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Whats the best way to explain what you are doing to people? I have tried to explain the solar sail to a few friends/family and they all think I am making it up as they remember learning that light has no mass in school. How can we educate people about your project? Thanks for doing this AMA.

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Have you got any cool upcoming projects planned? Love your channel, just watched the lego brick slingshot video!

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Does the fact that the astronauts take steps to counter the effects of zero-gravity (exercise to keep up bone density/lower muscle atrophy etc) affect your results?

Thanks for the AMA.

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Are you going to develop the boarding and ship combat, with more handheld guns and perhaps a machine that can allow you to board others ships, by grabbing on and drilling a hole? I love the game looking forward to final release!

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On Earth the heavier (and rarer) metals have sunk through the molten rock and consolidated at the core of the Earth. Current methods are too expensive but in the future with the lowering of prices it wil become more feasible. Elements that aren't very common on Earth(Uranium, Plutonium, etc) can be found in more and much more easily assecible quantities than on Earth. One of the most expensive things to take to space is fuel or reaction mass. If we could go to an asteroid/comet and get water off it( hydrogen/oxygen) then it could be used as rocket fuel.