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This thing turned out to be a total victory. Strike removed. Both videos reuploaded. + 100k subs, + 2 million views, + 1k $ on Patreon. Went through some rough days and nights, but with the help from what felt like the whole internet, the DM did not stand a chance.

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Yes, many times. Who lives by the sword...

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  1. Upload cool original content. Always.
  2. Hang in there, success doesn't come quickly on YouTube.
  3. Find your niche. Expand it very carefully.
  4. No clickbait.

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Not quiet, but it can make most 90 kg people RUN 300m in world record time :)

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Hey, thanks! Yes, I have hurt myself, three times it was more than just a scratch. Two nasty eye injuries taught me to ALWAYS wear eye protection, and one grazing hit almost shattered my left hand. That was with the rooftop slingshot, a dangerous weapon that I disassembled afterwards.

The channel is a non profit hobby - just my hispeed cam cost me more than YouTube ever paid me. That's OK, my job as a CEO in consumer electronics brings in enough money. We live comfortably, even though I am no millionaire.