My short bio: I have worked at one, if not the best, Chick-Fil-A in Northern California. Or so I've been told. I've been with Chick-Fil-A for about 2 and a half years, was promoted to a team lead in almost exactly 1 year. As a Team Leader, I am required to know how to run the store as a manager would when they are not there; opening, closing, as well as know how to work all other positions. We heavily emphasize team member growth as a worker and as well a person (my favorite part). I'll answer to the best of my ability!

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NamesonNamington217 karma

Why do the employees say "my pleasure" rather than "you're welcome" ?

Tahjada263 karma

It's a hospitality thing. At my locations, saying "'my pleasure" is trained and recommended, not required. We can say "your welcome" and "of course!" but it doesn't have the same effect as "my pleasure". While it does become superficial after a while, there are a lot of newcomers who don't expect it and find it surprising every time.

slickt0mmy79 karma

At my local CfA, they're forced to do the "my pleasure" thing and I hate it. I'm all for being polite to your customers and all but when every employee does the same canned response to every situation, it ends up feeling very forced and inauthentic.

Tahjada47 karma

EXACTLY. At my location I actually tell some Team Members to change it up once in a while.

SoulsticeCleaner61 karma

I worked at a large upscale gym that required us to go through hospitality training. The company that gave us that training also trains CFA employees. We also got educated on saying it and NEVER saying "No problem". The idea was that saying "No problem" was another way of saying, "I'm doing this only because it doesn't create inconvenience for me". "My pleasure" sells the idea that you're actually happy to give good customer service; that they're doing a favor to you by allowing you to perform the job well.

Tahjada46 karma

YES, the whole "no problem" is bad thing never really occurred to me at the time. But when they explained it, it made so much sense.

itsdeepspacenine16 karma

I was fired from my CFA back in high school for habitually forgetting to say "my pleasure," and was told it was corporate protocol.

To this very day, customer service remains my unanimous strong suit. And not once have I cared to utter such a ridiculously scripted phrase like "my pleasure" since my CFA days.

Tahjada9 karma

Ah bummer, I'm sorry that happened to you. I guess some Operators are really strict about that. I'm glad to hear you bounced back, don't let anything keep you down!

Marshmellowsword7 karma

I worked at a few CFAs in Delaware. We said "Our Pleasure," I don't know if it was required but we all said it. Said it so much that you stop saying "you're welcome" even outside of work. Get some weird looks when your by yourself and you hold the door for someone and tell them it's "our pleasure" lol

Tahjada10 karma

Haha yup! I've said "My Pleasure" to my professor once! Never again.

brokethekid117 karma

Is there a limit to how many sauces you can get? I asked for four yesterday and I felt limitless.

Tahjada96 karma

Nope! Well maybe some locations are stingy. By at my location, we used to have a whole counter dedicated to sauces! You can take as much as you liked. Now it's been taken down, but you can still ask for any amount of sauces.

danmo_9661 karma

Just saying, you guys are the real MVPs: I only go to Chik-Fil-A once in a blue moon because the closest is ~45 minutes away, but whenever I ask for a lot of Polynesian sauce (I like to take the extra home for sandwiches and stuff at home) and they give me 6 or 7 packs... It's almost better than the food itself.


Tahjada63 karma

I find it odd when people are stingy with the sauces. It's like they own the sauces and they're giving away what they own. Our sauces are for you guys! I LOVED seeing the faces of people when they see the amount of sauces I give them when they ask for a lot. :D

silvergun_superman93 karma

It always seems like such a more pleasant experience than other fast food places. Is this because they're better at building a good company culture or that they pay their employees more?

Tahjada109 karma

Both. Kind of. In my location, the culture was really relax and everyone got along with each other. Also we start everyone off .50 cents more than minimum wage. However not all locations are the same.

cervicornis70 karma

Wow, based on the polite employees and smiles I expected to hear that your employees start at $2-3 more than minimum wage!

Tahjada10 karma

Oh man if only! Haha.

wojosmith89 karma

Do you use Sunday off to go to church?

Tahjada142 karma

I do haha.

1159087 karma

My local chick fil a is incredibly busy well before 12. I mean 1030 it has a line at the double drive thru. How do you not run out of some things on the menu?

