Well, I have been making launchers and videos about them for more than eight years now.


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grizzly_9312747 karma

How are you doing post the Daily Mail incident?

JoergS7084 karma

This thing turned out to be a total victory. Strike removed. Both videos reuploaded. + 100k subs, + 2 million views, + 1k $ on Patreon. Went through some rough days and nights, but with the help from what felt like the whole internet, the DM did not stand a chance.

PhDemanding270 karma

Follow up: Have you considered how potentially libleous that article was?

JoergS1265 karma

Yes, some of the things they said are obviously not true at all. But I consider lawsuits unmanly, preferred to take my very own revenge. I feel satisfied now.

codesForLiving1776 karma

Have you ever got injured during the shoot?

Love your laughter :)

JoergS2327 karma

Yes, many times. Who lives by the sword...

SaladHead996 karma

Have you ever considered constructing a slingshot that's able to launch a 90 kg stone projectile over 300 meters?

Memes aside, have you ever had any serious run-ins with law enforcement? The Daily Mail debacle got me thinking that not everyone enjoys your handicraft, and it would surprise me greatly if you haven't seen your fair share of reports.

JoergS1135 karma

My haters constantly report me to the police. Since I take great care never to do anything illegal, all of the cases are closed immediately. I only learn of the accusations because of the "case closed" notice by the prosecution.

ABucs260935 karma

Hi Jörg! I was wondering, what do some of your neighbors think about some of the weapons you've made? Have they ever complained, or come over while you were filming?

Also, when is Blizzard going to contact you to be the voice for one of the new Overwatch heroes?

JoergS1132 karma

I am not really much into that neighbor stuff. My contacts with those guys are very brief at best. I have plenty of land and there is nothing but the forest behind it. I don't think the neighbors care much.

Tekki864 karma

I'll be in Frankfurt in August! Chances I can swing by and you can teach me how to shoot this weapon you sent me?! You know.. For science! https://bucket.bluegartr.com/ceb7eb15edc9972592435fdd0d8872f6.jpg EDIT: For those who asked, I got it through his Patreon!

JoergS930 karma

Sure, let me know your schedule. I am fairly well booked but who knows, maybe it fits.

root_su678 karma

What advise will you give to a new youtuber?

JoergS1848 karma

  1. Upload cool original content. Always.
  2. Hang in there, success doesn't come quickly on YouTube.
  3. Find your niche. Expand it very carefully.
  4. No clickbait.

derpylord143675 karma

What was the hardest thing you have ever had to build? What do you do with the things you have built, if you no longer intend to use them?

JoergS1132 karma

The full auto slingshot crossbow. It took countless approaches before this became a reality.

My interest in the things I built dramatically decreases as soon as the video is uploaded. They go on what my wife calls "the heap". 70 objects were displayed by an art gallery a while ago though, only recently came back (went right onto the heap).

Triplecrowner226 karma

Hey Joerg!

I know you don't like making blueprints, but is there any chance you have pictures of the auto crossbow disassembled? I bought the rubber and bolts but haven't gotten around to starting the build. I can get the gist of the design and replicate most of it based on your videos but I'm curious about your 'barrel' slot design.


JoergS287 karma

I don't have any such pics, but it is very straight forward really.

abtgonsalves590 karma

What is your single most favourite build youve ever done?

JoergS1264 karma

The huge slingshot cannon I just finished, with two carpenter teams. 13,5 meters long, 10 meters high, well over a metric ton in weight. Draw force 1200 kg. Video is ready, but I can't publish before the TV show airs (fair, as they paid for everything).

boomer478632 karma

Can it launch a 90kg object 300m?

JoergS1614 karma

Not quiet, but it can make most 90 kg people RUN 300m in world record time :)

charlestucker3rd63 karma

Will it be on Galileo from Pro7? You know "the science show".

JoergS193 karma

No, it will be on Kabel1, "Abenteuer Leben XXL".

traderjos62 karma

Sounds great, I think these kinds of videos are always a win/win for all parties participating! You practically get to be paid for doing things you love doing, congratz on that!

JoergS121 karma

Exactly, I see it the same way. But it was very exhausting. So many cameras, so many intrusions.

Owlover6127428 karma

I love the way you laugh :) do you hear that a lot from ppl around you?

JoergS470 karma

In fact, yes, I hear that a lot :)

srbesta427 karma

What's your school/education background? Your videos are awesome, cheers!

