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Do it! You're young but not invincible! Wills make everyone's life better and easier!

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Was it your provincial insurance covering your wages or your employer?

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Any advice on how to choose a career change? I don't feel particularly drawn to any field (although there are jobs I know I don't like). I went through a bunch of professional testing this morning looking at aptitudes, likes etc and the results were rather weak because I could see myself potentially doing so many things.

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I've only had the pleasure of eating chick-fil-a once. I'm from Canada. I was visiting relatives from New York State who had rented an apartment in South Carolina. They thought I was nuts when I asked if they had plum sauce for the chicken. I even tried to find some at the grocery store and they didn't carry it. Do you ever get people wanting plum sauce?

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Definitely not spicy like Sriracha, but oh so sweet and delicious with chicken fingers and nuggets