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wouldn't that be a McDouble?

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Max! My wife and I love watching Catfish and we think you and Nev are such a great tandem, you balance each other so well.

You guys have covered such a gamut of circumstances on the show, we were wondering-- is there anything that you guys are surprised you haven't seen yet? As in, is there anything you guys are still hoping to see on the show that hasn't fleshed itself out yet? And also, thanks for all you do as an advocate on your social media. It's cool to see people use their influence for good and not just being dicks. Thanks!

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I'm really happy for you. :) As someone who very much is looking to adopt in the future, your response totally brought a smile to my face. Good luck in the future and know that people are legitimately glad for you!

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Hey John, Penn State fan here (and moderator over at /r/WeArePennState)! Wanna start off by saying that I loved watching you play and have enjoyed reading your submissions in the Player's Tribune.

I was wondering if you might share your thoughts on where you think the future of football is leading with CTE and other issues that are becoming more common place.

Additionally, I'll be taking my wife to her first ever game at Beaver Stadium, October 21st against Michigan. Any advice for us while we're there? It's my first whiteout experience!

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Ha-- I love it! Eddie Murphy would be proud.