My short bio: I am Max Joseph, the grey-headed co-host of MTV'S Catfish and director of films.

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Thanks guys for all your questions! Reach out to me on social media @maxjoseph (Tw,IG) and And lookout for a new personal short fillm i'm dropping next week on Vero- Peace...

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d0ntl00kback66 karma

I'm a mental health counselor and find the ways that you conceptualize the stories of the people on Catfish is always very insightful and when you & Nev sit down with them towards the end of the show, the advice and thoughts you share with them are always very therapeutic. I've always wondered: does Catfish have a psych/counseling consultant or did you miss your true calling of being a therapist?

mojopinata578 karma

haha. Nev and I have both had a lot of therapy growing up so I think we've just absorbed a lot of that and are passing it on. We don't have a psych consultant or advisor and sometime we feel in way over our heads.

nokallaround37 karma

Hi Max! Love your friendship with Nev and how protective you are of those in your life and on Catfish! I saw a catfish story on Reddit the other day originating in Hong Kong- any chance Catfish will go into international waters? (Pun definitely intended)

mojopinata551 karma

We are always wanting to do international episodes but they are hard to make logistically and very expensive as well. If the fans tell MTV that's what they want then maybe we can make it happen.

Surticy35 karma

Have you ever been scared that someone on Catfish was going to try and harm you or Nev?

mojopinata539 karma

Yes once in that Jess and Artis episode where Justin got up in Nev's face. Or in Mhissy and Jasmine when we were caught inbetween them.

hebleb34 karma

Are you aware of a podcast starring 2 New Zealanders that is currently dedicated to reviewing your film "We Are Your Friends" once a week for a year? Worst Idea of All Time

(they previously reviewed Grown Ups 2 and Sex and the City 2 a year each)

mojopinata527 karma

Ha. I am aware but not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe I don't want to know.

elgambino27 karma

Max! My wife and I love watching Catfish and we think you and Nev are such a great tandem, you balance each other so well.

You guys have covered such a gamut of circumstances on the show, we were wondering-- is there anything that you guys are surprised you haven't seen yet? As in, is there anything you guys are still hoping to see on the show that hasn't fleshed itself out yet? And also, thanks for all you do as an advocate on your social media. It's cool to see people use their influence for good and not just being dicks. Thanks!

mojopinata562 karma

Thank you! And yes, there is one scenario we haven't seen and wish to which we call the "Coming to America" scenario where a Catfish is pretending to be an ordinary person when they are really the prince of Zamunda, or just super wealthy, glamorous, socialite or something.

GingerNiffler26 karma

First off, I just wanna say I love how real you are on Catfish with calling out bullshit and speaking your mind! Do you still keep in touch with a few people who featured on the show?

mojopinata525 karma

Yes, a couple of them. It's nice. I follow many of them on social media too and can see what they're up to even if we don't correspond.

rotinajeht26 karma

How do you get your hair to look so perfect?

mojopinata547 karma

By accepting its imperfection and letting it be what it is.

Zaccarini26 karma

Hi silver fox,

Has there been many episodes you have started filming on catfish but were never shown as the catfish refused to meet up? If so, what's the most memorable story?

mojopinata536 karma

Everyone asks about this. Only one episode of the show has not aired at this point and it is for some legal technicalities which aren't that interesting or sensational. You've seen pretty much everything.

wcjs25 karma

In the first seasons of Catfish, there were times you would look at Nev with that "are u kidding me? You're ridiculous" face. I always found it funny.

Be honest, have you ever wanted to punch him in the face before? Because Nev, I love him, but sometimes he has that face that you just wanna punch for no reason.

mojopinata541 karma

There are definitely times I want to punch Nev in the face. And vice versa.

quesoqueso42023 karma

Max! Love the show - love how you keep it real and don't sugarcoat, mad respect. Catfish has really become a social commentary on young people dealing with depression, social anxiety, self identity issues, etc. When you started Catfish, did you expect to uncover and document that? What are your thoughts about how the show has evolved?

mojopinata530 karma

I didn't think it was going to become that and I'm glad it has because I have had a lot of problems with depression and anxiety as a kid and even as an adult so I think it's great to be able to tell people that they are not alone and that everyone feels these things and gets through them eventually. A lot of people don't have someone to talk to and oddly I think internet relationships and the show offer that to people who desperately need it. We are often an impartial third party that they can trust to at least be neutral and honest.

PossiblePugilist20 karma

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you and Nev while filming? Love the show!

mojopinata592 karma

Most embarrassing thing was on one episode where the Catfish told the hopeful their name was "Noneya BizNess" and Nev and I just kept on calling her "No-Naia" because we totally didn't get it.

LagomorphLA19 karma

Do you think the US is going to find a way to stop the horrible Trump/Bannon massacre on human rights and social justice anytime soon? I've been active (protests, calling reps, etc) but am just feeling so hopeless right now. (P.S. Thank you for being vocal on social media re: your political views. I know you get crap for it.)

mojopinata538 karma

KEEP POSTING!! We need your voice. I'm with you and trying to do all I can as well. Many people feel the way you do and they are beginning to organize in a meaningful way. Follow

marifuxas18 karma

What's the worst part about being always on the road while filming the show?

mojopinata548 karma

Not getting to see my wife for large periods of time.

ErwinElephant17 karma

What is your favorite thing about Nev? You have quite the bromance going on!

mojopinata517 karma

He's funny and always cracks me up.

cobaltcollapse17 karma

Do you have anything to say about people questioning the authenticity of your show?

mojopinata517 karma

It's real. Ask anyone who has worked, interned, or PA'd on it.

JessieLou1317 karma

We all love mad Max, 😂 but which catfish story did you find frustrated you the most?

mojopinata532 karma

I'm still trying to understand the Rod and Ebony episode. It's a perplexing mystery.

shpadoinklev16 karma

Did you and Nev ever fight during filming? Or did you always get along like bros

mojopinata544 karma

Ha. We got into one real fight during season 2 when we were in Fort Madison, Iowa and Nev was messing with me because we were staying in a creaky old Bed and Breakfast and he was making it seem like there was a ghost in it and I had been sleeping and just wanted to go back to sleep but couldn't because he wouldn't stop messing with me. Eventually it escalated into punches and then someone's nose started bleeding and we stopped.

Two_fridas12 karma

I watched the entirety of Catfish recently while recovering from surgery. I accidentally started calling my husband Nev (he's also tan and hairy), but other than that it was a great binge watch show.

That made me wonder, how much time do you have between pursuing catfish? I have to imagine you need a little bit of recovery time between each one because of how intense they can be, but it seems like you fly from city to city pretty quick.

mojopinata510 karma

Glad you've recovered! We generally only get one travel day between episodes so after two or three in a row we can be pretty worn down emotionally and be crabby. 4 eps in a row and we're going crazy.

lenndizzle12 karma

My GF and I have seen every episode, and I think I've seen enough that I can read when you are getting really pissed off at some of the people on the show that you meet. Who frustrated you the most, whether they were the catsfish or the one being catfished?

mojopinata525 karma

Adam the Gambler probably frustrated me most.

throwmeabanana11 karma

Hey Max!

If you could go back in time and have dinner with any historical figure who would it be and why?

mojopinata521 karma

I'd love to have dinner with my dad when he was my age.

driedkitten11 karma

What's your favorite place you've visited that you only traveled to because of Catfish?

mojopinata525 karma

Loved Columbia, Missouri. Really cool college town with great people. I had also never been to Nashville before which I loved. Also Kodiak, Alaska. Loved that place.

lightskindly11 karma

Do the MTV team have a harder time vetting people applying for Catfish who are just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame? I'd assume now the show is so popular that not every application is real.

PS - so happy for Nev and his new baby!

mojopinata510 karma

Luckily we don't have to sift through all the applications. I do think a large percentage of the applications are fakers and fame-seekers though.

banal_platitude11 karma

Hi Max! Is there anything in the pipeline for you and Nev to collab on outside of Catfish?

You make a great team who always seem to mend a broken situation; be it through compassion, acceptance or laying out the truth. Something I think we could all do with a bit more of.

mojopinata511 karma

We've been talking about it but Catfish continues to be the best forum for it right now.

becrostron11 karma

Do you do Pilates or Yoga?

mojopinata515 karma

I run and have started surfing. If I had to choose one of those two though I'd pick Pilates.

Clarkkentps11 karma

What G Shock watch do you wear on catfish?

mojopinata511 karma

Ha. I just got a new one that's matte black. I can't tell which model it is though.

Allaboardthejayboat10 karma

Not sure if this has been asked, but do you ever get freaked out about just how much information is available online? And does that affect the way that you guys live your lives as a result?

mojopinata511 karma

YES. Search yourself and see what exists out there. Probably a lot. We have had to become a lot more careful about disclosing personal information. Restaurants and Best Buy and random places are always asking for phone numbers and addresses and you can totally say no if you want. Be careful.

AJ14439 karma

Hey Max! Have you got any idea as to when Season 6 is going to be released? And how was it meeting Nev's baby Cleo? 😁

mojopinata525 karma

Cleo is amazingly cute and seems to always be wary of her crazy parents. She's definitely the sane one. Season 6 should start coming out in the next month or two but you didn't hear that from me.

