funding meaningful infrastructure repairs and upgrades, etc. My question is: how do you plan on addressing these sorts of issues in rural Colorado as governor?

jaredpolis6 karma

health care in Clear Creek? Consider yourselves lucky compared to Summit and Eagle.

We need a Colorado that works for everyone. For our cities, for our suburbs, for our rural areas.

I support 21st century infrastructure including broadband, an education system including apprenticeships and skills, and encouraging employee participation in profits and ownership.

We succeed together as a state and all three parts of my plan are statewide.

HolyRamenEmperor4 karma

Submitted this at town halls but it didn't get picked:

We've seen an increase from progressives in efforts to defend religious tolerance, but there's still massive cultural and governmental momentum to craft public policies based on the doctrines of a single religion. Are there any parts of your plan for Colorado that include bolstering research-based, evidence-backed decision making for state policies?

Sorry for the wide-ranging question, I know a lot of you goals are pro-science and pro-data, just wondering if religion-neutrality in government is something that's ever on your radar.

jaredpolis8 karma

That's why doing these reddit things is great, we don't have time to get to all the questions at physical town halls (especially lately with the increased attendance).

I'm not sure I completely understand your question, but I for one try to make my decisions based on research and evidence and if I was governor I would appoint people to the various state agencies that did the same. I think picking people and setting the tone are two important things a governor can do. Are there any other specific recs you have?

eliottruelove3 karma

What do you think of the question of whether Puerto Rico should be a state or not?

jaredpolis2 karma

if they want to be, sure! and i think they want to be!

iwas99x3 karma

Jared, in what Areas would you like to see states have more rights over certain things rather than federal control?

jaredpolis6 karma

marijuana food freedom (raw milk, hemp, non-USDA beef)

and many other areas relating to expanding personal freedoms

jackbookpro3 karma

Hi Jared, As a FC constituent I'm so excited to see you're running for governer! What do you think you could do as governer to encourage development of and access to high-speed fiber broadband in Colorado communities? Hope I can get involved in the campaign!

jaredpolis6 karma

It's very important for rural communities to have broadband and high-speed fiber. I've been working on this federally and the state can and must step up too. I would like to see high-speed fiber as part of any infrastructure package. Infrastructure ain't just roads and bridges.

SIgn up at polisforcolorado.com so we know who you are and you can get involved :) Say hi when you see me around

SortedIntoSlytherin3 karma

Where can I view your CNN special "Freshman Year" that you did with Jason Chaffetz? It seems to be gone.

jaredpolis6 karma

I have one archived on a flash drive, I'm sad they took it down. I thought it was still up. Boy, Jason and I turned out differently didn't we. But for both of us, this is our last session of Congress.

SortedIntoSlytherin3 karma

You certainly did turn out differently. Thanks for your hard work and for being a good example. I'll tell my family in CO about you.

jaredpolis4 karma

He was kinda sorted into Slytherin more than me, wouldn't you say? (no offense intended) ;)

jdliberty20153 karma

Would you call yourself a libertarian Democrat?

jaredpolis7 karma

many have called me that

goosepelican3 karma

How do you run for governor of Reddit? -is what I was going to ask before actually reading it. Tight game 6 we got going here

jaredpolis3 karma

hmmm.... Governor of Reddit....

iwas99x3 karma

Jared, with the enormous amount of lakes, rivers and forests and large number of state parks and national forests and parks in your district and throughout The Centennial State, what efforts as a member of the house of representatives have you made to protect the environment and balances that with the protection of property owners and what efforts would you make in the future to protect the environment while protecting property management/control rights by citizens of Colorado?

jaredpolis3 karma

Protecting what makes CO special is a top priority for me.

In Congress, I served last session on the Natural Resources Committee where I fought to protect our public lands. Now we face an even greater threat of our public lands being sold off.

I am also working on additional wilderness designations for Summit and Eagle Counties to protect in perpetuity 60,000 additional acres.

brickmaus3 karma

What do you think Colorado's most pressing infrastructure needs are? As governor, what infrastructure projects would you prioritize getting done?

What did you learn as a tech co-founder that has helped you most as a politician?

jaredpolis6 karma

well our main arteries I-25 and I-70 are causing the biggest problems for the highest number of commuters. I would base my priorities on an objective scientific analysis of traffic flow and where the biggest needs are!

