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Thankfully I never had to be a cameraman during an actual hurricane while working as a photog in Savannah but one of my coworkers, a grizzled old veteran, was stationed on Tybee Island for, I believe, Hurricane Floyd.

Tybee is a barrier island outside of Savannah connected by an elevated roadway and old railroad bed. In the late 1800s a hurricane hit the area, the storm surge quickly engulfed the only way off the island, trapping residents and visitors.

My friend said the mood was fairly jovial considering the tension of the situation with a lot of the dark comedy that local news crews operate on. The Weather Channel and some of the national news orgs had live trucks on the island. One of the restaurants/bars were still open so it was these news crews and the crazy residents who had decided to hunker down and wait it out. Sheriffs and police eventually leave and tell them good luck. It's basically impossible to get off the island at this point.

So this major storm is bearing down on them and my friend said he felt alright because TWC crew was still there and they had a plan laid out in terms of where they'd go when the winds and storm surge picked up, etc. That was until he poked his head into the TWC sat truck. There sat the TWC engineer crying.

He realized then that he was going to die. Thankfully the storm turned north and missed Savannah.

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A Federal court hearing a case under diversity jurisdiction involuntarily dismisses an action brought by a plaintiff without stating on the order whether the dismissal is with or without prejudice. May the plaintiff bring the same claim in state court?

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Objection, unresponsive.

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Of course you wouldn't have. You'd hassle this guy to the end of time about not shooting in a lightening storm.

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Only for riding in the chopper.