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The only exposure to throat singing I've had was the episode of Marco Polo with the Mongol Warriors sitting around a fire throat singing. It was pretty badass. Are there any other TV shows you'd like to get on?

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If you had to use your creations for evil and be a super villain, What would your super villain name be?

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Hope you find peace in your life OP!

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Dr.Goodall, thank you for doing this AMA. I just have one question. With all the time you have spent studying chimpanzees and spending time with them, have you ever wanted to, you know....be with one sexually?

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2 questions. I'm American but have lots of Korean friends. Any advice you have for them when they do their service?

Also I happen to be a Japanese American. Whats your opinion of recent Japan-Korea relations?

Great AMA and thanks in advance!