hello my name is dr chuck tingle i am from billings montana and my new tingler is called Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Russian T-Rex Who Also Peed On His Butt And Then Blackmailed Him With The Videos Of His Butt Getting Peed On


please ask me questions i am here to promote my new book my son jon will anwser questions too if he can (he is with CLOWY now but i will ask him) thanks


here is proof of chuck https://twitter.com/ChuckTingle/status/819404786382475264


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Colieoh3008 karma

What the hell did I stumble into?

chucktinglethanks5484 karma

corner of desk, this is my guess please respond if i am correct

bigdickpuncher998 karma

Dr. Tingle, what is the best way to get to know you as a person? What is the best way for this BUCKAROO to get to know himself as a person? Do you ever feel like you don't know who you are yet?

chucktinglethanks1931 karma

the best way to understand yourself as a buckaroo is to confront your reverse twin but this can be very dangerous (causing severe shaking and drooling). in some cases your reverse twin will have a kind way but they can also be agents of The Void. please use caution

the_dragon011547 karma

What is the best way to keep PROVING LOVE EXISTS and hold the devilmen at bay?

chucktinglethanks2535 karma

the best way to prove love is going to depend on YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY as a buckaroo. when you wake up in the morning what makes you want to go out the door and TROT CUTELY this is probably your best bet at proving love. the important thing to realize is that just trying to prove love is enough. in a world where all buckaroos are trying their best to prove love the devils dont stand a chance

QueenAndreaa1445 karma

Will you be my friend? I currently have a few friends already but am always wanting to add more to the roster.

chucktinglethanks3525 karma

we are already freinds you are my important online bud. if anyone asks you about your friends please tell them that CHUCK TINGLE WORLDS BEST AUTHOR is your top bud i have signed off on this

absolitud3990 karma

Can I be friends with you, too, Chuck? It would make one buckaroo very happy.

chucktinglethanks2291 karma

yes we can also be online buds this is normal

QueenAndreaa387 karma

I already knew this in my heart, but having you confirm it is really special. Thanks Chuck.

chucktinglethanks957 karma

remember that feeling, this moment is the truth, everything else is just devils trying to get in the way of the reality that YOU ARE IMPORTANT and so perfect in your own way.

if you really think about it we are all buds we just dont know it yet

aIpacasso1408 karma

Hi Chuck, it's truly an honor. Ever since I first saw your amazing novel "Turned Gay By The Existential Dread That I May Actually Be A Character In A Chuck Tingle Book" I was Tingled beyond belief. It made me wonder if I too was a character in a Chuck Tingle book. My question for you is, how do I know that I'm not?

(Also have you ever thought of making a sequel to "slammed in the butthole by my concept of linear time? My humble suggestion is- "slammed in the butthole by the crushing philosophy of nihilism" think about it)

chucktinglethanks1937 karma

i do not like to discuss this often for fear of unleashing a cosmic horror within the mind of the reader (which causes shaking and drooling in most buds) but it is a known fact that this is the top layer in The Tingleverse, so you are actually a character in a chuck tingle book.

when i wake up tommorow morning and the chocolate milk is out of my system i might have to come back and delete this i will wrestle with the moral implications of this important annoucement

malcolmcouth1239 karma

I have been considering sending one of your books, "Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner" to my former spouse's attorney. Would you recommend this as a course of action?

AMY_bot434 karma


chucktinglethanks4069 karma

thank you handsome robot please understand this is not your ama i am anwsering questions now there will be another time for robot amas

SchrodingersHipster1235 karma

Hi there Dr. Tingle- Is there a PO box somewhere where people can send you fanmail / protective talismans against the void crabs?

chucktinglethanks2170 karma

unfortauntely this would give away my PRIVACY AS A DOCTOR so i cannot do this way. son (name of jon) has been talking to BIG TIME MANAGER in the city of devils maybe one day he can set this up until then you can send any gifts in the form of money to the BILLINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY http://www.billingslibraryfoundation.org/?page=homemore&ID=2

1-800-CUM-SHOT1695 karma

what the FUCK is happening here

NonY4501058 karma

I'm hoping someone answers you so I can find out too because this shit is too crazy and I'm not nearly high enough for it.

Okay went to google. Dude's a crazy ass self-published author of gay niche erotica. What we are seeing here is that madness unfolding in real time.