I learned a lot as a tech-entrepreneur that helps, mostly to be creative and disruptive and don't accept things the way they are just because they've always been that way

brickmaus3 karma

So would you prioritize highway projects over public transit? And prioritize projects for commuters in general over other types of infrastructure (energy infrastructure, broadband, etc)?

jaredpolis5 karma

I would let the data lead the way. If we can get user-ship and the routes work, public transit is the way to go. THere's a lot of data and science to ensuring that our limited dollars are deployed in the best way to save people time and reduce traffic.

Yes our commuter corridors should have priority

16Paws3 karma

I lived in CO for nearly 15 years through the buildout of the light rail system, moved away for a while, and am happily returning soon. My question relates to the light rail. Why is it that the system is only one track? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put in a secondary track to allow for non-stop trains from say the Lincoln station (or other large hubs) into downtown for games etc? I feel this was a missed opportunity.

If elected what would you do to help this situation? It always feels as though CO is expanding to meet the need that exists when the project starts, not the need that will exist when the project completes (TREX is another example).

jaredpolis3 karma

I'll have to look into that and ask CDOT. The Light Rail system was build out largely from the FasTracks ballot initiative in 2004 and I wasn't very involved with it (I was on the State Board of Education at the time)

PistachioAgo3 karma

Can you make sure John Elway stays the GM of the Broncos?

jaredpolis4 karma

nope Gov can't do that.

I don't make pledges I can't keep ;)

Moth4Moth2 karma

Hey Jared, used to be a Colorado resident, voted for ya and I'm glad I did. Thanks for your good work.

Here's a funny question for ya, I'm curious what you think:

What do you think about the private military presence in Colorado? I know of a couple bases/compounds/buildings that contain and or are housing military-grade equipment under private/corporate control. How do you feel about this, both specifically in Colorado, and private military in general?

And secondly, if I may, gene-editing technologies are moving much faster than government. What do you think government could do to contain or subvert the threat of biological warfare from non-state actors? Is spying on citizens our best hope to stop this? It seems to have the largest existential threat to implementation-cost ratio.

jaredpolis2 karma

I'd love some info and citations on the private military presence in CO if you can post some.

And yes, the threat of biological AND nuclear threats from non-state actors is going up as technology develops. I won't have to worry about that AS much as Governor as a member of Congress, but I will still try to see if there is anything the state can do to keep us safe.

ironicsharkhada2 karma

Jared, I named my fish after you. That said, what will you do to make Colorado better (and college students specifically. I go to CU)?

jaredpolis3 karma

Wow! That's the first fish I've ever had named after me (that I know if). I hope little Jared lives a long and healthy life.

Your life will be better if CO reaches 100% renewable energy by 2040, our air will be cleaner and we will be healthier and it will create green jobs that can never be outsources

and encouraging more firms to share stock and profits with employees will hopefully affect you to

and if you have kids you will LOVE free preschool and kindergarten, and I say that as a dad of a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old.

Redsox9332 karma

Are you at all concerned that giving up a democratic seat in congress could help to further this administrations insane polices?

jaredpolis4 karma

i plan on serving out my term to fight "this administrations insane policies" and will work to ensure that our Democratic nominee wins and holds this seat

ivaniscool242 karma

Hello Congressman Polis. I had the great pleasure of meeting you in Fort Collins to talk about immigration and DACA issues a few months back. Do you have any preliminary ideas about the things that you would do as Governor to increase protection for immigrants in Colorado?

jaredpolis3 karma

In this area, Governor Hickenlooper has done a good job. We need to make sure that our immigrants feel welcomed and know their rights under the law.

We are a welcoming state, and the Governor needs to set the tone. I wish there was more the Governor could do to fix our broken immigration system but sadly that is up to Congress and I'm not holding my breath for the current Congress to fix it and unite families.

Restnessizzle2 karma

Hi Mr. Polis. I am one of your constituents in west Boulder County.

There have been recent man made wild fires in the canyons and hills above Boulder. These fires not only directly affected myself and my neighbors, but also the natural beauty that is, in my opinion, Boulder County’s greatest resource. With numerous environmental factors already putting much of the state's forested areas at risk, how will you as governor curb the man made threats to Colorado's wild areas?

jaredpolis4 karma

This is an issue I've been working on in Congress, a big part of the problem is that there is the federal government doesn't have enough resources in USFS or BLM to monitor our public lands.

I toured Ned after the last fire and was updated on the increasing problems with squatters on our public land many of whom don't follow our rules.