JoergS787 karma

I have a master degree in biz admin, class of '89.

cwidrowaty202 karma

Follow up: what was your job before you left it to make launchers full time? (curious if it was related to your hobby)

JoergS383 karma

I was VP of biz development for a TV manufacturer (premium segment).

cwidrowaty176 karma

ok so did you leave it because having a popular YT channel pays better or because it is something you enjoy doing more, nevermind the money..?

JoergS601 karma

My salary was ridiculously high, much higher than my YT income will ever be. But YT is so much more fun, and now the money is good enough so we can live a good life.

cwidrowaty744 karma

So you left a ridiculously high paying job to make slingshot videos because it's so much more fun, you haven't sued DM because suing is unmanly, you look tough and have evil laugh yet you fell like the nicest person on earth... Can I be your friend? :D

JoergS1018 karma

Seems like you are my friend already! :)

Fartkin69 karma

I hear youtube has been giving less in revenue, especially to more controversial creators. Has this effected you in any way? Also been watching you since like 100k subs, glad you've grown so big!

JoergS155 karma

No, my income is pretty stable - but probably only because my channel grew very fast recently. The increased views compensated the lower cash per view.

andikong326 karma

I heard that you have an economy degree, not engineering. So how do you learn to make slingshot with advance engineering?

JoergS630 karma

Learning by doing! If you REALLY want to learn something, it usually comes easily to you.

Ularboy301 karma

What do you think of the weapon laws in Germany?

JoergS704 karma

Well, it is basically OK. Several parts of it are outright stupid, but I appreciate the fact that every citizen with a clean record can have guns, with mandatory training and safekeeping when the guns aren't in use. There are many EU countries with much more strict rules.

PuddiPuddo259 karma

You're awesome, watching your videos and reactions put a smile on my face.

Just a simple question from me though.

How is your day?

EDIT: I saw your Facebook post saying that your AMA will start in 30mins and the post was exactly 30mins old, what a coincidence!

JoergS308 karma

This is my sole workout free day for the week (I recently started my shape up regime), so I feel great. I am also happy with the "Lego" video I just released, the gun works like a charm.

kingshadowmu49 karma

It won't let me post on the original post! But I wanna know what did it feel like when you found out what the daily mail had said about you. And we're you worried as to whether people would believe it? Love the channel!

JoergS89 karma

I was very concerned about YouTube giving in to them, deleting my channel. But fortunately that did not happen.

Islander1776198 karma

If you had to use your creations for evil and be a super villain, What would your super villain name be?

JoergS467 karma

No idea, there is very little evil in me.

Anoddsort185 karma

Have you ever considered 3d printing a slingshot/crossbow?

Btw, I'vee been subed to you for close to 5ish years now, and while I'm not the most dedicated of your veiwers, it always brings a smile to my heart and face whenever I see some new and amazing thing you've made.

I can honestly say I was positively livid whem the dailymail BS hit the fan, and I'm so very happy it's worked in your favor.

JoergS291 karma

I actually did have some things printed in 3D. But in all fairness, the strength of the material doesn't even come close to marine grade plywood. It is very brittle, typically.

MrBowelsrelaxed154 karma

Have you ever had any close calls with your creations? Catastrophic failures?

JoergS259 karma

Yes, I once hit my hand with the "Zombie rooftop slingshot". Only a glancing blow, but I had to visit the ER room anyway. Many more failures, that is a normality here.

jagermo135 karma

High Jörg, thanks for the AmA.

My question: how do you come up with the designs? Just beer and doodling?

JoergS289 karma

Beer actually kills my creativity. I do my work as sober as possible, the beer is for celebrating the success. But I really, really enjoy thinking about new cool things to build and love it when it works, in the end.

daniel22457129 karma

So what originally got you into doing YouTube in the first place?

JoergS303 karma

I was working for a company that made video editing systems and we needed to make sure the output files are compatible with YouTube. Since I was just back into slingshots back then, I decided to make a video about my stuff and show it to some forum members. Never expected more than maybe 30 people to watch my videos.

TheUniverseBear102 karma

What are some future build plans, or ones that you're currently working on?

JoergS267 karma

I am working on a huge version of the full auto slingshot crossbow, +100 ft-lb, shooting from a turret with remote control and built-in camera. Think sentry crossbow. Plus many other smaller projects.

Kissedagnome102 karma

Whats your favorite kinds of woods to work with?

JoergS198 karma

High quality plywood, "Multiplex" brand. Never bends. Extremely solid. Good looking. I love cedar for the smell, though.

Shmegmacannon97 karma

Just wanted to pop by and say thank you for the many laughs over the years. 1 question though how is Germany these days? I was stationed there years ago and it's such a beautiful place.

JoergS177 karma

Germany is a very decent place to live. We feel blessed.

chazzeromus96 karma

How do I flirt with german ladies? (this is a time sensitive question)

JoergS161 karma

Try not to bore them.

NoShowbizMike90 karma

Any advancement in taking the compact pulley slingshot (with internal magazine) into production? Love the channel.

JoergS128 karma

I have stopped working on that thing for now... too expensive to make.

donglosaur83 karma

Hi Joerg, my friends and I loved watching your videos when we were in university, at first for the entertainment value of seeing what is essentially a human-shaped bear participating and fluorishing in a theoretical gunpowderless arms race, and eventually because you're just so damn likeable and subtly address an important social issue in many countries: how gun control and gun laws mostly end up being incomplete solutions.

That being said, especially with your recent troubles in mind, is keeping gun control commentary (mostly) out of your videos something that you consciously try to do, or does it just happen as a result of focusing more on the contraptions and mechanical workings themselves?

JoergS139 karma

I just think that there are plenty of gun focused channels already and non gun powder weapons is my personal niche. I try to entertain an international audience, and gun control is handled very differently around the world. It makes little sense to talk about this issue, really.

UncagedAgent68 karma

Where you wood working and making slingshots and launchers before your YouTube channel started, or did you begin making them when you started your channel?

JoergS120 karma

I think if you watch my early videos, you will have your answer right there :) I really taught myself the wood working part. Learning by doing.

Majestic_Lion_DM66 karma

Are you aware that there are compilations on YouTube of just your laugh?

JoergS155 karma

Sure. I enjoy the attention (is that a bad thing?).

CompleteMCNoob64 karma

If YouTube were to suspend your account based off what has happened more recently, What action would you take about it, such as a new video platform?

JoergS132 karma

Well, I guess I would try the alternatives. But that would be the end of the google money, as the other platforms don't have a biz model that would pay me the money I need to make ends meet. I would probably start sending my CV around again and go back to hobby slingshot making.

Vladtheimpaler1463 karma

Do you think Germany has sensible weapon laws?

JoergS98 karma

Weapon laws are OK, but certainly not great.

elmico437759 karma

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

JoergS135 karma

I like the lemon sorbet and vodka coup they sell in France.

McPhilen59 karma

Hey Jörg, thanks for this.

Do you have one big wild dream of a build that you'd love to do someday in the future that's probably out of reach at the moment?

JoergS197 karma

Well, I want to spend time in the US, as there is a new channel I would love to start. Guns from the muzzle loading era that were never invented (but could have). Full auto belt fed muzzle loaders and things like that. Can't do it here for legal reasons.

farmdve58 karma

So now that the Daily Mail has moved on and no longer trying to expose you, how is the terrorist training progressing?

JoergS182 karma

Coming along nicely. Will teach my students how to light a match in the next lesson, so they no longer fail in lighting dynamite sticks.

Juliuskool50 karma

Hey Jörg, I've been watching your videos for a long time and man have you come so far.

I just wanted to ask about the impact that your videos had on people you are close to or work friends. When you used to work at your big job before you went full time YouTube, did people/coworkers think you were weird or scary because of the types of videos you made? Were you ever excluded or judged because people thought you were some crazy rubber band wielding maniac?

Thank you so much for your videos which have provided hours of entertainment late into the night. Never stop what you do.

JoergS116 karma

Well, the YT videos basically brought my career in CE to a stop. I could not get any CEO jobs anymore, as my web profile wasn't "serious" anymore. Many colleagues thought I am crazy, but some appreciated my success. I guess I polarized. Still do, in a way.

fiat198947 karma

Where do you buy all that rubber?

JoergS75 karma


tHarvey30332 karma

Have you got any cool upcoming projects planned? Love your channel, just watched the lego brick slingshot video!

JoergS50 karma

So many ideas, so little time... plenty new projects planned.

fherry1332 karma

What do you eat for breakfast? Is it a bowl of nails with no milk?

JoergS106 karma

Steel oreos dunked in gazoline, of course! :)

Nix_Angelique22 karma

What's the next crazy slingshot idea?

JoergS117 karma

I am still working on the slingshot-that-shoots-a-slingshot concept :)

orodonyx22 karma

Hey Joerg, love your channel, and as someone that appreciates historically accurate weapons, your attention to detail is incredible!

My question for you, is have you ever attempted to build a full scale catapult or trebuchet?

