**My short bio: I had a severe pain during sex and I was asked to do a radiography and the result was i have what is called "uterus didelphys", http://fusion.net/what-it-really-means-for-a-woman-to-have-two-vaginas-1793847594 http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/01/12/born-with-two-vaginas-not-so-rare/

**My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/krJmD

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Supernova6331 karma

Have you met /u/DoubleDickDude?

GuruBulg179 karma

No :-) but i saw his post.

peasncorn9988 karma

Which hole is your favorite?

GuruBulg109 karma

Same same

Muthafuckaaaaa77 karma

If you could have a 3 way and be double vaginal penetrated, would it feel better with both cocks in 1 hole, or would you want the cocks in both holes?

GuruBulg42 karma

Never tried it.

AFbeardguy70 karma

I'm not sure what I'm looking at in the photos. You have two vaginal canals?

GuruBulg56 karma


Krooked_Kangaroo23 karma

Can you shoot two babies out at a time?

Double twins?!

GuruBulg36 karma

Double twins??? OMG. But i have a big chance to have twins.

BeatMastaD28 karma

Yes, at the very least. Sometimes it also leads to two uteruses as well.

GuruBulg46 karma

This is my case.

OrangeLimeZest64 karma

Would you have sex with u/doubledickdude ?

GuruBulg134 karma

It would be something out of this world.

unique_useyourname59 karma

Could you get pregnant from 2 different guys a couple months apart?

GuruBulg93 karma

If at the same period (2-3 days) then yes.

FogInTheDog49 karma

Was your pain due to your vaginas being narrower than average, or just because there was a partition that could get hit awkwardly? That is, do you have two full size vaginas or two occupying the same space as one?

GuruBulg85 karma

Two full size, and the pain caused by hitting the partition.

Krooked_Kangaroo26 karma

So how does sex work now for you?

Careful guiding into the right passage?

GuruBulg35 karma

No. After foreplay he penetrates me normally as if he is doing it to a one vagina girl, then his dick slips on the partition and goes randomly to one of the canals.

crielan46 karma

That's pretty neat. You could use one for boyfriend's and save a virgin vagina for your future husband. You don't even have to use the Christian poop hole loophole.

Can you link me one of your makeup tutorials that article mentions? I'm weirdly my curious about that and the article link didn't work for me.

GuruBulg24 karma

I actually i suffered during defloration and we didn't know about my case at that period of time, thus suffering was because i was deflorated twice.

th-row-away1336 karma

Do you also have two cervixes?

GuruBulg36 karma


CuriousKumquat17 karma

Okay, so... Do you have double the eggs that women with one vagina do?

Like, four ovaries and they're all stocked?

GuruBulg19 karma

Yes i have double the eggs.

aemad199129 karma

Is one more pleasurable than the other?

GuruBulg40 karma

They feel the same and sometimes i can't notice the difference.

GeneralRobert19 karma

But does your BF notice a difference?

GuruBulg138 karma

He chages the hole just for fun, but when he does one for a long period (15 mins,) he feels that the other is tighter.

Tampoonie28 karma

Genuine question: why host an AMA if you're only gonna give one word answers?

GuruBulg11 karma

Check my answers on all posts, some questions need yes or no answers.

such_isnt_life27 karma

Have you considered/ been recommended getting one of the uteri removed?

GuruBulg45 karma

No, i might just remove the partition in the middle.

ClassicPervert10 karma

Do you think the partition would be wrecked from having babies anyway?

GuruBulg11 karma

I will have cesarean ooeration, so the partition will remain the same eventhough if I had kids.

regalbamboo27 karma

What are your periods like?

GuruBulg35 karma

Regular one

avayr4447 karma

My gf wants to know; do you have a period for each uterus? If yes, are they synced up or do you have two periods in a month?

Also, it'd be nice to put a "NSFW" label next to your proof link in the post's body text. People might not expect a pic of your actual vagina and could get in serious trouble.

GuruBulg63 karma

Yes, and they synced up. I will add the "NSFW", thx for the advice.

Valtorix2821 karma

How old were you when you first found out?

GuruBulg44 karma

It was 6 months ago, im now 27.

valueape15 karma

Beautiful. Have you had many partners/much experience and did they not notice first or realize?

GuruBulg29 karma

My partner noticed, and no, didn't have penetration experience before him.

SierraAKilo14 karma

Does this also mean two sets of ovaries or just one set?

Do both uterus' function the same?

Does the separation between the two get painful if not properly lubricated?

Why was this not found during yearly GYN examinations?

GuruBulg21 karma

Yes. Yes. Yes, very. I was deflorated one year ago.

SierraAKilo5 karma

Wow, I can't imagine!

Personal question: why wait so long to have sex?

GuruBulg21 karma

I had sex before but without penetration, I wanted to give my virginity to someone special.

