I was recently selected from over a hundred candidates to fill a position within the Architect of the Capitol! My official title is Tree Surgeon, which is a tree climber that prunes and maintains large mature trees by removing diseased limbs and deadwood. Now I will be performing these same duties, except with the distinguished privilege of taking care or/climbing all the trees on the grounds of the Capitol building, Supreme court and all office buildings of US Senators and Congressman. Some of these trees are international gifts (including original cherry blossom gifts from Japan 100+ years ago) and trees dedicated to politicians! I have been a tree climber for some time now, and applied for this job with the federal government, not thinking I would even get a call back. Federal government jobs are usually filled before they post them, but by law have to interview people anyways. I was called for an interview and got selected! I was so happy I had to post on reddit. As a long time lurker, first time poster, thanks for letting me shout this from the rooftop..of the internet :D Ask me any questions. Otherwise have a GREAT DAY EVERYONE!

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/T1WDX.jpg this is a cellphone picture of my AoC hat...count as proof??

Edit2: Thanks for all the up votes! I wish I could answer all your questions as I love this industry and the trees we serve. If you are thinking of having work done I suggest you check out ISA's Public Outreach Page to find a qualified professional!

Edit3: PROOF... http://i.imgur.com/gIjgW.jpg Thats me pruning an oak tree away from the scaffolding of the Supreme Court. It is getting restored right now.

PROOF it is getting restored: http://www.parsons.com/Media%20Library/2012-07-us-supreme-court.pdf

Its hard to take a photo when your 100ft in the air surrounded by tree and your co-workers have to communicate by yelling or cell phone because they cannot see you

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