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Did you ever play the old Pokemon Trading Card Game on the gameboy? If so, how did it stack up to the actual game?

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Hey, I'm a member of your congressional district and I've always voted for you.

How many times has your LoL account been banned for flaming?

Secondary (serious question), 20 states now allow you to change the gender marker on your birth certificate without needing sexual reassignment surgery, but not Colorado. Will you support this and other trans rights policies if you are elected governor?

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Obviously videogames don't cause mass shootings. Duh. But surely the media we internalize has some effect on us. At the very least, I know that I have found myself changed for the better after playing a profound game, or sometimes I need to take a step back from a darker game because it's seeping negatively into my mood/thoughts away from the controller.

Is there any research on the long term effects certain videogames have on an individual? Whether they be first-person shooters, horror games, life sims, puzzle etc