Tahjada106 karma

Oh we do haha. We keep in touch with other local CFAs in order to borrow stuff from them. Two things we don't run out of is Chicken and Fries. Everything else I've had to run a shift without.

edit: clarity

StarGrox16 karma

We ran out of chicken last week. The most embarrassing moment of my time working at a CFA. Luckily I was not the one who had to talk to customers at that time. Oh the humiliation either way :(

Tahjada16 karma

OH noooo! That's like every CFA workers nightmare! I would like to hear how that happened and the worst guest reaction.

Parkus6582 karma

Why are there no spicy nuggets available for purchase? All the chicken is breaded in store, so it should be possible, right?

Tahjada35 karma

Technically we can make it, however most locations don't have the equipment to accommodate for it, so it's not included in the menu. It may sound like BS but to have spicy nuggets and strips would literally ruin the "fast" part of "fast-food".

TitaN8Empire62 karma

Also former team leader, almost kitchen director, here. What was you favorite off menu item to make? Did you ever have any customers see you eating it and request it?

Tahjada83 karma

I never request anything that's off menu unless I make it myself. One time one of my co-workers made an amazing grilled cheese by putting it in the oven for a little. The bun was toasted and cheese perfectly melted, it was THE best.

elboogie759 karma

When I get my usual order - 2 chik-fil-a's and a french fry,
it comes out to exactly $10.00.
Is this just coincidence, or are genius minds at work here?

Tahjada85 karma

We recognize people's unconscious urge to have clean, even, and eye-friendly numbers through unconventional means, and deliver that satisfaction through our food.

Captain_Blue_Shell32 karma

Honestly, the AMA I've been waiting my life for... Thank you!!! So many questions...

1) The workers at my local restaurant are absolutely wonderful! However, they got angry when I attempted to pick up my app order through the drive-thru. Does that really mess with things?

2) Where can I buy a chick-fil-a tumbler (like the ones team members use)?

3) What is your favorite shake flavor?

4) Is the spicy sandwich significantly less popular than the regular one?

Tahjada41 karma

It's my pleasure!

1) It does, just a little though. The app was designed for people to pick up their food inside the store. There are two screens for expediters (the people who put the food in the bags) one for Drive-Thru, one for inside the restaurant. The expediter for Drive-Thru doesn't see your mobile order, so they have to go over to the other persons screen. It's not big of a deal, honestly. I would say you would save more time going inside and picking it up though.

2) Ah you would have to find one online or ask a local CFA if they can order you one. We have an online store only for CFA franchisees for marketing or something. I don't think it's available to the publid.

3) I always go for Cookies and Cream :D

4) Spicy Sandwich is extremely popular at my location. I'd say the Spicy Sandwich is right under our regular sandwich in terms of popularity.

rose-voss30 karma

Is there an anti-gay vibe at the restaurant?

Tahjada62 karma

Not at all. Honestly, I get why people are still thinking we are anti-gay. But we're not. We don't hate gay people. In fact, we hired a gay couple.

AWill10928 karma

So what exactly is the gift card policy? A year ago a friend of mine got one for being a good samaritan and telling the manager they had clipped someone's bumper, and after he sorted it out he got five dollars off his meal

Tahjada36 karma

Hmm, we don't just give out gift cards like that. We do give out a BUNCH of stuff for people doing good deeds though, in forms of DOC (Digital Offer Cards). It's basically a coupon to get something for free.

I don't know a way to comp a gift card though, so I'm puzzled on how they were able to do that.

HappyComment27 karma

Where do you go when you get a Chicken Sandwich craving on a Sunday?

Tahjada53 karma

I don't usually go for chicken sandwiches specifically on Sundays, but generally if it's fried chicken, Popeyes.

hops4beer7 karma

After working with chicken all week I doubt op would be craving it on their days off.

Tahjada12 karma

This is true to the point where I brought my own lunches at work. But then I get over that chicken sandwich sickness and I randomly crave it on Sundays haha.

didymas26 karma

I order my food at the counter then some other totally random worker brings it out to me at my table, they walk straight up to me so confidently. How do you know who ordered what and where they sat?

