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I'm a law student in Rio, currently living in Santa Teresa. It's a touristic neighborhood with good restaurants and stuff, albeit really close to a harsh favela.

A few months back, an italian tourist was biking around, took a wrong turn, and went right into this nearby favela. He got shot and killed.

So if the gringo goes into a violent favela, yes, he'd be putting his life at risk. However, there are touristic favelas (that recieve guided tours), such as Morro do Vidigal. I'm guessing that would be safe.

EDIT: favelas are not all alike. Some are controlled by drug overlords armed armed with rocket launchers, grenades and AK-47s (literally). Others just have petty crime, and some are safe to wander through.

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You said you consider removing the partition in the middle.

If i'm guessing correctly, that would double the room in your vagina, and thus leave you with a vaginal canal twice as big as a regular girl. Wouldn't that reduce the pleasurable tightness feeling of sex for you and your partner?

Thank you for doing this AmA! :)