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elboogie7160 karma

Hi Redman! Been a fan since Whut? The Album.
My question is, who are your favorite rappers these days?
And, what upcoming movies are you most excited to see?

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When I get my usual order - 2 chik-fil-a's and a french fry,
it comes out to exactly $10.00.
Is this just coincidence, or are genius minds at work here?

elboogie712 karma

Knew it! Thanks!
It does put an extra smile on my face!

elboogie76 karma

I think a small, or maybe medium (it's been a couple months).
Or is it like In-n-Out with just 1 size.
That's it, I'm going tomorrow! I'm in Cali where tax is ~9%.

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Do you think if we triple the number of Chipotle Restaurants that that will save the human race?