Tahjada19 karma

Right now, we have these things called Table Markers that have a color and a picture. Each guest or party gets one. When we take your order, we input what color and what picture is on your Table Marker. So our server gets a receipt that says your Table Marker's color and picture, can confidently walk up to you and give you your food. :D

matrawr26 karma

How much did you get paid? Benefits? I hear they help out college students and their tuition but I'm not sure how that really works

Tahjada42 karma

Usual minimum work benefits, sick hours, etc. Nothing too big like paid vacation.

In terms of pay, I was special, I actually needed less pay than what they could give me because of my financial aid. $12.50/hour is what I ended up with.

We do have a CFA scholarship that offers $25,000. I know a couple of Co-Workers that actually got this scholarship.

matrawr9 karma

Interesting! Follow-up question. What are you doing now?

Tahjada31 karma

I'm an Instructor specifically for digital video production at a tech camp based at Stanford University.

leauilani23 karma

How does the food come out so fast yet still fresh?

Tahjada56 karma

Everything we make is fresh and because our business is always popping, fresh food is always being pushed out. We make or food in large batches so we can keep up with the people.

bethbuckets19 karma

What was your favorite meal?

Tahjada94 karma

I'm about to drop some CFA pro-tips. I get a 4-count strip meal with bun on the side. That's right, just a bun. What you do is, you put 2 strips in the bun, (think of it as a chicken fillet cut in half) and eat it like that. It replicates the size of a chicken sandwich AND you're still left with 2 strips at the end!

phillyvanilly16 karma

Does the bun cost extra??

Tahjada32 karma

It's a matter of cents :)

MasterCharlz18 karma

How do we get other fast food chains to have the same quality customer Service that Chick-fil-A has?

Tahjada44 karma

It's a leadership thing. CFA is known to have excellent customer service, but all I've learned isn't because CFA magically creates smiling robots. It all depends who's leading the team and the store. Even the worst employee can change under the right leadership.

Luk3ling17 karma

How many members of your team actually adhere to the projected and stereotyped religious views of the company.

I've always felt bad seeing videos of religious idiots, including rival religions and atheists attacking your servers and/or employees running the window at the drive through..

How often does this actually happen?

Edit: Sorry if these have been asked already, i just noticed it was still live after 8 hours and wanted to get in ASAP just in case you were about to drop out. Ultimate dedication my dude/dudette. Props.

Tahjada13 karma

No worries! I'm glad to answer these questions!

If by what you mean about the anti-gay stuff, literally no one is like that. Each person has their own opinion obviously, but no one is ever outward with it if they are anti-gay.

I've been asked if it's true, if we are anti-gay. I've been "commended" by hardcore christians for the views they think we have. But never harassed. I guess one of the best perks of my location is the people are nice.

iwas99x15 karma

What is the deal with people who order Chicken soup in the summer when it is 85 degrees outside, is there a way to make sense of this?

Tahjada11 karma

Haha I wonder the same! However I do recall on summer I got sick and craved the Chicken Noodle soup from CFA. So maybe that's why?

shayKyarbouti15 karma

Why did CfA get rid off the cheesecake? It's one of the best desserts fast food places offered. Was I the only one who ordered them?

Tahjada10 karma

Of the past 2 years and a half I have never heard of cheesecake being on the menu haha. Maybe it's exclusive to some Chick-fil-as?

pleasequitsayingthis14 karma


Tahjada25 karma

Double drive-thrus allow more cars to get their orders in, which allows us to essentially get cars through faster. That's the idea anyway. And it's proven to be true, my location added a double drive-thru and it increased our cars per hour. It's here to stay. Honestly I don't mind it. But people get angry if cars fly by before them, like what you mentioned.

jpirog12 karma

Have you ever gotten one upped on saying "my pleasure" before? How did you respond?

Do they only hire really happy, genuinely nice people? It's... Almost scary when I go in

Tahjada16 karma

I laugh and say "have a good one!" That's the best way to make the joke feel appreciated while also getting out of there ha.

We choose our hires based on personality. We can train people how to work and do a good job, however we can't train people to change who they are.

LdmthJ11 karma

Why can't we get chicken minis all day long? They are soooooooo good.

