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Hey Chris, how far has your breakdancing improved since you last portrayed Jonah???

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Steubenville was probably one of the most economically depressed areas I’ve ever lived near. That town had practically nothing going for it (Some of my friends called Steubenville “Stupidville” in public and got away with it).

My theory on the town’s culture at the time was if your entire sense of community pride revolves around 15-18 year olds playing sports, you’re probably going to enable those kids on some heinous behavior.

Congrats on the film’s release! I’m definitely going to add it to my queue!

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Mick's hotel story about you two's reaction to a very-naked DDP is priceless, btw.

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FYI: it's almost a 7 hour drive from Memphis to Pigeon Forge. People forget that TN is a long state.

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The Democratic primary looks already to be a somewhat crowded field. What good things do you have to say about your opponents and how do you plan on differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack?