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Hey! I met you once maybe 7-8 years ago at Paddy McGees in Island Park, NY , you came on your boat and you let me pet your kitten-tiger. My question would be how is he doing? Is he all grown up now? What else is he into these days?

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Jekyll Hyde thing going on

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If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you screw yourself out of a customer and lose market share. Terrible business model.

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So you book tickets to some random city you have no intention in going, get in your first flight to the connecting city, and never get on the second flight to the city in your itinerary. To do this you can't check luggage and many times airlines will cancel your return tickets since you missed your flight. Stupidly this is cheaper than going direct to say ORD since so many people want to go there they raise the price and get away with it. But if you are flying to KCI where it is so few you can get a the 4 tickets cheaper than round trip just to ORD.