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Most embarrassing thing was on one episode where the Catfish told the hopeful their name was "Noneya BizNess" and Nev and I just kept on calling her "No-Naia" because we totally didn't get it.

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haha. Nev and I have both had a lot of therapy growing up so I think we've just absorbed a lot of that and are passing it on. We don't have a psych consultant or advisor and sometime we feel in way over our heads.

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Thank you! And yes, there is one scenario we haven't seen and wish to which we call the "Coming to America" scenario where a Catfish is pretending to be an ordinary person when they are really the prince of Zamunda, or just super wealthy, glamorous, socialite or something.

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We are always wanting to do international episodes but they are hard to make logistically and very expensive as well. If the fans tell MTV that's what they want then maybe we can make it happen.

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Not getting to see my wife for large periods of time.