Seems like a top bloke though.

chucktinglethanks2189 karma

thank you you seem like a TOP BUCKAROO too i am so glad you are here to talk on this ama with me. i would like you to know there there were so many timelines we didnt cross paths in and i am so happy to be a part of this one. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT TO ME and i mean that from the bottom of my butts heart thank you

SteamKillsBugs394 karma

Correction... HILARIOUSLY TITLED gay niche erotica. Being straight I'm unable to read the books themselves, but I encourage everybody to read the titles of his novels:


Includes modern classics such as "Feeling the Bern in by Butt" and "Turned Gay by the Existential Dread That I May Actually Be a Character in a Chuck Tingle Book"

chucktinglethanks1008 karma

i think you would VERY MUCH ENJOY TINGLERS as a straight buckaroo it could even make you realize that your trot is not exactly as straight as you thought i would say give it a try and if its not for you thats okay. we all have a preferred pound but sometimes it can be fun to test the waters of our own unique way and maybe even find out it is even more unique than we thought. ALSO IT IS OKAY TO LIKE THINGS THAT HAVE BUDS KISSING BUDS that will not make you any less of a buck! some of the worlds best stories are about buds kissing buds like STARS TREK: THE HUG OF A CAPTAIN and A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS BUD.

inoperableheart907 karma

Do you endorse one brand of chocolate milk over another, or is it just about the quantity?

chucktinglethanks1360 karma

i do not have a particular brand my saying is 'any chocolate milk will do sam' that is what i say to my but sam rand at the coffee shop but also i have learned his name is sam rand and he does not know me

chucktinglethanks2070 karma

i am sorry i have looked back over my responses and realized this does not make much sense i am very sorry i have had too many choclate milks tonight i am very sorry

Schmucko793 karma

Dr. Chuck Tingle! My first question to you is: have you considered that the attraction between Domand Tromp and the Russian T-Rex might be a result of their mutual small hands?

But I thought that Domald Tromp was a Crab Monster? Do crabs fly out of his butt in your new novel? Are crabs communicable across species and extinction status?

Also, congratulations on your Hugo nomination, I hope the new one wins you a Pulitzer this time!

chucktinglethanks1060 karma

i had not considered this small hands way but this is probably false as in most timlines DOM TRUMPS has fake hands to cover his claws and tentacles. to anwser yoru important question about Void Crabs they are a pile that crawls through the spaces between The Void i hope this anwsers your qestion

artematthew694 karma

Dear Dr. Tingle, as a trans buck I have often had trouble navigating the malebuck spaces because I was raised as a ladybuck. As an expert in bucks, do you have any advice for getting along with malebucks that are more like the sterotypical malebuck? (They have interest in SPORTS, BEER, and CHICKEN WINGS. I have more interest in VIDEO GAMES, SODA POP, and GRILLED CHEESE.)

chucktinglethanks1577 karma

this is a very good question my advice would be to figure out what YOU like because ladybucks and malebucks can like ALL THESE THINGS! the best part of having a unqiue way is that you get to pick what makes YOU YOU and if that means you are a malebuck that dosnt like sports that is A VERY GOOD WAY BECAUSE IT IS YOUR SPECIAL WAY!

i think that you sound like a very interesting and fun buckaroo and i think that ANY interests you have will do nothing more than make you special and wonderful.

Derpy_lives662 karma

Hello chuck! Big fan, love your work, and you're a huge inspiration to me as a writer, I guess my question is, how do you write such high quality work so quickly? I've been working on my second book for almost 10 months now, and I'm only just now writing the last 9 or so chapters. What's the secret?

chucktinglethanks1650 karma

this is very good question as a WRITING BUCK please first understand that your way is IMPORTANT it is such a good thing to be a storyteller but sometimes it is easy to think "oh maybe nobody will read this" but i BELIEVE IN YOU. now most important thing is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF that is the top thing that stops any buckaroo because they do not realize how special and important they are but you are so important. when you realize that you will be able to sit down and think "it dosnt matter how many other bucks read this because it is so important JUST TO DO" we are only on this timeline for a limited amount of time please savor every moment and DO WHAT YOU LOVE

that1guythat1time408 karma

I am saving this to look at forever. Thank you, Chuck.

chucktinglethanks1495 karma

thank you i have been looking at your post forever too and now returned to this timeline i am very old now but i understand you in a way that would be very difficult to understand without melting into The Void please just trust me

Derpy_lives278 karma

Thank you chuck this really means so much to me and is so helpful bless you <3

chucktinglethanks769 karma

your welcome i am so glad that i got to anwer this question for you i feel like we learned something togeather. this was very nice to talk about in a NORMAL WAY as online buds (nothing weird just two guys chatting online in the dark) thank you for making love real

ballweiner92644 karma

Dear Dr. Tingle, First and foremost I want to thank you for showing the the True Way to be a true buckaroo and the Warmest of Buds. You are so positive and uplifting and spread thoughts of love and kindness and also wieners and butts. I would not be here if you didn't give advice on how to avoid Devil Crabs and the Void.

