Hello Reddit, I'm Martin Starr -- aka Gilfoyle from SILICON VALLEY and Bill from FREAKS AND GEEKS. I'm currently the star of the new film OPERATOR. Ask me anything.

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More proof: https://twitter.com/MartinStarr/status/796970546634162176

Thank you all for contributing and I'm sorry I couldn't answer everybody's questions. Next time. Bye for now

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Dead_Starks1810 karma

Is there any talk of ever doing more Party Down or is it officially dead? It is one of my favorite shows to go back and watch and Roman was one of my favorite characters.

MartinStarrR1748 karma

Thanks. I hope so badly that we find ourselves trying to schedule a new season or movie version in the midst of everybody's busy lives. It all starts with the creators. Nudge them. I will too. I'm still holding out hope for this to happen.

orangejulius1283 karma

Freaks and Geeks was probably my absolute favorite show for a few years and I thought your character was pretty awesome. Especially that moment where you were testing the chair to see if that girl farted.

What was your favorite moment from working on that show and do you keep in touch with a lot of the cast and crew?

It's neat seeing everyone from that show move on to other projects and collaborating as adults.

MartinStarrR1077 karma

We were all so lucky to be a part of that show and I was especially lucky to have such an amazing first experience really getting to be creative and explore with such an immensely talented and driven group of people. I'm still connected to most of the people from F&G.

BigPoppaCherry1155 karma

What was your favorite beard-related insult from Knocked Up?

MartinStarrR2105 karma

A 70's vagina

CleverFlames975 karma

How many times have you improvised to make more fun of dinesh in silicon valley?

MartinStarrR1418 karma

Probably somewhere in every scene. Not all of our improvisations make it into the show due to time constraints.

cheesedbh946 karma

How exactly were you hired for Silicon Valley? Were they like, "oh we need a nerd, lets screen for some nerds around here" and you were like "wuddup" or was it something you worked really hard to get on?

MartinStarrR2038 karma

We all auditioned. Most of us auditioned for Erlich because some characters were added during the audition process. Kumail and I were added into the cast and they added characters for us to fill out.

wee_man897 karma

Who makes you break character most on the set while filming?

MartinStarrR1699 karma

Zach Woods. By far

Reign_Wilson859 karma

What percentage equity do you feel your services are actually worth at a company like Pied Piper?

MartinStarrR1327 karma


MartinStarrR763 karma

Thank you all. Sorry I couldn't get through everybody's questions. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

kavan124713 karma

Huge Silicon Valley fan! What has been your favorite scene or episode from the show that you were a part of?

MartinStarrR1358 karma

Can't tell you because it's in the new season. For me it's so enjoyable to be a part of something that continues to get better. I love watching our already very talented creators and writers grow each year.

mhuang2286547 karma

What's it like working with Zach Woods? What's he like in real life? Does he fuck?

MartinStarrR825 karma

He's a king. The king of all things funny and generous and sweet.

orangejulius517 karma

I noticed Reddit AMAs got brought up in Silicon Valley. I'm a mod here and that's my favorite show right now so that pretty much made my day.

How often do you guys talk about Internet culture and how to weave it into the show? Does Reddit or IAmA come up much?

MartinStarrR615 karma

Well, tech culture is a huge part of the show. And internet culture plays a huge role in that. It's all intertwined.

455pm380 karma

How often do you think Gilfoyle frequents Reddit?

MartinStarrR877 karma


_korbendallas_489 karma

How much freedom does Mike Judge give you with your character and what is it like working with him?

MartinStarrR1516 karma

The character was definitely Mike's brainchild but I've brought my own flavor to it. In regard to working with Mike, he is a joy to be around and hilarious. Also, off the charts genius. And just hearing him say "uhhh..." in a random conversation and being reminded that I'm working with the man behind Beavis and Butthead brings a smile to my face.

BmanUltima471 karma

How do you like playing a Canadian character?

MartinStarrR2627 karma

Wish I was Canadian or a dual citizen right about now

jackwoww180 karma

No way dude.

We need you here. Now more than ever.

MartinStarrR656 karma

I'll stick around. For the greater good.

Badd_Karmaa402 karma

How did in the world did you make this transformation? Are you some sort of mutant butterfly pretending to be a human? Gotta be one of the greatest success stories in the history of mankind.

MartinStarrR480 karma


I just grew up. Things are going well for me, no doubt.

mikeyfreshh391 karma

What can you tell us about the new Spiderman movie?

