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Hi Joerg, my friends and I loved watching your videos when we were in university, at first for the entertainment value of seeing what is essentially a human-shaped bear participating and fluorishing in a theoretical gunpowderless arms race, and eventually because you're just so damn likeable and subtly address an important social issue in many countries: how gun control and gun laws mostly end up being incomplete solutions.

That being said, especially with your recent troubles in mind, is keeping gun control commentary (mostly) out of your videos something that you consciously try to do, or does it just happen as a result of focusing more on the contraptions and mechanical workings themselves?

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You could have just said "to fight the stereotype that stoners are lazy," which has the same effect without presenting your vulnerable and lubed up holes to the biggest community of pedants online.

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Have you ever heard of a series called Hunter x Hunter?

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Do you think gradual normalization of fetishes pushes people into weirder shit or do you think people are just weird as shit to begin with?

Ever since real porn got taken over by incest and cucking both my fiancée and I have been going 2D with no regrets.

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4chan had a retarded psyops ploy to make the left think milk is racist.


Like many retarded 4chan ploys ranging from cutting4bieber to microwaving phones to dry them, it took root because somehow an imageboard of frog worshipping Laotian merfolk warsong afficionados is smarter than a sizable share of the population.

Now actual neo-Nazis are chugging milk like McPoyles and so we've come full circle.

It raises a lot of interesting questions such as "does adoption of a pre existing symbol by a racist culture make the symbol racist?"

But at the end of the day, an online nation of basement dwelling Cambodian yarnsplitting enthusiasts probably had the first and last laughs at the expense of stupid people from both political extremes which is nice I guess.