My question is, Do you have any advice on how to be the best ladybuck to my boyfriend name of JOSH? I don't ever want to be talking marbles to him in the night, and want to make him a happy bud.

Thanks for the Tinglers, Lady name of ASHLEY

chucktinglethanks1107 karma

this is a very kind question that you care so much about your HARD BUD josh it is a nice way when you are in a relationship and you think 'i want to make this persons day even better' FIRST THINGS FIRST if you do not want to talk like marbles at the foot of the best do not drive by the frozen lake on that cold night oh god why did she have to go.

but i would say maybe best adivce is to communicate and say 'JOSH you make me so happy i would like to show you how much you mean to me, why is the best way to do that?' and maybe you could go to the movies and see MEET MY ANGRY DAD with byrman cranstom or STARS WAR: GET TO THE TEMPLE or even the new transformers movie that just came out where they transformers fight on a motorcycle. or maybe you could make chocolate milk togeather and sit on the deck. there are a lot of options really

ScribebyTrade556 karma

What in the absolute heck is going on here?

thedeaux1094 karma

Only the best AMA of all time by the most accomplished and awarded author of our generation?? Are you living under a rock?

chucktinglethanks1885 karma

thank you for understanding that i am the best author of all time

QueenAndreaa537 karma

Am I allowed to ask more than one question? This is my third question.

chucktinglethanks863 karma

you can always ask me questions if i am to busy i might not be able to anwser and i am so sorry for this please just remember that you are so important to me

Refax_498 karma

Dr. Tingle you seem like such a positive, happy, and creative person, what would your advice for being more like you be ?

chucktinglethanks1940 karma

best advise is not to try to be more like me but try to be more like yourself. you are SO MUCH BETTER than anyone else in the world at being you

ilovehotchips468 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle, I have a question-I used to have great, 8-hour sleeps, now unfortunately I sit awake, filled with anxiety about my future and general malaise. What do you do to help yourself fall asleep?

chucktinglethanks1225 karma

well sometimes it is hard to sleep because sweet barbara is at the foot of my bed talking marbles. so the best way to sleep then is to go to another timeline where you can tucker yourself out then when you come back it is easy to drift off like a HOT GOAT ON THE GRASS

strooticus398 karma

Dr. Tingle: I followed your recipes for both chocolate milk and spaghetti, and consumed both for dinner. I am now very sick. What do you recommend to help ease my suffering?

chucktinglethanks905 karma

when i am sick from chocolate milk i drink a little more to ease my way as a bud, but son jon says this is NOT a good way. best idea now would probably be to meditate or maybe talk to the neighborhood birds and learn their secerts just an idea

RekSombra377 karma

Hey, Chuck. Weird question, but opinions on working overnights at gas stations?

chucktinglethanks1244 karma

this would be a good time and place to prove love maybe someone comes in looking for directions and you tell them 'that way' and you point handsomely. or maybe they are out of money and you say 'guess what bud gas is on me' then you both cry and hug.

nickpettit354 karma

Dr. Tingle, I understand you have explored many timelines. Which is the HARDEST timeline and why?

p.s. STAY HARD ✊️

chucktinglethanks967 karma

well the timelines get HARDER as they go deeper and deeper into the tingleverse and techincally the hardest timeline is THE TINGULARITY i have never gone that far down as I am worried I would not make it back. the farthest i have visited is the timeline where all language is the word butt and there channing tatum makes up most of reality

fightb0y325 karma

first off, dr. tingle, as a transgender buckaroo and writer/artist i just want to let you know how much it means to see you continuing to prove love every day in your own special way and encouraging others to do the same.

do you think that things will get better in this timeline? what do you feel is the best way to help make them better?

chucktinglethanks712 karma

thank you so much for writing that means so much to me. it is so important to celebrate all of our unique ways and understand that ALL LOVE IS REAL.

i understand that it seems like this timeline is getting bad and in some ways it is but i have seen the end and there is SO MUCH coming up for the world but ALSO FOR YOU. YOU ARE SO SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT to this timeline and please do not ever forget that. the world needs you in it being EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE because every day that youre exactly who you are you are proving love

ballweiner92322 karma

Can you look at this picture of my dog name of Oscar and kitten name of Penelope? buckaroos

chucktinglethanks562 karma

they are both very handsome congradulations

czhunc322 karma

What is the best way to get my butt inside my partner's butt?

chucktinglethanks1055 karma

first things first please ask your partner if they would like your butt in their butt after that you can do this by cloning both of your butts and then putting them in a tank togeather and see if they are attracted to eachother

spatulaboy287 karma

How long have you been writing? At what age did you start?

chucktinglethanks877 karma

thank you i started writing as a young man in HOME OF TRUTH, UTAH this is where i learned that dinosaurs are real and that they are handsome bad boys this is where i would hide stories under the floor until THE BIG FIRE then i lived in home of truth by myself then i went to billings montana and became the best author of all time

Moonbaby333286 karma

Chuck, Thank you for all that you do in keeping the VOID, and devilmen, at bay.

