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Nick, we met at the Roosevelt hotel about 2 years ago when you were partying with your assistant/bodyguard/buddy for his daughters birthday. I was a Marine who just got back from Afghanistan and we took a shot of Jameson and bullshitted for 20 minutes. Then later you walked up to our group later on drunk as shit and made some hilarious jokes. Just wanted to say you were cool as shit and we all decided to be lifelong fans. Also, you're work on The Life and Times of Tim was epic. Thanks for being funny as shit.

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Careful, they're just trying to get you to create JOINDER with them under UCC 2-201. Take it from me (the blood and flesh real man, not the corporation). [thump print]

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I love the roles you and Nev take on in the show. I appreciate that you normally are the skeptical one who calls people out on their BS. With that said, when Nev gets pissed, he really gets pissed (like when he tossed the phone). Can you ever tell when someone is going to set him off?

Also, the episode with the slowest clap in the world is hands-down the best. Have you all ever thought of trying to track him down? Seemingly it would be tv ratings gold.

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The only right answer!

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Sir Patrick, how do fans of Star Trek TNG to X-Men differ at conventions?

Are there any you enjoy more?

Any hilarious stories?

Thank you!