MartinStarrR1037 karma

Legally, nothing

Barteringram468 karma

Can you at least tell us if Spiderman is in it?

MartinStarrR1163 karma


idahopotatoes254 karma

What about illegally?

MartinStarrR994 karma

Yup. Could tell you everything in that case.

smooth_like_a_goat330 karma

What is the most you've laughed on the set of Silicon Valley?

MartinStarrR813 karma

Everyday our cup runneth over with laughter

Chtorrr290 karma

What is the very best cheese?

MartinStarrR634 karma

Sharp Cheddar

_korbendallas_125 karma

Chilled or room temperature?

MartinStarrR387 karma

Depends. With crackers and nice summer sausage? On it's own? On a sandwich or hotdog?

totesvaguish75 karma

but how sharp?

MartinStarrR315 karma


leontes277 karma

Gilfoyle and Dinesh have a wonderful relationship on screen- do you two also get along together as actors?

MartinStarrR493 karma

I'm so fortunate to be able to play with Kumail inside that dynamic. We have so much fun exploring the depths of that strange relationship.

UvulaBob249 karma

How did you end up in a Nathan Barnatt video?

I mean, beyond "He asked me, and I said 'sure'".

MartinStarrR616 karma

We're friends and he asked me and I said YES

__RemindMeToStudy__224 karma

Will the gang fuck up less in season 4?

MartinStarrR580 karma

I can only say that the scripts this season are the funniest I've read yet.

yincrash221 karma

This may be a question you get a lot this week, but what are your feelings on the result of this week's election?

MartinStarrR1398 karma

Disheartened but optimistic that this is going to prove to be valuable in motivating the people who didn't take action to now be a part of creating a future fueled by compassion and empathy rather than fear and hate. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. Also, I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow to find out the last 3 days were just a dream

PennerforPresident200 karma

Did you enjoy playing professor Cligoris on Community? "Either pronunciation is fine" was a killer line.

MartinStarrR209 karma

Had a blast. That was such a great group of people.

IKingJeremy200 karma

What was the most difficult aspect in filming Operator?

MartinStarrR364 karma

Creating the panic attacks. Inducing them inside my own psyche. And finding a way to still be available for direction from Logan.

tacotacotaco14197 karma

When you taught the other geeks how to dance sexy, did you improv the moves or were they choreographed?


MartinStarrR210 karma

I believe that was a base of choreographed dance and I added to it.

RootyWoodgrowthIII138 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill: TJ Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch?

MartinStarrR589 karma

Make sweet love to them all, extra sweet. Marry them all in a polyamorous relationship. Kill myself if jealousy becomes an issue.

dimplejuice131 karma

What aspects of Buddhism do you embrace the most?

MartinStarrR253 karma

The overall philosophy has been so incredibly valuable in my developement. I'm lucky to have had it growing up. It feels like a safety net for me now as an adult.

dullthings80 karma

This explains a lot. I genuinely thought you were just really high this whole time. Seriously though, you seem like such a canny dude and underrated at that. Also Amira & Sam was a great film. Great to see you take the lead with ease.

MartinStarrR74 karma

Thank you

totesvaguish119 karma

where do you find hope in today's world?

MartinStarrR374 karma

Change. Never give up. There is always hope. Always

jackwoww116 karma

Do you still know the sexy dance moves from Episode 15 of Freaks and Geeks?

MartinStarrR254 karma

Till i die

throwawayyyyyyyy888106 karma

I love Silicon Valley but another great show you were on NTSF:SD:SUV:: is that show done or is their a chance another season might happen one day?

MartinStarrR118 karma

I'm hoping we do more. There were talks of a holiday special. Maybe one day that'll happen. Fingers crossed. Working on that was like summer camp.

IKingJeremy104 karma

What motivated you to become an actor?

MartinStarrR180 karma

Simply put... love

This-IsNotMyName68 karma

Please elaborate..

MartinStarrR325 karma

I fell in love with exploring charters in a class I took as a kid. It was improv and scene study and character development. I just enjoyed making people feel something from what was created on stage. As well, I enjoyed watching people who moved me to feel. Still do.

nitram42099 karma

How was your experience with a beard whilst filming knocked up?

MartinStarrR269 karma

Glueing hair to your face sucks

Black__Mesa77 karma

I went to the same high school as Judd Apatow and he has stated that the school is Freaks and Geeks is loosely based on ours. Furthermore, he has said that your character in particular is based on his high school experience. Can you provide any info on any of this? I find it really interesting. Thanks Martin!!