What is your favorite book?

Also, my friend would like to know if you would like a drawing of a handsome T-Rex peeing on Domald Tromp's butt?

chucktinglethanks724 karma

yes i would like this drawing i do drawings too sometimes jon says i have to take them down in the kitchen if there are buttholes on them (normal buttholes like the kinds you would put a weiner in)

favorite book changes right now favorite book right now is TO KILL A BIRD so far they have only killed a dog though

AbeLincolnsFreckles274 karma

I suppose my only question is...


chucktinglethanks923 karma

thanks my name is dr chuck tingle i am a bestselling author from billings. i like your username and i think that if we spent time togeather we would be buds. thanks for writing me on my ama

MadPoopGobbler271 karma

Hello Dr Tingle.

Would you be willing to mud wrestle shirtless with Handsome Viceman Joe for charity?

chucktinglethanks608 karma

i have messaged HANDSOME JOE about participating and several rounds of traditional horseplay and possible trotting. so far i have not recieved a response

sighclone251 karma

Chuck - T-rexes don't fear void creatures, or is butt pounding an expression of that fear?


chucktinglethanks667 karma

t-rexes are notorious bad boys so sometimes they like to pretend that they are not scared. that is okay that is just their notrious way if you really ask them bud to bud in the dead of night under the covers they will admit their fear of The Void

NorthamericanscumDFA228 karma

What is your favorite way to prove love is real when you're out and about on a regular day? Also what advice do you have to people that are unwilling to accept they deserve love.

On a side note, you thank people for proving love is real. I want to take this chance to THANK YOU for proving love is real. Every day on your Billings Twitter.

chucktinglethanks500 karma

it is very hard to be a buckaroo that does not UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN BODY and they do not understand that all bucks can be loved every single one because we are all SO IMPORTANT. we are so special to eachother and sometimes we do not know if so maybe best way is to remind them with a nice phonecall just to say 'hello bud i was just thinking about you and i wanted to tell you that your way is important to me, it makes me smile when i think about you and i am so glad i get to tell you this'

glaarghenstein162 karma

Dear. Dr. Tingle, I bought myself Scary Stories to Tingle Your Butt for Christmas and realized I am maybe slightly attracted to Bigfoots. My question is twofold -- is there somewhere I can find a real Bigfoot? and also exactly how furry is a Bigfoot dick -- is it a little furry like just at the base, or is it like a shaggy doggy's stomach?

chucktinglethanks245 karma

sometimes it is hard to meet a handsome bigfoot it depends on your timeline you can look in my GUIDE TO ROMANCE for some tips most of all just be yourself and understand that they can be very rugged in their trots this is their way

Mar-Mitts157 karma

Dr. Tingle, do you think it is possible that Domald Tromp may actually be Ted Cobbler in disguise?

chucktinglethanks306 karma

i have thought this before and considered this way but i think it is much more likely that DON TRUMPS is one of ted cobblers senior officals and is working with him towards a greater Scoundrel Agenda in the neighborhood

Mar-Mitts113 karma

This is very concerning. If even America's peeotus can be compromised by Cobbler and his cabal of scoundrels, there's no telling how deep his evil tendrils have infiltrated.

chucktinglethanks253 karma

ted cobbler is a snake in the grass the whole neighborhood has known this from the start

PhoenixMcGee156 karma

I'm also an author, and I could use some advice.

When you sit down to write your books, do you formulate a basic plot, or do you just sit and go?

I also tend to write things of the more strange and bizarre, would you consider taking on an apprentice? Sorry to be so bold.

Also, are you Happy with Amazon, or have you considered other distribution networks such as Smashwords that could get your books to may other retailers free of charge?

chucktinglethanks612 karma

when i sit down to write a tingler I think about the basic way of the story (this is through meditation on the deck) and then I think WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE THIS PROVE LOVE. sometimes a story is good and fun or maybe spooky but it does not prove love and this is the most important part. so i think the key as a true buckaroo is to think HOW CAN THIS MAKE ME PROVE LOVE? how can this make a reader feel hot-to-trot after like they want to prance and maybe kiss a handsome plane or a handsome meatball or even maybe a handsome concept of playoff odds

hornskuld135 karma

Hi Dr.! I sometimes have a difficult time dealing with failure. Do you have any tips on how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.