JoergS42 karma

I almost made a full size Warwolf, but the budget of the production company wasn't roomy enough so I made a huge slingshot cannon instead.

cwidrowaty18 karma

Have you ever gotten any job offers from weapon or toy manufacturers? :)

JoergS47 karma

No, and I don't think that I would accept a job offer like that in the first place. My life is great, truly.

pyrocynical_lol17 karma

What made you want to start youtube, and what made you want to make this kind of content?

EDIT: Who does the editing for your vids?

EDIT 2: Love ur videos, keep up the great work!

JoergS37 karma

As I explained higher up, I basically wanted to check video file compatibility with YouTube. But then, all of a sudden, I had a growing audience and got addicted to YouTube.

EDIT: I do all the editing by myself.

EDIT 2: Thanks! Appreciate the kind words.

Kha-lifa17 karma

Why did you decide to start your YouTube channel and decide to share your crafts? And do you remember the first time you went viral?

JoergS30 karma

Started the channel to understand the technical requirements of a YT upload. The first video that went truly viral was my machete shooter. It felt great, all the feedback and attention.

Mikipu2813 karma

Thanks Jörg for sharing your ingenious creations with the world!! You are the first YouTube channel I subscribed to and I always check with excitement to see if you've uploaded something diabolical 😁😁hahaha...My question is: What is your favorite piece of equipment? And what was your first piece of equipment?

JoergS23 karma

I love my coping saw. My first own piece of equipment was the welding machine (electric of course) I got when I was sixteen. Still have it + use it a lot.

JustSmeRandomAsshole6 karma

Can you make me a slingshot? Worth a shot

JoergS8 karma

Well, you might want to check out my Patreon site...

manthatufear14236 karma

Hey man, I've been watching your channel for years and I love what you do. The daily mail is full of crap. I'm sure I speak for the community when I say we were all very happy to help you out in your time of need and are glad that everything has worked out for you!

What is your favorite slingshot/weapon that you've made? What is your background that led you to start this channel? Any big future plans for your channel?

JoergS12 karma

Thanks for the support during the DM crisis! I was really scared to lose my channel.

I still very much enjoy shooting the Rambone slingshot. Of course I have plans for the future - mostly around inventions, destruction and stunts!

Fishbob486 karma

Hey Jörg! Love your videos, been a subscriber for a long time. My question is, what was the first project you ever completed? Do you have any pictures of it? Thanks!

JoergS15 karma

Made some cool things as a boy... no pictures survived, sadly.

cutthecrap6 karma

I may or may not have built an arrow shooter by your design. It's awesome. Question, now: Pizza or burgers?

JoergS12 karma

Do I really have to chose? Both, of course :)

rightenough5 karma

I love your videos but it makes me wonder, are you ever worried about someone watching them and recreating your ideas and using them to nefarious ends?

JoergS26 karma

I usually don't upload tutorials for the dangerous things. If someone can copy the weapons just from watching the videos, I guess that person wouldn't need me to build a weapon in the first place.

Blueeyedfoxie4 karma

Have you ever thought about working with Colin Furze and making a rather epic slingshot?

JoergS13 karma

That collab has been suggested many times before, but we haven't had any conversation about it. I guess Colin has a huge team, while I am a true one man (plus wife) show.

Wotmanz3 karma

Hey Jörg! I've always wanted to know, what age did you get into slingshot and all things rubber powered?

JoergS7 karma

About ten years ago, when I was in my early forties.

TmickyD3 karma

Have you ever made a weapon that was too powerful or dangerous, even for you?

JoergS19 karma

No, not yet - but I am working on it :)

Internet-justice2 karma

How did you start your career as a professional slingshot designer, and what is your process making new ones this far along?

JoergS10 karma

Misunderstanding. I am a professional YouTube creator, not a professional slingshot designer. The weapons I make are movie props (if you want), and all of the designs are side effects of the YouTube content.

EhC_DC2 karma

How long do you plan on doing the slingshot channel? Love your videos!

JoergS5 karma

I have zero plans to ever stop doing this.

Plusify1 karma

Have you ever been in trouble with the police for shooting your sling shots or catapults? Or angry neighbours?

JoergS4 karma

No, so far no such problems.

Radius501 karma

Love your content! Original content, and a genuinely nice guy for a presenter!

What are YOUR favorite YouTube channels? How long have you been interested in building the things you build on your channel?

JoergS5 karma

I love ZGB, Skallagrim, Hickok45, Ted's hold over and many many more. Started building launchers about ten years ago.

esPhys1 karma

How do you keep your beard so incredible?

JoergS2 karma

I trim it every Saturday.

lshic1 karma

What is an underrated YT channel you like?

JoergS2 karma

Dummesaulol (they have an English channel as well). Crazy, wild and original.