Tahjada35 karma

Fun fact, you can order a Mini platter at any time.

kelmel310 karma

Why is the iced lemonade not real iced lemonade? I had never had one before and was craving an icey lemony sour frozen drink when my bf got a milkshake, and I almost thought they accidentally gave us two milkshakes when I took my first sip. Why mix lemonade with ice cream?? Why not actually make yummy frozen ice lemonade? I LOVE the lemonade, but not with ice cream :(

Tahjada11 karma

Ah right, sorry about the confusion. We don't sell frozen lemonade, rather the frosted lemonade (which is what you got) which is our lemonade and ice dream blended.

dr_rex10 karma

I don't like that CfA removed the plain spicy chicken sandwich from the menu and only show the deluxe version. It should be like the regular CfA sandwich which comes in non-deluxe and deluxe options. What is the proper way of ordering a non-deluxe spicy CfA sandwich? Do I have to pay the deluxe price for a plain sandwich because it's not on the menu?

Tahjada15 karma

Yeah it's a little odd. Just say "Can I get a regular spicy sandwich?" And if that's not clear enough, just ask for no lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

TheKingTortoise10 karma

Do you guys get busier Saturday's at close and Monday's at opening?

Tahjada21 karma

Saturdays close is a ton busier than Monday's opening. Our breakfast hours are the slowest throughout the whole day. Might be changing though once people find out our breakfast is delicious.

timmytimtom9 karma

Former Steritech Specialist here, how did you view our service? Was it beneficial in your opinion or more of a dog and pony show? Was it always a scramble when we showed up or were the systems in place to allow you to not worry so much?

Tahjada12 karma

Woah! Hello former Steritech specialist! I'm going to start of saying that the phrase "Steritech might be coming today" literally adds like 5% to my stress meter.

I don't know how beneficial the service was, but my bosses really take what you guys say into account. I remember one time, a Steritech Specialist came in on a Saturday lunch rush and it was really tough getting through that.

tanukis_parachute8 karma

When will cole slaw come back? There are three main reasons I go to cfa.... cole slaw, diet Dr Pepper, and the ice (if it is the pellet kind....not the chips). Now...I find my fast food cravings are wandering. If someone else has diet dr ...they might get my chicken sandwich business...

Tahjada5 karma

We got rid of coleslaw because the sales were bad. We are a restaurant that caters to our guests, but we still are a business. Unfortunately, that meant revamping our menu, and the people at corporate are really going at it.

smkn3kgt7 karma

CF has consistently the most polite and friendly staff of any restaurant. Is there a special emphasis in training? Who's responsible?

Tahjada10 karma

Chick-fil-a hires based off of personality. It's the idea that we can train someone to work hard and have a good work ethic, however we cant train people to change who they are. So a lot of the workers you see are genuinely nice people. The only emphasis is saying "my pleasure" and smiling.

ThanksCrystals6 karma

  1. I think the original chicken sandwich, chicken strips, and chicken nuggets have their own distinct flavors. Any basis for this, or is it all in my head?

  2. I spied a little plaque on the cash register that read "thou shall not steal." Is that specific to my location or is this a company thing? Any other scripture-based notices behind the scenes?

Tahjada3 karma

/u/TitaN8Empire pretty muched nailed the first one, as for #2, I've never seen a plaque like that or similar at my location.

strtrech6 karma

Is there any truth to CFA paying the cost for you to open a store and operate it?

Tahjada7 karma

Taken from the Chick-fil-a website.

The Chick-fil-A franchise opportunity represents an exceptional offering in the quick-service restaurant industry. For an initial financial fee of $10,000 selected franchisees (who we call Operators) are granted the rights necessary to operate a franchised Chick-fil-A Restaurant business.

mrp0tat035 karma

I was the one at my CFA! Best job ever!🐄 Did you ever dress up as the cow?

Tahjada3 karma

Ayyyee! Haha, I dressed up as the cow at one event. It was a soccer game and I got to be on TV for the local news!I agree, best job ever.

hops4beer5 karma

How can I replicate chick-fil-a chicken at home?

Tahjada7 karma

A buuunch of videos on YouTube haha. Unfortunately I never learned what's in the breading and wash haha.

Edit: spelling

Pee_body4 karma

Why does the Chik-Fil-A app let me order lunch menu items before 10:30AM? I've done it a couple times by accident in the 10-10:30 time frame and the employees have seemed quite annoyed. Did this ever happen to you?