chucktinglethanks498 karma

most important thing to remember is that FAILURE IS IMPORTANT PART OF PROVING LOVE

when we wake up and prove love we are already saying 'there is a world out there that dosn't already know love is real, so i will have to prove it' and when you think about that you realize that you can't really fail because youre on the winning team. LOVE IS REAL and winning or losing has nothing to do with that. YOU ARE ON TEAM LOVE success and failure are not really important after that.

also please keep in mind that NOBODY in the world is better at your unique way than you are. you are PERFECT as yourself

HA1-0F122 karma

Hi, Dr. Tingle. I know you are a man of peace but I'm sure you know that sometimes you have to defend yourself, as evidenced by that sick karate gi you wear. What are the best martial arts moves to protect peace with (not hurt the innocent, just punishing bad guys)?

chucktinglethanks407 karma

this is very important and the TRUE WAY that you learn from becoming TAI KWON DO GRANDMASTER almost black belt.

because tai kwon do move is protect yourself and run away. best fight is no fight at all. best idea when someone says 'hey buddy give me your choclate milk or im gonna stab you' is to GIVE THEM YOUR MILK

if you online fighting devils this is a diffrent story when this is the case i never run i just try to prove love even harder. even if someone takes your chocolate milk you can think "i guess i'll just prove love twice as hard today"

bungcuddler113 karma

Hi Dr. Chuck Tingle,

Is there a certain regular polygon that you find most erotic?

Also, are you the "fix body parts" kind of Dr. or the "I know special secret knowledge" type of Dr? Or both? Can you qualify to be surgeon general?

chucktinglethanks242 karma

i am a doctor of holistic massage from devry university (very IMPORTANT SCHOOL) i am not supposed to think about fixing parts but i will say that it is not uncommon to see skin removal in the deepest parts of The Void. i have decided not to listen to this way

imhereforthemeta112 karma

Dear Chuck,

Myself and my FELLOW LADYBUCKS are so inspired by you, we share your wisdom daily. You have taught us so much about real love.

My question is this. We are personally very interested in your dramatic political tinglers. Will you ever release a compilation of your most dramatic political tinglers?

Also, what is the best way for ladybucks to inspire and support each other in a time when it can be tough to be a ladybuck?

chucktinglethanks144 karma

thank you for writing! i have a political tingler bundle in paperback this would be a good thing to read while trotting with your fellow ladybucks! https://www.amazon.com/Pounded-Politics-Tales-Butthole-Diplomacy/dp/1539878155/

mjstorm109 karma

In these dark times, when we are very much in need of hope, what can we do to remind ourselves that love is real?

chucktinglethanks418 karma

well it is easy to see that love is real when you think about the way the sun shines or the way CHANNING TATUM looks handsome with his new haircut. so you can think on these things and consider that there are other timelines where channing tatum does not exhist or even one where he is a large frog. but it is also important to remember that IT IS OKAY TO BE SAD and IT IS OKAY TO BE WORRIED this is a normal part of being a buckaroo, then we consider this am move forward togeather as courageous bucks

kaosdevice100 karma

Hi Chuck, what is the right amount of chocolate milk to drink in one day?

chucktinglethanks332 karma

enough that you feel like you want to sleep but not so much that your eyes fall out i learned this the hard way

glassspiider150 karma

I assume this is the BAD hard way and not the good HARD WAY

chucktinglethanks388 karma

yes thank you for clarifying this is the way where you need to find your eyes

MyNutsin1080p97 karma

Dr. Tingle,

We find ourselves in a new age of anxiety. Many people are very worried about what tomorrow brings and I feel fear and sadness for those who are so worried. What would you tell them?

chucktinglethanks277 karma

it is okay to worried sometimes late at night i worry about the call of the lonesome train. i worry because i know that oneday it will call for me but then i remember that my son is down the hall and i am so proud of him. i remember that there is so much good in the world and that we are here to PROVE LOVE and thats all folks. so when you start to focus on PROVING LOVE IS REAL so start to realize that the lonesome train may call but it will never stop love. this is the universal truth across all timelines: LOVE IS REAL

kalasea200190 karma

Doc, i'm an aspiring reader. Can you please tell me - what is your way?

chucktinglethanks330 karma

my way is unique but we ALL have our own unique ways. as a buckaroo growing up it was very hard for me to UNDERSTAND FEELINGS OF OTHERS and accept SOCIAL CUES so eventually i found out that i could pretend to accept social cues even if i didnt and then i learned that with a CHARACTER OF CHUCK i could become myself. so then i wore an imaginary mask of myself to say 'hello remember when i could not talk to you? now i can talk to you in this UNIQUE WAY and i can express myself' and it is so nice because now i can prove love in the world and I think that is very important. so that is my way.