MartinStarrR115 karma

Well, hello. I cannot, unfortunately. I don't remember him talking about that offhand.

Pixeleyes76 karma

Do you still play D&D? Do you prefer DMing or playing a PC? Tell us about your favorite PC.

MartinStarrR137 karma

I want to play again. It's been a long time. Too long!

mmcatt73 karma

Loved your performance in Operator. After filming the panic scenes, did you quickly go back to being your calm self or was it hard to shake off?

MartinStarrR134 karma

It left an impact. More than I was aware of at the time.

sippysippy1369 karma

Martin! Thanks for doing this AMA.

The after school scene in Freaks and Geeks when Bill is eating a snack and watching Garry Shandling is the best. Such a memory flood every time I watch it.

How close is that scene to your own upbringing -- and who were your early influences?

MartinStarrR105 karma

I guess there are similarities. I would walk home after school and watch tv for a couple hours before my mom came home.

Jim Carey and Adam Sandler were early influences.

too_ghoul_4_school63 karma

Aside from Mae Whitman, whose voice would you pick to guide you through life like in Operator?

MartinStarrR106 karma

She's the one and only. Look no further.

kirtap61 karma

Hey Martin, you typically do comedies - how was your experience playing Perry in INTRUDERS?

MartinStarrR110 karma

That was so much FUN! I loved getting to play in that movie. It's therapeutic to experiment with a charachter so different from myself. Plus, being a villain was just thrilling.

Conchobair57 karma

What's the word on maybe doing some more Party Down stuff?

MartinStarrR89 karma

I hope it happens

IKingJeremy54 karma

Do you have any funny stories that you can share about things that happened on set while filming something?

MartinStarrR245 karma

We all pee in each other water bottles when nobody's looking. And we don't tell each other about it. Orrrrr, maybe that's just my little joke. Cat's out of the bag now. Whoops

evbo7751 karma

Hey Martin, thanks for doing the AMA! In Freaks and Geeks you were such an archetypal nerd it seems like it would be easy to get stuck being type cast but it's never happened thankfully, did you have to actively avoid the type casting?

MartinStarrR75 karma

I've been picky about the work I put myself in, not specifically for that reason. Mostly because I don't want to commit to something that I'm not 100% invested in.

PappyPidgey13343 karma

What was it like working on the set of knocked up? And how much knowledge do you now have of naked celebrities?

MartinStarrR78 karma

It's a growing knowledge. Always fun times working with your friends

aleckzz40 karma

Big fan of yours since Party Down!

Are you anything similar to Gilfoyle? I ask because you manage to play the character so well.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

MartinStarrR73 karma

My sense of humor at times. Otherwise, not really. My pleasure.

ohceedee27 karma

Hello Martin!

You play my favorite character in everything you are in. Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, Silicon Valley. I feel that your acting and humor brings such a unique feel to every team. I also loved your interview with Maron on WTF, and our birthdays are only a day apart!

My question is have you considered creating something on your own in terms of a TV show or movie? If so could you tell us anything about it? I feel that you would be great at it and I would love to see something with your style all over it.

MartinStarrR55 karma

I've taken a few stabs at it. Currently, I am developing a cartoon for TruTV. Hopefully you we get it on the air and you have a chance to see it. One day. If not this, I'll undoubtedly keep trying.

tmishkoor26 karma


Was that a real beard in knocked up? Also, was the guy who played the guidance counselor in freaks and geeks a real life nice guy? He seems like a nice guy, and I'm hoping he is in real life.

Thank you for your contributions to my life, it means a lot.

MartinStarrR63 karma

Beard was real sometimes and fake other times in the movie.

Dave Gruber Allen is the sweetest man. He's a real treat to be around. If you ever get the opportunity, take it!

Gigstr25 karma

Hi Martin, do you now have the burden of real people trying to pitch you apps?

P.S. I was gutted when Freaks and Geeks was cancelled!

MartinStarrR36 karma

Not very often. No. Perhaps if I lived in SF. Me, too!

TheMooner18 karma

Martin, huge fan! One of my favorite characters you played was Roman on party down...many of your characters seem to have a healthy dose of speaking uncomfortable truths, is that something you do in real life as well? You are hilarious and I want to buy you a beer

MartinStarrR39 karma

I like free beer. Hefeweizen? I like to think I'm honest and transparent as a person. I try to be, as much as I can.f

goodbyeoperator11 karma

Do you think it's realistic to say that Bill from F&G could have easily grown up to be a Gilfoyle type?

