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It always seems like such a more pleasant experience than other fast food places. Is this because they're better at building a good company culture or that they pay their employees more?

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What do you think of what went down with MDE: World Peace? It sounds to me like a hit job.

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How would you diffuse a bomb shuuved up someone's shtinka?

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What was your experience filming Beverly Hills Cop 2? It's been reported that Eddie had become difficult to work with at this point in his career. Were you surprised that the 3rd one did so poorly?

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Rob, the Midnight Rider montage in The Devil's Rejects is one of my favorite opening credit sequences of all time. "Looks like you aint gettin off that easy, huh bitch?" still gives me goosebumps. What inspired this scene and why did you choose the Allman Brother's Midnight Rider to accompany it?