ChristaGrace9 karma

Are you and Nev really best friends? How about Casey Neistat? If so, how did you all come together to begin with?

I love you all and really hope that you are bff's!

mojopinata519 karma

Nev and Casey are two of my closest friends. It started with Nev's brother Rel who has been one of my best friends since I was 15. Nev was always his annoying hyperactive little brother who would tag along with us and get into trouble. Rel is a filmmaker too and has worked with Casey a lot. A couple years ago Casey saw something I edited for Rel and asked me if I would work with him on some films for Nike and we became friends then. That's the story!

dreadfullypeculiar9 karma

Hi Max! Is there a place you haven't traveled to but would like to?

mojopinata514 karma

Hawaii, India, Japan, China, New Zealand

pinsandpearls8 karma

I love the show, but also, I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you don't back down from posting your political opinions, regardless of what people say. I respond on your posts a lot. :)

Question: How do you guys always get the person to agree to meet in person? Is there a lot of coaxing that has to happen off-camera? Do people have to agree to this prior to being cast?

mojopinata53 karma

Thank you. Keep responding and getting the word out!

adiyuvo8 karma

Hi Max! My dad and I are huge fans of Catfish and absolutely love it when you offer participants the necessary, rational perspective.

My question to you is rather broad - what are your opinions on the ever increasing influence of the internet on relationships?

Do you believe that those who meet online are less "valid" of a couple than those who meet in real life?

Do you think that ultimately the internet has ruined the concept of "true love" or altered the idea of "love at first sight"?

I'm intrigued to see how your exposure to so many "e-couples" has impacted your perspective.

ty ily <3

mojopinata512 karma

I think the internet has provided a revolution in how to meet significant others and partners. I think it's pretty awesome actually. I do, however, think that it's easy to overlook the importance of physical chemistry between people. Internet relationships tend to only be about exchanging of information but NOT experiencing things together side-by-side which is what real relationships end up being about. Also just what a person smells like, the way they move their hands or face, or feel to the touch are important aspects of having chemistry with someone that you can't get from the internet.

Grumpy_Shat7 karma

What are your thoughts on oatmeal cookies?

mojopinata58 karma

I like Peanut Butter and Chocolate chip ahead of oatmeal

courtmull11237 karma

Hi, Max! You're known for your unwavering chivalry on Catfish and for your enlightening political posts elsewhere (my favorite). I feel as if you are one of the more private TV personalities though. Is there a reason why? Is there anything you wish people knew?

mojopinata57 karma

Haha. I am about to release a series of personal films starting next week so if you are interested check them out here: 1st one comes out on weds.

MoonskyDesign6 karma

Hi Max how did you become an co host of Catfish & do you regret this?

mojopinata510 karma

hahaha. no regrets...yet. Nev had actually asked another friend of his to do the pilot and at the last second that guy had a scheduling conflict so he asked me to fill in. The rest is history.

NGalafate6 karma

I'm studying for being filmmaker, any advice? Greetings from Spain!

mojopinata58 karma

Spain is my favorite place in the world! Keep making stuff that you could ONLY make there.

Kimo_Ninja5 karma

Is there a reason Nev is more nice when confronting a catfish, and you're usually the one being more tough on them, and letting them know the severity of playing with people's emotions?

mojopinata518 karma

I think it has to do with the fact that Nev got in trouble a lot as an adolescent and young adult and is genuinely more understanding of people who do questionable things. I'm pretty hard on myself to always be ethical and do the right moral thing and I think that I sometimes put that on other people.

Batmans_Rentboy5 karma


mojopinata58 karma

Just tell him. Rip the bandaid off.

jakehayward105 karma

Hi Max! Me and my girlfriend love the show.. Do you have any tips for aspiring filmmakers? In terms of building a career? Cheers!

mojopinata56 karma

Just keep making stuff and stop waiting for someone to help you or give you money or read your script or whatever. There's always a really good reason to wait in some kind of line as a filmmaker but the best thing to do is to just constantly make stuff and see where it goes.

telesterion5 karma

Why is it that you film shots with a small camera but have two other camera guys behind you filming you filming a computer screen? I feel like of it was just you and nev and not the giant crew behind you the show would have a better feel to it.

mojopinata512 karma

Good question. Well first, I'm getting an intimate angle on the action while the two guys behind me are getting wider/more voyeuristic angles. Secondly I use the small camera bc it's less intrusive and easier for everyone to just forget it's there and be normal.

CnrdMr5 karma

What is your favorite camera to use when taking pictures?

mojopinata54 karma

My iphone. Favorite for filming is Canon Mark IV

leeeeeeenie4 karma

Hi Max ! Sending love from Michigan.

Any new plans for movies you want to share with us ?

