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Yeah, there's a reason I have a CS degree and don't work in the field. I think my final straw was sitting in an interview and being asked, "how easily offended are you? We've never had a woman in this department. Sometimes the guys say some off-color things and we don't want any HR problems." I'm actually not really easily offended (I have 5 brothers), but are you kidding? Saying that in an interview is an HR problem in and of itself, and further, the person being hired is not the HR problem. The employees who refuse to conduct themselves even remotely professionally are the problem.

The IT field can be tough for women. I felt like I was constantly having to prove myself in ways my male coworkers never had to; no one ever assumed they didn't have the knowledge or skills.

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Thanks for the tip! I'm about to complete a different degree so I don't see myself going back there, but I do know a great deal of women in IT who face the same issues. I'll make sure I pass that along. :)

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This is good advice. You're not lying, but they don't need your address to be the first thing they notice, either.

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Gives it a little something extra, don't you think?

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I love the show, but also, I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you don't back down from posting your political opinions, regardless of what people say. I respond on your posts a lot. :)

Question: How do you guys always get the person to agree to meet in person? Is there a lot of coaxing that has to happen off-camera? Do people have to agree to this prior to being cast?