Tahjada11 karma

We allow lunch menu items to be ordered during breakfast hours. Even without the app. The employees shouldn't be annoyed at all! It just takes a little longer because any lunch menu item made in during breakfast hours is made to order.

eigenburg4 karma

Former 5 year employee here, has anyone ever commented on your scent? I had two friends that swore I had a unique scent they really loved (I was insecure about my odor since I lived in a smoking household, that's why it came up hah). So one of my friend's started dating someone, and he later started working at CFA, and she said he had the same smell! Apparently I was there so often the smell of peanut oil was ingrained in my pores. Just curious if anyone else had a similar experience haha.

Anyway, for any one else curious, favorite meal is a number 1 with no pickles and french fries on top with all of the honey roasted barbecue (it's essentially Chick fil a sauce without the mayonnaise as far as I can tell). My favorite secret is: during the summer I believe, we sold banana shakes. Cookies-n-creme and banana is so delicious. Omg.

I also have a slight lisp and had a weird amount of customers and friends who would ask me to repeat my pleasure. -_-

Probably my favorite experience was around the time that the owner's gay remarks came out, there was the pro-gay protest that was supposed to consist of a bunch of people coming in and making out in front of us or something (no one really showed up). But in response to that, other people organized a freedom of speech gathering on that Monday, and I wasn't even supposed to work that day but somehow ended up working from 7 am to close, and didn't get a break until 5 pm -_- (head set all day!). But the sheer amount of people who were kind to us that day was touching. One lady bought all of us on shift $15 gift cards at the register. Another person brought us all chocolate covered strawberries, someone brought in freez-e pops. Things like that. I'm reminded how every christmas you'd have a chain of people doing random acts of kindness and buying the meal for the car behind them. I saw up to 5 cars in a row do that :)

For the record, at that time we had about 3 openly gay employees, and our assistant GM was bi and had invited a bunch of managers (and the owner) to her wedding with another woman. What I mean is, the culture in our store was not anti-homosexual as far as I could see. At that time, it hadn't come out that Cathy had donated to conversion camps (although I still am a little uncertain about the details, like would a reasonable person know that the company he donated to was doing that stuff? I don't know). But as I worked in a store with openly gay people and knew there was no overt discrimination, I felt it was kind of unnecessary to boycott a business because the owner has disagreeable views.

Tahjada2 karma

I don't smell like anything, but my co-workers do. I'm not too fond of it haha. I've never seen a long Random Act of Kindness chain at my store, mainly because our food gets real expensive haha.

thefatch1cken3 karma

If i may ask which bay-chick-fil-a? because you may have served me and if so thanks

Tahjada3 karma

Haha not in the bay, Sacramento area. But it's my pleasure either way!

goofandgaff3 karma

Oh! For years, I've been getting my fries double-fried because they (at least at my location) tend to be soggy. When I tell my friends this and they try it, they are amazed. Is this a common request, or have I made a legendary discovery?

Tahjada3 karma

It's pretty common, but not everyone knows about it. I always get my fries made that way because it's just waaay better.

simbelmyne2 karma

Is it possible to get a detailed ingredients list for the chicken products? I get reliable migraines from them and I can't figure out what's causing the trouble.

Tahjada3 karma

Uhh I can't get you one online, but if you go into a Chick-fil-a, ask for the nutrition facts for the Chick-fil-a sandwich, they will give you the ingredients. I'm not exactly sure if the breading is included, but that's the best answer I can give!

beerbeardsbears2 karma

How many employees refuse to say "my pleasure"?

Tahjada8 karma

I remember one distinctly refusing to say it. We we're actually okay with it because she worked 40+ hours every week and we needed her, but it was a little odd.

06EXTN2 karma

Is ordering your chicken double fried really a thing, or is the internet lying to me?

Tahjada7 karma

Yes, you can ask for your chicken to be well-done, which is essentially just leaving the chicken in the fryer longer or putting it back in for another round.


Who was your favourite frequent customer?

Tahjada20 karma

My Chick-Fil-A is in small plaza with a bunch of other stores. My favorites are the people from the store right across from me, they would come in ALL the time for their breaks and I would hook them up with a free drink sometimes. They are young adults who are in college so every little thing helped!

