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Why is it that you film shots with a small camera but have two other camera guys behind you filming you filming a computer screen? I feel like of it was just you and nev and not the giant crew behind you the show would have a better feel to it.

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Thanks for the answer it was just something I always wanted to ask and I got to do it! Enjoy the show too. Late night guilty pleasure.

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out of all the projects that you have worked on, which one was the one that caused you the most stress?

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i kinda get that..seems how thats how ive been. the gatsby complex i like to call it.
thank you for your answer! ive always wanted to ask someone in this industry those questions..

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I just like to thank you for making me fall in love with a whole new genre of music. Also, what do you think of Perturbators stuff? Would you ever like to work with him? Oh and favorite cereal?