But YES, the state can and should do more even though they are federal and private lands because the state has a huge interest in preventing massive fires.

iwas99x2 karma

Jared, what are your thoughts on the TV show "South Park"?

In all seriousness, what could be done from the governors office and state congress in Denver to help those 80 plus miles away in rural Central Colorado improve their area economically?

jaredpolis10 karma

'Member South Park? I 'member South Park.

I represent North Park County but sadly not South Park. But as Governor, I'll be the Governor of South Park! I LOVE the show, watched all the recent seasons.

1) Rural broadband 2) better transportation 3) Better access to job skills/training

looking4astronauts2 karma

I'm visiting Colorado for the first time next week. Any food recommendations in the Denver metro area?

jaredpolis4 karma

what kind of food to you like? price range? food style?

SecurityForAll2 karma


As someone who has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and education, I was hoping you might have advice for my situation.

I am starting a charitable non-profit that will provide a free security offering to consumers, including free incident response services. I would like to collaborate with universities to give aspiring security professionals an opportunity to get real-world incident response experience while contributing to a good cause and fulfilling a serious public need.

Without an especially strong personal network, the marketing aspects of the venture will be the most daunting aspect of the endeavor. But I ultimately feel it will be worth that hard work to do some genuine good in an area where there is no focus by others. Given your own experiences, do you have any insight into how someone in my position could best engage the public, universities, and the government to raise awareness?

Thank you so much.

jaredpolis4 karma

Happy to help. First of all I know very little about the market you are in (security for consumers). In fact when I first read it I thought you meant that you were selling securities (like stocks) to consumers! Like crowdfunding or something.

That being said, it sounds like you should reach out to the head of Security at major Universities locally (or nationally if your product is national). Get a sense of their needs and let them know what you can do to help them. Within their budget, they usually have quite a bit of autonomy,

You don't need a network so much, even if someone with a big network was doing it they would still need to cold call the heads of security at Universities. Good luck!

MilksMan2 karma

Hi Jared, super psyched about your run for gov. We'll miss you in CD 2, but I guess we can share with the rest of the state!

My question is on education. Your plan for Pre-K and Kindergarten is awesome, but do you have anything in mind for funding the rest of K-12 and maybe even helping higher ed?

Growing up in a struggling district and then paying ever-increasing tuition for college, I feel this continuing underfunding of education is a growing issue that will hamstring our state economically for years to come.

jaredpolis3 karma

because many school districts divert funds to early childhood, these funds would be available for other functions if we fund pre-k and K universally! So that's good!

And of course I support more funding for our schools and to make college more affordable but only the voters of the state can provide that, not the Governor :\

iwas99x2 karma

What do you think of the Job of how the Rockies are playing this year?

jaredpolis10 karma



Tiltswitch_Engage2 karma

Hey! German politics student here so I really appreciate it when politicians of any kind actually dare to openly ask questions like this.

With Trump resigning from the paris climate deal, soon news came up that Governors and their respective states would "simply" bypass the white house's decision by pledging directly to the deal (I know this is vague as hell but it's 5:26 around here so please pardon me).

So I guess my question is, what's your personal stance of the climate deal? How important do you think it is for the US and it's states to stay relevant in fighting climate change (and the opportunities we got at hand e.g. the paris deal) and how what's your expectation/hope for the next 4 years should Trump stay in presidency?

Thanks in advance and good luck (or congrats) to your announcement and I hope you will rock it!

jaredpolis3 karma

My plan is for Colorado to have 100% renewable energy by 2040. Congratulations to Germany on your climate leadership!

Yes many local governments and states in our country will continue to move forwards.

TheMechanicalguy2 karma

How come you Congress people have the best health care coverage and you give us peons garbage coverage?

xxX5UPR3M3N00B10RDXx2 karma

still play/keep up with league?

jaredpolis4 karma

it's been a while I wish I had more time, I will be busy running for Governor this next year.


WhiskeyMakesMeHappy1 karma

Any thoughts on former Rockies manager Walt Weiss? He's an alumnus of my high school in NY :)

jaredpolis1 karma

I've spent some time with him and like him a lot. You also wouldn't want to mess with him he used to (maybe still?) do one of those pit-fighting things or something like that (more than just boxing, more street fighting or something).

Course whatever we're doing now under Buddy Black is working well!

