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So now that the Daily Mail has moved on and no longer trying to expose you, how is the terrorist training progressing?

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As a Bulgarian, yes to the letter, although no idea what you've heard.

Personally, I'm terrified. Every town/city here has a ghetto, never walk alone near one, ever, not even in groups of 2-3 unless you want to be surrounded. What's worse my GF(not a gypsy) lives directly after such a ghetto, I am very limited in when I can go.

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And as a Bulgarian, be prepared to be killed for the equivalent of $10. Seriously, although I might come off as racist, most incidents that involve gypsies are bloodbaths, axes, knives. And if they call an ambulance for whatever reason, it's their ritual to beat the hell of the doctors for some stupid reason they don't even know.

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Can confirm. Been to Sunny Beach, people usually tourists from UK leave their junk hanging out and pretty much this kind of shit there.

But you can get laid pretty quick I hear.

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Hi fellow Bulgarian!

What percentage of the items you get are actually stolen?