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Well... they ARE interactive art. Really interactive.

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Why were you making realistic mannequins? Were they for department stores? Art?

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Was your pain due to your vaginas being narrower than average, or just because there was a partition that could get hit awkwardly? That is, do you have two full size vaginas or two occupying the same space as one?

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Yeah but it's not a solution if you can't get people to actually do it. I can be as informed as possible but if all my neighbors don't put in the work, I'm still stuck with whoever they voted for.

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Would you share any photos of that early work? I saw you posted elsewhere about how you had to rethink some of the materials for the transition from mannequin to love doll, but other than that, was the design/look different before you were thinking of them as something sexual? (Or were you just making hot ladies from the start?)