Also what is the hardest part about the whole Catfish experience ? You guys have been at it for a while now and the shock factor I think will never get old. I can't imagine being in your shoes in some of those situations.

mojopinata55 karma

I have a new film coming out next weds! It will be exclusively available on Vero, which you can get here:

robertoishappy4 karma

What's your opinion on your film 'We Are Your Friends'? Do negative reviews affect your opinion on the outcome of the film or do you think you accomplished what you originally set out to make?

mojopinata59 karma

I am really happy with the film but it's definitely a bummer when reviewers or anyone who sees it doesn't get it or connect to it. I wish I could tell you it doesn't bother me at all but it stings a little for sure. But when someone tells me that the film connected with them I know that they are feeling what I was feeling when I made it and that connection is super cool and that's why I do it.

mattberglas4 karma

What music are you listening to at the moment?

mojopinata55 karma

Listening to the "What Follows" Album but Shit Robot. And the new Underworld album. So so good.

HymnForTheWeekend134 karma

Such a big Catfish fan, so this is super cool!

If you could go back to when you were younger, what advice would you give yourself?

mojopinata59 karma

Learn Spanish! Play the guitar. Don't worry so much.

TheBestSpeller4 karma


I love the roles you and Nev take on in the show. I appreciate that you normally are the skeptical one who calls people out on their BS. With that said, when Nev gets pissed, he really gets pissed (like when he tossed the phone). Can you ever tell when someone is going to set him off?

Also, the episode with the slowest clap in the world is hands-down the best. Have you all ever thought of trying to track him down? Seemingly it would be tv ratings gold.

mojopinata59 karma

It's random when Nev gets pissed. I can't always tell who is going to push his buttons. He loves problematic people and likes talking to them.

ikethespike874 karma

Max, I love seeing you and Nev on Casey's vlogs (RIP). How did you and Casey first meet?

mojopinata56 karma

answered this above. good question tho.

KaladinStorms3 karma


mojopinata59 karma

Yah. It gets awkward in there.

skateghost3 karma

Hey max, have you ever been catfished?

mojopinata59 karma

Nope. People know not to mess with me ;)

loganz3 karma

Max, why do you carry a vlog camera when there are camera guys around you? Also, why don't you release some kind of behind the scenes vlog on youtube with that footage. That would be awesome.

mojopinata55 karma

We have released a lot of BTS videos. They are on my YouTube channel. I answered about the camera earlier.

adamhollin3 karma

Max, I'm a filmmaking student from the UK. Do you have any tips for upcoming filmmakers? I'd be interested to know what you think is most important and what I should be focusing on most. I am mainly interested in Cinematography as I am a keen photographer.

mojopinata56 karma

Just keep doing it. If you love DPing then do tons of camera tests and just geek out as hard as possible and accrue experience. But each job sends you down a path so try to pick projects that will lead you down a path you want to go down.

emwilliams013 karma

Hi Max Do you find that over the seasons of Catfish that you find it harder to understand how people continued to be catfished for so long? Do you ever find it hard to sympathise with them? X

mojopinata58 karma

It's definitely getting harder to sympathize yes but I generally like people so I end up liking them anyway.

DangerousImpala2 karma

Hey Max!! Tell Nev I said wassup man. I was absolutely consumed in the visual aspect of We Are Your Friends as well as the entirety of the movie itself...

How did you get an inside look at the social life of music performers? What was the most difficult part of shooting that movie? Thanks :)

mojopinata53 karma

Thanks. I interviewed and spoke to a lot of DJs as well as spending the day and night with them as they went to clubs and venues. It's a hard thing to get right and an easy thing to make cliche. Coincidentally, making songs in your room looks and feels and awful lot like making films on your computer so I felt connected to it personally. Most difficult part of shooting was having very little time and very little money to accomplish what we needed to. Only had time for 2-3 takes before we had to move on.

mattberglas2 karma

Are you working on a feature film at the moment? Can we expect you to direct another in the future?

mojopinata53 karma

I am writing something that I'm excited about but can't say more. But yes there will be more films coming soon. Next week I have a short film dropping on Vero--follow me there and look out for it.

NoufAmer2 karma

Hi Max, are you planning on making another feature film?

mojopinata53 karma

Yes! Been writing it. In the meantime I have a short coming out next week on me there and check it out.

leaap222 karma

What has been your favorite place to go while filming catfish?

mojopinata55 karma

Good question but answered this already. See above.

flixthespod1 karma

Hi Max! I am a huge fan of Catfish, and I loved WAYF! It's one of my favorite movies to watch when I need to get inspired. I also have a lot of respect for your activist work with Nev and others.

My question: if you could remake and direct any movie, what would it be?

Keep up the great work!

mojopinata52 karma

I'd love to do a sequel to WAYF.