Krooked_Kangaroo27 karma

I had sex before but without penetration

How does that work?

GuruBulg6 karma

Flirting and rubbing from outside without penetration.

dsfdgsggf113 karma

Do you plan on having kids and/or are you concerned about passing this on to your kids? Also what if any are the concerns with giving birth? Would you need a cesarean?

GuruBulg11 karma

Of course i wanna have kids, and not concerned of passing this as it's not a life threatening. Yes cesarean is the best option.

limpinfrompimpin9 karma

Do you like pineapple on pizza ?

That's not really my question. I just wanted to say that you have a really nice vaginas.

Tried to post that but got removed cause rules I guess.

GuruBulg4 karma

Hahahahaha. Ok, i dont like pineapple on pizza 😂😂

CosmicKomet6 karma

My question is : How many buffers do you use (if you use buffers) ?

GuruBulg3 karma

I dont use any.

crielan5 karma

Oh I got a real question now. Do you have an increased risk of cervical cancer since you have two of them? Do they ever perform a hysterectomy on the second one or leave it as is?

GuruBulg5 karma

No increasing in risk of cervical cancer.

Rialz5 karma

You said you consider removing the partition in the middle.

If i'm guessing correctly, that would double the room in your vagina, and thus leave you with a vaginal canal twice as big as a regular girl. Wouldn't that reduce the pleasurable tightness feeling of sex for you and your partner?

Thank you for doing this AmA! :)

GuruBulg3 karma

When removing the partition, they will tighten the canal as well, still didn't make my mind about it, as mt BF is against the operation.

GuruBulg2 karma

When removing the partition, they will tighten the canal as well, still didn't make my mind about it, as mt BF is against the operation.

Phooferbar5 karma

Does having double sets of internal organs create a limited space in your abdomen? I don't know how to phrase this I guess, but I would assume that more organs of regular size would cause a feeling of bloating, cramps, or discomfort.

Also (directed to you and medical professionals), would it be possible to donate a "set" to an individual undergoing MTF transitioning (of course, engineering their own labia, etc)?

GuruBulg2 karma

I don't suffer from any trouble, and never thought about the donation, but you just brought up an idea.

StuckInTheClouds4 karma

Has your boyfriend ever tried to pick you up like a bowling ball?

GuruBulg6 karma

He does when he wanna make me squirt.

mindfulmu3 karma

On what date would you announce you have two separate front entrances?

GuruBulg3 karma

Announce to whom?? Anyway I'm not planing to tell anyone.

MarkDaMan223 karma

How is it that you only just figured out about this in the past year? Did you think it was just normal or just never stuck a finger in there?

GuruBulg4 karma

I was still virgin

FemaleFartInhaler3 karma

Can you queef out of both at the same time? lol

GuruBulg2 karma

Dunno from which hole when it happens.

movierevision2 karma

Do you have to learn to live with it or do you have to do surgery?

GuruBulg7 karma

Both options are on the table, but my bf is against doing the surgery, i guess he is enjoying having two vaginas ; -)

very_sweet_juices2 karma

I like this vagina. One canal goes one way, the other canal goes the other way. It actually kinda looks like one I know.

My question is, does the guy have to specifically pick one canal to have sex with, or do you prefer it to be both? I imagine if he sticks to one, it could get really unsatisfying. Also, since it looks like the main canal was just partitioned, is sex painful because of the tightness?

GuruBulg3 karma

The pain occurs only when I'm not when enough and caused by hitting this partition.

moshibi2 karma

If I understand right you have 2 periods(that mostly line up). but if you get pregnant will you still have one?

GuruBulg2 karma

Honestly never thought about it, i should ask my GYN. But i believe not as the whole hormones cycle will be changed after pregnancy.

MB382 karma

Have you inserted items into both canals simultaneously? Be it vibrators or otherwise? You say you can't notice a difference between them, but I wonder if stimulating both simultaneously would have an impact.

Do you orgasm vaginally?

GuruBulg3 karma

I tried fingers in both holes. I orgasm through my clitoris.

Didsota2 karma

Do you use Tampons?

GuruBulg5 karma

Rarely, and when i do i use a short one, and only one if that what you asking abt.

kissockhamsrazor2 karma

Are you tired of people asking you to do porn when you clearly just described dyspareunia (painful sex) issues?

GuruBulg3 karma

No, as this is the 1st you can think about when you see this, actually painful sex is only when im not wet enough.

DayMan-FTW1 karma

Does this mean we're any closer to achieving DVDA?

GuruBulg2 karma


aannoonn56781 karma

Can you get two orgasms?

GuruBulg15 karma

Regular orgasm as any other girl.

SwiftSnS0 karma

Can this be fixed? are you comfortable like this?

do you like them?

GuruBulg4 karma

Nothing need to be fixed, it's a gift from God. ;-)