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Lest anyone think this guy is me, he is constantly copy-pasting our work and passing it off as his own. Pretty gross imho. We work super hard every day, so it's frustrating when people like Ari just steal our work and pass it off as their own.


11/8: Scott's to Mexico City 11/10: Ari's to Mexico City

11/9: Scott's to Paris 11/10: Ari's to Paris

11/26: Scott's to New Zealand 11/27: Ari's to New Zealand

11/26: Scott's to Australia 11/27: Ari's to Australia

2/4: Scott's to Cancun 2/5: Ari's to Cancun

2/8: Scott's to Hawaii 2/15: Ari's to Hawaii

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Ain't nobody shuttin us down

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<3 <3

Appreciate the feedback! We do cover Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for domestic flights, but aside from Alaska nowhere to ski in there. Domestic flights are cheaper to begin with (thus less potential savings) so we've avoided them to the lower 48 because we want to be respectful of people's inboxes and not overload them. But this feedback is great and continues to inform our thinking, so keep it coming

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Nah no buyout offers

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Ohhh great question! This is going to sound silly, but Milan. I had zero interest in going to Milan, until I found a nonstop flight there for $130 roundtrip. Who wouldn't go to Milan for $130 roundtrip??

Granted, I didn't spend a ton of time in the city itself (aside from seeing an AC Milan game), but there's so much magic in northern Italy. Took a train to hike Cinque Terre, took a train up to Lake Como for the day, even took a train out to the Italy/Switzerland border to ski the alps right by the Matterhorn. All on a whim! Likely never would've gotten to do any of that if not for the cheap flight.

EDIT: flights were NYC-Milan for $130 nonstop roundtrip. Sorry for ambiguity about origin before!