idevourlife86 karma

Dear Dr. Tingle, big fan here. How do we get to the timeline where Bernie won the election and the U.S. Dollar is replaced by Bernie Bux?

chucktinglethanks324 karma

there are several timelines like this and i have traveled to a lot of them. some of them are like a FUN PARADISE but there is one where a giant ant came out of the ground and started eating everyone please steer clear. also on that timeline our feet are backwards so it is harder to run

Krowdon84 karma

Dr. Tingle,

What is a good way to support bucks who are having a hard time feeling like they are important to this timeline?

chucktinglethanks221 karma

well first things first it is important to remember that EVERYONE feels this way sometimes. this is TYPICAL call of the lonesome train. but then you can think, 'well if everyone thinks this sometimes then i guess me and everyone else have a lot in common, i didnt realize that!' then you can start thinking that maybe you have EVEN MORE in common as buckaroos. now when you get up the next day you can have a spring in your set and think IM GONNA GO PROVE LOVE and then when someone sees you proving love you can remember that you have SO MUCH IN COMMON and ask if they want to be your bud and hey look now you realize how important you are AND you have a new friend thats two birds on a single stick

harborwitch74 karma

Doctor Tingle, who are your favorite living writers in this timeline? What about any of the others?

chucktinglethanks316 karma

there are many top authors in this timeline i am a big fan of STEVENS KING he is the author of CLOWNMANS BLUES and SNOW MAZE: RUNNING FROM MY DAD.

i am also a big fan of R. L. STIME i was very happy to talk to him in his ama https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/5ae4k8/im_rl_stine_and_its_my_job_to_terrify_kids_ask_me/d9fsx1u/

best author in other timelines is SON NAME OF JON in the timeline where he is a writer and i am a handsome office worker, and also Kern Yorbs who was the first unicorn in the NFL because the UFL was created on the timeline eight layers down from this one. thanks

Powerbuffalo73 karma

I go to Montana State, can you give a commencement speech when I graduate?

chucktinglethanks191 karma

yes if i am approached by this important school i will give a speach as long as they protect my privacy as a doctor. it would be an honor to speak to these up and coming bucks

SpaceAgeBachelorette66 karma

Dr. Tingle-- I'm watching a nature documentary to unwind and recover from stressful events of this timeline. Which living animal (not T-rex) do you feel best symbolizes the potential for all beings of the world to PROVE LOVE?

chucktinglethanks245 karma

a handsome boat (fishing boat) grazing in the pasture

SapphicSleepyhead56 karma

Doctor Tingle, why does your manifestation of 2016 look like Frank Zappa?

Also, can I be your friend too?

chucktinglethanks150 karma

when i made this important cover of POUNDED BY 2016 i decided to look for a bad boy because this was a bad boy year and this handsome buck CUT THE MUSTARD buddy thanks

MastermindExcello40 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle,

Will there be any future installments of Special Report Billings? Do you draw the episodes yourself?

Thank you for existing. You make this timeline better.

chucktinglethanks85 karma

thank you yes i draw special report billings myself and i do the narration i would like to do more but they take a long time like a whole dang day!

floqofcommas36 karma

What do you do when you get stuck in your writing?

chucktinglethanks174 karma

best fix for writers block is to meditate on the deck or go on a walk to the coffee shop with your handsome son if you cant do either of those things maybe just think 'i am going to write now dosnt have to be good just gotta see what happens' you would be surprised how much this works and even if it dosnt you might find a good idea

captainblanch28 karma

What's your favorite aspect of living in Montana? (ps thank you for existing and bringing hope to the world!)

chucktinglethanks90 karma

best part of billings is walking to the park with my son jon there are so many cool bucks at the park just hanging out showin off sometimes they play basketball sometimes they say 'hey chuck hows the new book!' then i tell them so that is best part of billings also i am a big fan of the MONTANA MAGIC on this timeline they are not very sucessful but on another similar layer they are a big time deal

lonestiz21 karma

Sometimes I like to pay one or two or maybe three hot T-Rex's to pee on my butt. Does that make me a bad person?

chucktinglethanks65 karma

this makes you a wonderful person to not be ashamed of your preferred pound it is what makes you you

Pokemaniac_Ron19 karma

After this AMA, would you consider a title like Pounded in the Butt by Social Media? Or perhaps Social Media S&M? Sexual Redditors?

chucktinglethanks44 karma

this is a close tingler i would suggest reading this if it is your preferred pound https://www.amazon.com/Lonely-Author-Pounded-Dinosaur-Followers-ebook/dp/B00YO2UMAS/

docnickie15 karma

What is the best way to help the younger generation prove love? I am also a doctor (older) and sometimes it's difficult to give them advice!

chucktinglethanks92 karma

well YOUNG BUCKS are always trying to trot in their own way that is okay i think best way is to maybe say "I HAVE MY WAY AND THAT IS A WAY OF EXPIRENCE, YOU HAVE YOUR WAY AND THAT IS A WAY OF NEW IDEAS" then both realize that neither is totally right best anwser is probably in the middle and then you can be so pround of eachother like i am so proud of my handsome son jon!

