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What was the hardest thing you have ever had to build? What do you do with the things you have built, if you no longer intend to use them?

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Ahh, I can only guess how hard it would be to make the full auto slingshot crossbow. I'm guessing the volume of factors involved is almost astronomical.

The heap... huh, sounds like the place I need to go in the event of zombie Apocalypse.

Thanks for the response, Derpy.

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I have a question (not sure if its been addressed already) but would you say your view of feminism and the feminist movement has changed? If so would you say that you view it as less of an egalitarian movement based on what you've seen and the criticisms you've been shown (such as it putting mens issues on the back burner)? On the same note, would you say that your personal views have shifted? do you still identify as feminist or are you now egalitarian or MRA? (I find it unlikely that you've shifted to MRA but its possible so I ask :P)

Another question I would like to ask is, do you feel that the feminist movement and the MRA movement will always be in conflict with one another?