MartinStarrR28 karma


SilentBobTalksToMe9 karma

Can you tell me anything/everything about your time on the movie Cheats?? My friends and I have always loved it as a cult classic, and you as NNNNNNapplebee!

PS: congrats on being able the write CRAZY small

MartinStarrR10 karma

It's a skill I still possess.

Elden and I have maintained a great friendship. That movie was so much fun to be a part of. I miss that experience. That was the first time I left the country for work, or maybe for any reason. First movie that I did. Those were the days.

manunited98 karma

What was your favorite scene to film on Silicon Valley from your perspective? Like was there a scene that was particularly fun for you?

Big fan of your work, keep being awesome man.

MartinStarrR11 karma

It's all pretty much fun. I'm very lucky to be a part of it

matt_dayman8 karma

On Silicon Valley, who really fucks?

MartinStarrR16 karma

Technically, we all do.

Nocaute5 karma

what kind of music are you into? favorite bands at the moment?

MartinStarrR12 karma

Currently I'm revisiting my love of Dan Reeder. I like pretty much all kinds of music.

laheythedrunk4 karma

How does it feel acting as Bill in freaks and geeks, everyone's favourite nerd and then being cast as everyone's favourite satanist Gilfoyle in Silicon Valley? Must be quite the contrast in preparing for the roles and getting into character. Anyways love your work man you're hilarious! Can't wait for the next season of Silicon Valley .

MartinStarrR8 karma

Feels great! Thank you. Enjoy the new season

DoctorPuddingPop4 karma

Hey Martin love all of your work. I'm curious to know what is your favorite scene that you did in Freaks and Geeks? I think two of the best moments of the entire series are Bill. 1. When Bill is put into the closet to play 7 minutes in heaven and 2. When Bill is watching Larry Sanders stand-up.

Just wanted to know if there is a standout to you? Thanks for doing an AMA!

MartinStarrR8 karma

It was so long ago. I mostly remember enjoying working on it, laughing a lot on set and running away from the set teacher when I was supposed to do schoolwork.

Mutt12234 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

MartinStarrR11 karma

French Vanilla

aleph193 karma

Are we having fun yet?

MartinStarrR9 karma

Ha. Certainly.

vizaon3 karma

Can you get over the fact that Trump won the election? Your Twitter is sad to look at

MartinStarrR25 karma

It's an emotional experience to watch as a huge part of the population of your country openly admits to supporting a racist bigot misogynist if not admitting they are also leading their lives with these characteristics. I'm still in shock from it. And nobody who voted for him is admitting to themselves that there's anything wrong with this. Most seem to be in denial that he's even exhibited such attributes on an almost daily basis.

snappjapp2 karma

You have the same last name as the pornstar Rachel Starr. Are you related? Do you want be related?

MartinStarrR10 karma

We are not. I would have no problem with that as long as she's a sweet person

tilley772 karma

Has playing a software engineer done anything for your own technical literacy?

MartinStarrR5 karma

Very little.

Actually, no. It's made an impact. Certainly.

theothers19882 karma

How do you not crack up when delivering your lines? Does it take multiple takes to get your deadpan delivery so spot on?

MartinStarrR5 karma

We have a lot of fun but somehow find a way not to break too often while shooting.

MJDeebiss2 karma

Do you game or use computers in real life (besides web browsing and email)?

Also, not a question: BRING BACK PARTY DOWN!

MartinStarrR5 karma

I used to play PC as a kid and now I mostly hop on xbox every once in a while. Been too busy to play lately.

Crease_Greaser2 karma

I once read an article about your love for food. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Dallas by chance?

MartinStarrR5 karma

I haven't spent enough time there. I love exploring the food scene in new cities. That's one of my favorite things about travel.

snappjapp1 karma

Is it hard dealing with fans who thinks you're a super genious?

MartinStarrR4 karma

Nope. That's the easy part.

hiddensonyvaio1 karma

favorite snack?

MartinStarrR5 karma

Too many options. Pistachios

snappjapp1 karma

You remind me of that russian hacker in GoldenEye. Any russian genes in you?

MartinStarrR4 karma


Jorion1 karma

If you could go back in time, where/when would you go, and what kind of sandwich would you bring as a snack?

MartinStarrR5 karma

The first thanksgiving and bring back a delicious turkey sandwich with extra sharp cheddar