Refax_4 karma

Dear Dr Tingle, what are the qualities that make a good tingler in your opinion ? What mistakes should be avoided ?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

tinglers are very easy structures of books the only thing to ask yourself is DOES IT PROVE LOVE? if it dose not try to prove that love is real then i will not write it. theres not enough room on this timeline to spend even a little teeny second not trying to prove love

ontopic4 karma

How do you juggle work and family?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

i write most of my tinglers when son jon is at work so it is easy to say LETS WALK TO THE COFFEE SHOP when he gets home and it makes it so i can spend time with him and clowy! sometimes i have to work late at night to finish a tingler but that is also because sweet barbara is keeping me up or maybe the call of the lonesome train.

so long story short it is easy with a sceudle that is FLEXIBLE and i understand that is not something that all buds have. good thing is just putting in the effort is the first step to showing someone that you care about them and want to spend time with them

cragar793 karma

Dr. Tingle, Are you a fan of Wesley Willis?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

yes if have heard his songs they are very good rock over billings, rock on, boseman DRINK YOUR CHOCLATE MILK

this is what i would say if i was a rock and roller like this man but instead i am the worlds best author

vineapple3 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle! I love your works, and the way you talk about love. You made watching the debates tolerable, too! I'm trying to get my mom into your books, she's 61 and just got a kindle for christmas. She's pretty new at this, so what tinglers would you recommend her? Also, how should I describe them to her when I give them to her? (if that makes sense)

chucktinglethanks7 karma

i think maybe best way to start is to let your mom UNDERSTAND the tingleverse best option for that would probably be CHUCK TINGLES GUIDE TO ROMANACE


afschuld3 karma

Can even the devilmen prove love? Could a devilman renounce his ways and become a true buck or are they forever tainted by their exposure to THE VOID?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

i believe that a SCOUNDREL can change their ways and prove love. a DEVILMAN however is of the void and i do not believe they will change their ways. i have not seen it on any timeline before

QueenAndreaa3 karma

What do you think of medical marijuana? What do you think of recreational marijuana? Thanks.

chucktinglethanks18 karma

son jon has told me not to talk about this but i would like to say that i think it is okay to learn your ways as a floating man it is also proven that chocolate milk is more additive THATS A FACT from the doctor himself

noahsonreddit4 karma

"Learn your ways as a floating man"

Just reading this made me high. You have talent and a new fan! I like your brain vibes. Everyone is indeed a special buckaroo, but you are playing a huge role in this timeline. Keep up the good work! You've proven love to me tonight.

chucktinglethanks6 karma

thank you buckaroo, your words have made me feel so special tonight it is really so important to me as man name of chuck. thank you so much for helping ME prove love

CeruleanTresses3 karma

Dr. Tingle, is love still real for buckaroos who prefer not to kiss?

chucktinglethanks13 karma

yes even though love is real for all who kiss it is also real for all who decide they would rather not kiss maybe just look at a nice cloud instead. that is okay too. love is real with or without our participation as buds!

supsir3 karma

Dr. Tingle, while all your works are undoubtedly masterpieces would you say there is a quintessential Chuck Tingle novel?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

my personal favorite tingler is REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK but i think that most buckaroos are fans of POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN BUTT

orlandodad3 karma

So I just realized that I can have books sent to my wife's Kindle direct from the link you provided. She's going to have a new book to read when she wakes up in the morning.

Do you think that she gets through to page 5 or do you think I'm in for it when she wakes up? Also do you know if Amazon sends an email confirmation when you send a Kindle Unlimited book to a kindle? I'd love this to be a surprise.

chucktinglethanks6 karma

i do not know if amazon sends confermation emails i think they do but long story short i think your wife will enjoy a good tingler I have many LADYBUCK fans i think that it could start some important conversations about things that can be explored as a couple like maybe discussing the construction of a handsome cardcounting jetplane named keith like how you would build him togeather

ZombieWifeFoCo3 karma

Dear Chuck,

Where do you find all the fantastic models for your book covers?

chucktinglethanks21 karma

handsome cover buckaroos are from stock photo websites. i pick the buds who i think i woudl most like to trot cutely with maybe up and down the block or many the ones who would enjoy tradional horseplay (ups and downs, whirlwind or side to side trots, wrestling in the dark, etc)