Bonus favorites are an old couple that would come in every Saturday morning. We would have conversations all morning if I didn't have to actually work.


Sounds like a good plaza community. They must have been real thankful for the little things and the company!

How often did you eat there?

Tahjada5 karma

When I worked there, I actually would come in frequently. Right now, I moved to another city in which the closest Chick-Fil-A is almost an hour away :(.

elboogie72 karma

How much of a salary bump(%) did you get when you became manager?

Tahjada5 karma

I went up $1.50 by choice, I had to keep my wage down for my financial aid.

iwas99x2 karma

How many employees do you manage during a shift? Which shift do you work during the day?

Tahjada2 karma

When my location was smaller, one Team Leader managed the front of the house. Everyone from people on registers, dining room, servers, expediters, and everyone from Drive-Thru (there's like 6 positions in Drive-thru alone). Which can range from 6 - 9 people depending on the day.

With the business growing at an exponential rate, we separated the front of the house into two. One for handling the dining room, Hospitality, and one for Drive-Thru. I was put in Hospitality so I manage that one section now. This is more like 5 - 7 people now.

pighalf1 karma

Any secret menu items we should know about?

Tahjada1 karma

We actually don't have a "secret menu". However you can special order literally anything on the menu.

burgundybob1 karma

What is the biggest problem you have at work?

Tahjada8 karma

Biggest problem, honestly, is pissy guests who can't wait or complain about everything. They're the worst and ruin everyone's day. I don't know why those kinds of people exist. It's okay when it happens to me, but when I see one of my younger team members get yelled at for a small mistake I get fire burning inside and defuse the situation immediately.

siblbombs1 karma

Did your store keep two registers open the last hour before closing or just the drive through?

Tahjada1 karma

We close at 10. I used to keep 1 register open from 9pm, but maybe about 3 months before I left, I had to keep 2 registers open because it started to get really busy at the last hour. DT closes at 10 too.

siblbombs1 karma

Did you guys do free food for police around open/close? At our store it was a 1 hour time window, but I think it was the franchise's choice.

Tahjada3 karma

Yes. My location did not do this. Some states require it, California does not.

[deleted]1 karma


Tahjada3 karma

Yes. Our founders views on things shouldn't reflect the company, however unfortunately, it's shown to be. I want to clarify the company itself doesn't not have any position unless we officially state it online. So technically, Chick-fil-a doesn't have a "Christian" background.

silentsn0w1 karma

So I've never been to a Chick-Fil-A but my friends tell me disturbing stories about them. Like why on earth do the waitresses sit behind them until they're done eating? They tried to throw out their own food once and the waitress literally wrestled the tray out from their hands before saying "have a blessed day".

Tahjada3 karma

I hope this was an exaggeration, if not that employee is doing things wrong. We focus on hospitality, and taking the tray and clearing trash when you're done eating is part of it.

iLiketoPolka1 karma

Why is it closed on Sunday?

Tahjada13 karma

We're closed on Sunday because ever since the first restaurant opened by S. Truett Cathy (the founder of CFA) has always made Sundays the 'off' day for him and his employees to rest. Which is still carried on till this day.

weatherman2231 karma

What was your weirdest customer/moment while working?

Tahjada6 karma

One of the weirdest things that happened is when it was a full house, but it was extremely quiet. Like I would talk with a normal volume but it will still be awkwardly loud. To make things worse, we were really behind on getting orders out. So you get a bunch of people waiting and watching you with judgmental eyes while you yourself is waiting on food.

iwas99x1 karma

Jared, I worked at Chick Fila 15 years ago don't remember the term "team leader". Is a "team leader" a shift manager?

Tahjada8 karma

Ah a CFA vet! I don't remember the old titles, but it's equivalent to a supervisor. It goes Team Member > Certified Trainer > Team Leader > Associate Director > Director > Operator.

Repogirl271 karma

Is Chick-fil-A a nice place to work? What made you quit?

Tahjada13 karma

The Chick-Fil-A location I worked at was a really nice place to work at. Guests aren't always jerks and literally everyone I've worked with gets along. Since I was a team leader, I had big influence on the atmosphere of the workplace, I tried to make it as fun and laid back as I can. No need to stress working a part time job.