Forwardlization1 karma

Do you feel that the legalization of marijuana may create a disconnect between a child and parents? I ask because, in our day and age, it's becoming harder to get through to our children with the amount of media they are exposed to. So my concern is that if we legalize marijuana, that increased availability of the drug may make it increasingly harder to connect with our children.

jaredpolis1 karma

I'm a parent of a 5 and a almost 3 year old and that is honestly not on my list of concerns. If a parent thinks that the legal treatment of marijuana is causing the disconnect, I suggest they dig a little deeper there is probably an underlying reason for the disconnect not related to the legal treatment of marijuana

PM_me_anythjng1 karma

Do you support the Middle Eastern wars that America has been waging for the past 16 years? Why or why not?

jaredpolis2 karma

The question needs to be more specific. I have voted against continuing funding for troops in Afghanistan as an example.

iwas99x1 karma

Mr. Polis, I read that it is custom to address a governor or congressman as "The Honorable (insert name)". Is that something you like or would like to be addressed as from people from Colorado presently and in the future?

jaredpolis2 karma

no just call me Jared

iwas99x1 karma

Do you ever hear or make Jared Jewerly Gallery store jokes about your name?

jaredpolis2 karma

yes I hear them and yes i've made them

MilksMan1 karma

But do you have a friend in the diamond business? (Shane Co. doesn't exactly market to us LGBT folks on the radio, but I'm curious.)

jaredpolis3 karma

no :(

AvsFan2001Cup0 karma

How much money did you make taking advantage of your knowledge on the Affordable Care Act debate?

"In all, Polis put between $7 million and $35 million into the company as the health care bill wended its way through Capitol Hill. When investment timing was crucial, Polis’s purchases often coincided with the work of his committees. As the Education and Labor Committee considered health care reform in June and July, he made two large purchases of company stock, worth between $1 million and $5 million, on June 16 and 17. His committee passed the health care bill in mid-July. By October 2009, it was Polis’s powerful Rules Committee that was determining which amendments would be considered and what the parameters of the debate would be as the House worked to pass the same legislation that was moving forward in the Senate. On October 13 and 23, Polis made two more purchases of shares worth between $1 million and $5 million. Polis’s office, not surprisingly, insists that his investments had no influence on his vote. (It was all a coincidence!) But people do not make multimillion-dollar investments in a vacuum. And Polis was well positioned to know the details of the massive bill as well as what amendments would or wouldn’t be considered."


jaredpolis10 karma

Zero those were all just baseless accusations that I have sadly had to become accustomed to as a person in public life.

Here is the full refutation: http://www.denverpost.com/2012/01/23/polis-authors-assertions-on-investments-baseless/

and info about the author: https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2015/04/21/who-funds-peter-schweizers-government-accountab/203355

JasonRogersOTS-2 karma

When you voted for the SAFE Act in 2015 was that just xenophobia and bigotry or were you just engaged in some fear mongering to try and appear more moderate for this run?

jaredpolis3 karma

Neither one! I support expanding our refugee program AND improving the vetting process

JasonRogersOTS-2 karma

Since you're playing it that way... so you agree with Donald Trump that we need to improve our vetting process? What specifically do you find wanting in our current process?

Would you vote for a version of the SAFE ACT that was expanded to the list of countries in Trump's travel ban EO?

jaredpolis5 karma

Trump does not have a plan that I am aware of to improve vetting, he wants to shut down our refugee program from a number of countries.

I would support improving our vetting process-making it more efficient, quicker, and more thorough (yes we can do them all!) for refugees from all countries

JasonRogersOTS1 karma

I will repeat the question since you ignored it. What specifically do you find wanting in our current process? And would you support a SAFE Act now that added the other country's from Trump's travel ban beyond just Iraq and Syria, the countries that you voted in 2015 to make FBI personnel personally sign off on?

And how do you square what you said about making the process quicker and more efficient with a vote that then FBI Director Comey said would do the exact opposite?

jaredpolis4 karma

I think it's great that you are so interested in refugee vetting!

Specifically, I would like to see better inter-agency communication (which the SAFE act accomplished) and also better social media intelligence of prospective refugees (for those who have social media, which includes many of the Syrians for instance). We also need to make it faster. Currently potential refugees languish for a year and half, sometimes more, in refugee camps. We can get more done quicker and I hope that's the direction that Congress takes.

How do you think we should improve the process to make America safer and be faster and more user-friendly for applicants?