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I have used Joey as in baby Koala. Because they are cute, and the name is short and memorable.

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I have few questions :

1.Given that numerous earth sized planets have already been discovered, what makes Trappist-1 system discovery different? Will it alter the way exoplanets are searched?

2.From https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/the-search-for-life/life-signs/

Even without listening in on their conversations, the aliens’ reasonably advanced technology would be known to us by its pollution.

If the aliens are sufficiently advanced, that they have mastered pollution and don't pollute, how would one know the difference?

3.How would discovery of intelligent life, affect geopolitics? Miss universe and similar contests?

4.Lastly, how did planet 9 go undetected for so long?

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Glad you liked it.

The lesson that I learned was, making things is the fastest way to learn programming. I started off by reading android docs and getting lost, then realized doing and learning on the go, is better approach for me.

The bad: I need to work on my procrastination.

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10 months

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10 months full time. Just me. Libraries : too many to remember off the top of my head : UIL, GreenDAO, Eventbus, calligraphy, jackson many more.