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It's ruled by Likes on social networks.

edit: Oh, marone! Somebody got me Reddit Gold. Many thanks!

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What are your thoughts on the new discovery of Mega Evolutions, and why do you think they are only temporary, unlike normal evolutions?

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...so I had to invent the video game.

Said so casually.

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I'd love to know the answer to this. As an Australian (that is ashamed of our joke of a R18 rating) I will not be looking to purchase the Australian version. As a mature adult I believe I have the right to play it as it was intended.

I remember for L4D2 there was an awesome US chick on Steam that was helping Aussies out by buying it and gifting it to us after we gave her the money via Paypal. The poor girl was swamped with requests but she continued to help us all.

I really hope it's not that hard this time with SR4.

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Fiji is known to ecotourists around the world for its world-class shark dives


Seriously though, thank you for your creative approach to dispelling the nonsense about sharks. Here in Australia people are going fucking nuts about wanting to kill every shark they see and it disgusts me.

How do you see this campaign helping countries like Australia where the current culture is "KILL ALL SHARKS!!1!" understand that culling is not the solution? Do you have further plans for education? What can ordinary people like me do?