Jared Schutz Polis

is the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 2nd congressional district, serving since 2009

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dunno. Markets are markets. I'm sure there will be some big players and some small players. We have to make sure that any laws and regs are easy for small players to navigate. There are lots of small liquor stores but also some chains it will probably be like that.

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My Chauffeur! (just kidding I don't have one I drive myself)

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nope, no desire to. I like reality too much.

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ok It's 6:45 MT and I'm here, let the party begin!

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hope to see you soon! Our tactic is rather than bring forward our plans for health care, we want to first defend what we have. It is under immediate fire. There is no chance with the current Congress to move towards Medicare for All.

When I look at the Democratic Party being so unpopular, you have to also consider that the Republican party is just as unpopular. I think people (particularly younger people) just strongly dislike parties in part because they are seen as top-down power structures. So it's not so much the Democratic Party as parties in general.

I love LoL but haven't played in a few months!

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yeah weekends are fine, but during the week you might get towed ;)

You probably saw me walk my dog sometimes too

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Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY). I think he's the tallest Congressman. like at least 6' 5"

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the law enforcement industrial complex.

All those on the gravy train of the drug war which means parts of law enforcement and their private sector vendors.

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oooh, good to hear from you again! Reddit was awesome during the SOPA debate. I like reddit a lot. It's fun and I keep up with things I'm interested in. This is my third AMA on reddit and who knows, I'll probably do another next year!

Thanks for making the introduction!