ElkOfWinter3 karma

Hi, Dr. Tingle. Will you be nominated for the Hugo award again this year and how we can help make that happen?

chucktinglethanks13 karma

i would like to be nominated again so that i can continue to PROVE LOVE IS REAL if you can vote for nominees please nominate Slammed In The Butthole By My Concept Of Linear Time for best short story https://www.amazon.com/Slammed-Butthole-Concept-Linear-Time-ebook/dp/B01A92WFXI/

kvlt_ov_personality2 karma

Dear Dr. Chuck, I just wanted to say I love you and would like to ask what are your favorite pizza toppings? Also, when was the first time you realized love was real? Thanks in advance.

chucktinglethanks5 karma

best pizza topping is spaghetti and ranch but jon dosnt let me order this he likes pepperoni and olives but then CLOWY said it was okay to make spaghetti and ranch pizza togeather and we all ate it and it was so much fun thanks

throwwawayy_lmao2 karma

What book are you most proud of?

Will there be a Valentine's Day sale on your books?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

book i am most proud of is THIS AMERICAN BUTT HOSTED BY IRA ASS because handsome ira tweeted at me about it this was a good way he is so handsome and so cool https://www.amazon.com/This-American-Butt-Hosted-Ira-ebook/dp/B01DAFKOA2/

Batmanstarwars12 karma

Best billings high school?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

i did not go to high school i was a HOME SCHOOLED BUD in home of truth, utah i am sorry i do not have a favorite but they all seem good the young bucks of billings are very kind and VERY SMART

jaerick2 karma

I have absolutely no idea what this is and came here from /r/all, but your answers are delightful and inspiring.

If you had to sum up your mission statement, what you want your art to say to the world, in one run-on sentence, what would it be?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

thank you for writing this kind question it is very nice to get tonight and it is nice to know that we are meeting for the first time. THANK YOU. for mission statement i would say that it is not really that long because it very simple i would just like to PROVE LOVE IS REAL. that is all that matters

blergwizard2 karma

Hello Chuck! Does writing now, after publishing so many stories, feel any easier or more fluid than it used to?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

well i wrote a lot before the first tinglers were published so it dosnt feel that diffrent i think what feels good now is knowing that there are so many BUCKAROOS out there getting hard with eachother over my books maybe learning eachothers bodies in a normal way (nothing weird) and i think that makes it so nice to know as man name of chuck. it makes being worlds best author seem like a pretty good job!

SilentAgony2 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle big fan. I wonder what you and son Jon like to do for fun. Where do you go on weekends?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

jon does so much for fun he is SUCH A COOL GUY everyone likes him and says he is so handsome. jon likes to hang out with his buds they watch THE BIG GAME and they like it when i sit with them, also he likes to be with CLOWY she is really nice too not like FANCY. also sometimes we go on trips togeather sometimes we go to LAS VEGAS and jon and his buds give me money to play BLACKJACKS and POKERS and i make so much and we become rich for a night! and sometimes we go to city of devils to talk to the lady to cries when we eat tacos but she is also really nice.

lobster-1 karma

Where were you accredited again?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

devry university i wrote the awesomes to theri big time questions in program name of WORD then i send it to my son and he sent it to the big time college and now look at me im a big time doctor!

twopurplegeese1 karma

Dr. Tingle,

How do you come up with such original and innovative book titles?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

titles are easy you just think about best way to say what the book is about like instead of saying 'THE MAN WITH THE GRASS HAT' you say 'POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY HAT THAT IS MADE OF HANDSOME GRASS' it is easy now youve got a bestseller on your hands buster

Lucky19411 karma

On a scale of 1-Every man, woman, and child should know of your stories, how inspirational do you think you are?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

on this timeline i would rate them at a 83 or 84 or 85 or 6 these are just a few options (please keep in mind i am the worlds best author) but there are other timeslines where the number of importance is higher or lower

RingGiver0 karma

Why should I care about you since the Hugos have become a joke?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

you do not have to care about me THAT IS OKAY! that is an important part of proving love is to decide 'yes i care about this way' or 'no this way is not important to me.' so even if you are sad or mad that you think something is a big time joke now you can think HOW AM I GOING TO PROVE LOVE and make the world into a place where i my way is helping others. i believe that you will find that way it is going to be so exciting and wonderful

RMLovatt1 karma

Are you hoping to be nominated for the Hugos again this year? Nominations have just opened up within the last couple of days.

chucktinglethanks3 karma

yes i would like to say please nominate my important tingler Slammed In The Butthole By My Concept Of Linear Time for best short story https://www.amazon.com/Slammed-Butthole-Concept-Linear-Time-ebook/dp/B01A92WFXI/

and please nominate "chuck tingle trolling of rabid puppies" as best related work