I left because I had to move for school. Also the store was getting really really popular in the area and abroad so the work was getting harder and more tiresome.

IrisesAndLilacs1 karma

I've only had the pleasure of eating chick-fil-a once. I'm from Canada. I was visiting relatives from New York State who had rented an apartment in South Carolina. They thought I was nuts when I asked if they had plum sauce for the chicken. I even tried to find some at the grocery store and they didn't carry it. Do you ever get people wanting plum sauce?

Tahjada3 karma

This is the first time I've heard of Plum Sauce. I did some quick research and the closes thing I can compare it to is our new Sriracha Sweet and Sour sauce.

Slummish1 karma

Are most Chick-Fil-A's really owned by Mormon franchisees?

Tahjada4 karma

Each Chick-fil-a is independently owned. Which means each stores operator can be Mormon, or not. However Chick-fil-a as a business isn't affiliated with any religion.

dwinanea-3 karma

1) Chick-fil-A has donated at least $5 million to organizations (including a certified hate group) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophiles, want to make “gay behavior” illegal, and even say gay people should be “exported” out of America.

Even if you oppose same-sex marriage, do you really want to support a company that advocates putting gay people in jail, or “exporting” them, just because they’re gay?

2) Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy didn’t merely say he supports traditional marriage. Dan Cathy said if you support gay marriage, you “are inviting God’s judgment on our nation,” and that we “shake our fist at Him” when we do. Dan Cathy also said same-sex marriage is the result of a “deprived” mind and called it “twisted up kind of stuff.”

Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you really think gay marriage is “inviting God’s judgment on our nation”? Haven’t we all heard enough blame from those who claim to speak for the Lord, like after Katrina or, more recently, after the shooting in Aurora, Colo.?

3) Chick-fil-A supports organizations that have claimed they can change gay people into straight people — “pray away the gay“ — despite the fact that practically every major medical organization has stated that this is not only impossible but dangerous and harmful.

Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you support fake “science” that is known to harm the very people it claims to help?

4) The media keep saying Chick-fil-A has never discriminated, but the truth is that Chick-fil-A has been sued over a dozen times for employment discrimination. That’s what a leading business publication, Forbes, stated in 2007, when they also called Chick-fil-A a “cult” and reported that Chick-fil-A’s founder and CEO Truett Cathy said he wanted to hire married people because they are more industrious and productive. Truett Cathy has also said he would probably fire someone who “has been sinful or done something harmful to their family members.”

Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you want to support what some call a “cult” whose CEO says he would fire employees for “being sinful”?

5) Chick-fil-A is just exercising their First Amendment rights by running a business based on the Bible, right? Wrong. There’s a line between the “free exercise of religion” and violating the law. If Chick-fil-A is violating the law by discriminating against gay people, or by firing women so that they can be “stay home” moms, as one woman who is suing Chick-fil-A says in court documents, that’s not exercising religious expression or free speech, and that’s not a First Amendment issue. It may be, if the court decides, a violation of the law.

Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you want to support a company that might fire women to force them to be “stay home” moms against their will?

Tahjada3 karma

1) Chick-fil-a no longer donates anything to organizations that descriminates, especially LGBT, since 2012.

2) Dan Cathy came out and said he regretted his actions. Someone in this thread linked a nice article that shows Dan Cathy's 180. I'll link it once I found it.

3) See number 1.

4) Yes, discrimination is a problem with some of the Operators at some locations. But it's been a while since I've heard of any discriminatory problems with Chick-fil-a, so I guess problem solved?

5) uh... This one is far fetched, I've actually never heard of this one before. First time.

At my location, we've had a gay couple, pregnant mothers, atheists, and hardcore Christians. We all got along. Sure the big man can say things, but in reality, it really doesn't matter what he says.

dreadbeard-35 karma

Why should I care that you worked at Chick-fil-A? I mean it's not exactly like an astrophysicist or anything.

Tahjada20 karma

Well just like Astrophysicists, not everyone gets to be a Chick-fil-a employee. Yes, it's easier to be a CFA employee than an astrophysicist, but its a matter of choosing to be one or not. CFA has a big impact in society, at least where I lived, so I'm here to answer questions to those who have wondered the workings of the restaurant.