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Thanks. I guess.

I have a question about glory holes though. I can't personally imagine putting mine in a position of such vulnerability. How do you know the dude on the other side isn't just gonna machete that shit off?

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Nope. I'd take most of those over having it machete'd off. But then, I wouldn't really risk any of the above. In a genuine scenario, I imagine I'd freak out, look through the hole, cause panic on the other side of the cubicle wall by breaking some sort of "Right of anonymous chode code", and get gonhorrea'd straight in the eye.

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So wait....are you intending on walking into a room of Lesbians this night, and ending the scene?

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How is this AMA holding up?

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Not sure if this has been asked, but do you ever get freaked out about just how much information is available online? And does that affect the way that you guys live your lives as a result?